85 thoughts on “Zeitgeist: The Movie (FULL FILM) 2012 Update [multi subtitles]

  • do you think the US ambassador getting killed in Libya also a inside job?

    also was the shooting of the "dark knight rises" a set up?

  • people shouldn't be afraid of there government, government should be afraid of there people. destroy and rebuild is the only way out of this predicament.NOrth Korea has the right idea.

  • That awkward moment when you want to post a comment, but you realize that there is no way to express even a portion of the truth that you know, and it breaks your heart because you wish everyone could see it. Cheers.

  • This is class, you can always trust the Zeitgeist films to be staggeringly informative and enlightening. Well done, and thank you, Peter Jacobs

  • Don't you realize we were born to believe that our great America was the land of the free and that all foreigners were dying to get in so they could live our great life too? OMG this explains a lot of the reasons I asked why and never got an answer… time to leave the country and F**K AMERICA IT'S A JOKE!!!!

  • read your bible dont just presume to speak fast like a homo..the bible does not give an exact day of his birth…only the churches adopted this belief…your whole film is bogus because you refuse to make a study of gods word..but you wont because you worship the father of the lie.

  • We all chose what and who to believe, sometimes we do it because we cannot imagine anything else to be truth and because we've been told what to believe to be true , others because it just suit us best it's easier to believe something which simplifies our lives, the truth is subjective and not absolute.

  • The creator of this movie is the biggest idiot in history, this movie is not helpful, it doesn't make you grow in any aspect, anyone could've done a compilation of graphic, catastrophic events all piled up and record all this very obvious historical facts, and a lot of them are wrong, impressive how people buy such work of ignorance.

  • we would be stıll fıghtıng and huntıng ın caves ıf the fırst man dıd not create somthıng to beleıve ın and guıde us on the rıght paths of how to lıve lıfe so ın my eyes yes maybe we been hearded lıke sheep by clever men maybe theır ıs a god or not but wıthout them we would be stıll ın the stone age lol logıc beıng follow those who can teach you to lıve a better lıfethen ıf your lıfe not better kıck arse and follow another

  • many vıdeos are agaınst government and religeon so they say we should turn agaınst our government stop all relıgeon then what happens we have no order we have caos we have murder rape robbery and no control wars famıne and probably the end of cıvılızed man where ıs the logıc of bıtıng off the hand that feeds you the hand that protects you the hand that teaches you a better way of lıfe than lıvıng ın a cave good luck to those who want to be a one man army agaınst the world

  • What does the lover of money do for a living – he makes films like this.

    Everyone is a liar but him – his father is the father of lies. It may well be a demon speaking – looking to deceive.

    He loved you even when you were far off – of course those like man who continue to hate God – and make money from it.

  • The lies this mans tells so easily only reveals his father – for example – he says 12 desciples equals 12 signs of the zodiac – really – it represents the 12 tribes of israel which predate horus.

    A serious scholar would show this man up simply to be an evil lover of money.

    In fact he gives no references – but the very fact that goes on to do the classic 9/11 cospiracy and ties it to a film on the bible. You are in liar nutty territory

  • it is lie after lie. This guy is really proof of the existence of the antichrist Spirit.

    I am sure he would have been killing people for money in the crusades

  • So where are all the people who were in the plane that went into the Pentagon. People lost their families on this plane. This man – who would have you believe is a good truthful man. If there was no plane ,where did all the people go – why are the missing – why are they dead. Was a plane not know to have taken off. This man is evil

  • Why even bother with the planes – why not just blow it up, if that were possible.

    Who was flying the planes?

    Some will even have you believe there wsa only one plane – the second was a fabrication – liars

  • We are still intercepting terrorists – THAT IS THE REALITY.


  • This guy is an idiot – he attacks "religion" – by that he means christianity – the others you notice dont matter – then its conspiracy 9/11 and then conspiracy big business and world politcs. Well big business is driven by the love of money – what is new about that . This guy actual needs to live, instead of mixing truth and lies

  • I will give you an example of how poor this man's scholarship is. He cites the fact that as Christians have historically worshipped the birth of Jesus on the 25th Dec – the same day as pagan festivals – it is obviously myth. But Christians know that Jesus birth date (i.e. 25th) is not disclosed. Indeed as the shepherds were in the fields the actual date was more likely June. But the church chose the 25th dec, precisely to wipe out the godless worship of pagan deities – lusting after money

  • Were it NOT but for the surveillance cameras at the Boston Marathon, the two "terrorists" [ they ARE terrorists!] ..would never have been caught!, and IF Danny the Asian American and owner of the Mercedes SUV, had NOT broken free [ leaving his 'trackable' phone in the SUV….then… those two bastard TERRORISTS.. would have BOMBED and TERRORIZED Times Square NYC. THAT IS TRUTH AND REASON for the laws we have to fight and defeat these killers. NOW, evidence the 2 were involved in a 2011 murder

  • 25 December is not the Birth date of Jesus – as any Bible believer would agree. He lost me there – for the rest, there's something in here to make us be…….very aware.

  • it's the accepted truth… for the time being.. untill another theory is accepted as denying or completing the last one… that's what science is all about, actually…

  • All religions are 'created' to control you.You will die,believers will get killed in accidents or wars etc,and there's nothing to protect you.That scares me about believers coz they through their baggage overboard to get salvation,instead of dealing with it.Religions are very dangerous just take a look at the world right now

  • In the Devine Aspect of Here and NOW-this very moment……NOW is all we have all we will ever possess this very moment call me

  • this documentary seems quite strange… if they were so powerful why would they allow even the production of this documentary?

  • This movie is simply brilliant! I consider its content to be the catalyst  which changed my outlook on life. Though I was always skeptical this is where I began to wake up. A sound starting point to investigate further.

  •  João Pimentel Ferreira
    "this documentary seems quite strange… if they were so powerful why would they allow even the production of this documentary?"

    it is because there are masses of  people thinking what you are thinking so they need to do nothing

  • Someone else is having troubles with the subtitles, or its just me? I can whether choose Dutch, or none.

  • They spelled Lindberg differently, the first time (part 2) they spelled it "Lindbergh". Hum, this seams to be a really really though through Movie, how come the misspelling? Is this a hoax!? Oo Are you Mr.Moviemaker trying to manipulate us at this moment!? HUM

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  • Found this on the web about the facts about Horus so…… the rest may be suspect – Cool information none the less

    Claim: Horus was conceived by a virgin mother named Meri, and had a stepfather named Seb (Joseph)
    Truth: Horus was NOT conceived of a virgin. In fact, mural and textual evidence from Egypt indicates Isis (there is no evidence that “Meri” was ever part of her name) hovered over the erect penis (she created) of Osiris to conceive Horus. While she may have been a virgin before the conception, she utilized Osiris’ penis to conceive. She later had another son with Osiris as well. There is no evidence of three wise men as part of the Horus story at all. Seb was actually the “earth god”; He was not Horus’ earthly father. Seb is not the equivalent of Joseph and, in most cases, Seb is described as Osiris’ father.

    Claim: Horus was born in a cave, his birth announced by an angel, heralded by a star and attended by shepherds.
    Truth: There is no reference to a cave or manger in the Egyptian birth story of Horus. In fact, none of these details are present in the ancient Egyptian stories of Horus. Horus was born in a swamp. His birth was not heralded by an angel. There was no star.

    Claim: Horus attended a special rite of passage at the age of twelve and there is no data on the child from the age of 12 to 30.
    Truth: There is no continuous effort in the Horus mythology to account for all these years, so there are no real gaps in the chronology. Horus never taught in any temple at twelve (as did Jesus).

    Claim: Horus was baptized in a river at the age of 30, and his baptizer was later beheaded.
    Truth: Horus was never baptized. While conspiracy theorists often point to “Anup the Baptizer” (claiming he was later beheaded), there is no such person in Horus’ story.

    Claim: Horus had 12 disciples.
    Truth: Horus had only four disciples (called ‘Heru-Shemsu’), but at some point in his story there is reference to sixteen followers and a group of unnumbered followers who join Horus in battle (called ‘mesnui’).

    Claim: Horus performed miracles, exorcized demons, raised someone from the dead, and walked on water.
    Truth: Horus certainly performed miracles (he was, after all, described as a god). But there was no mention of exorcizing demons, raising people from the dead or walking on water.

    Claim: Horus was called “Iusa”, the “ever-becoming son” and the “Holy Child”.
    Truth: No one in Egyptian history was ever called “Iusa” (the word does not exist) nor was anyone called “Holy Child”.

    Claim: Horus delivered a “Sermon on the Mount”, and his followers recounted his sayings. He was transfigured on the Mount.
    Truth: Horus never delivered a “Sermon on the Mount”, nor was he transfigured.

    Claim: Horus was crucified between two thieves, buried for three days in a tomb, and was resurrected.
    Truth: Horus is not reported to have died at all in the vast majority of Egyptian narratives. There is also no crucifixion story. Instead, Horus is usually described as eventually merging with Re (the Sun god) after which he “dies” and is “reborn” every day as the sun rises. There is a parallel account describing Horus’ death and detailing how he was cast in pieces into the water, later fished out by a crocodile at Isis’ request.

    Claim: Horus was called “Way”, “the Truth the Light”, “Messiah”, “God’s Anointed Son”, “Son of Man”, “Good Shepherd”, “Lamb of God”, “Word made flesh”, “Word of Truth”, “the KRST” or “Anointed One”.
    Truth: None of these titles are in Egyptian history, but Horus is called by several names you might expect for any god in mythology: “Great God”, “Chief of the Powers”, “Master of Heaven”, and “Avenger of His Father”. Horus was not called “the Krst”. This word in Egyptian means “burial” (it wasn’t a title at all).

    Claim: Horus was “the Fisher” and was associated with the Fish, Lamb and Lion.
    Truth: Some of conspiracy theorists associate Horus with fish (by virtue of the fact that Horus was a fish in some portion of the ancient narrative), but there is no evidence Horus was ever called a “fisher” or was ever associated with the Lion or the Lamb.

    Claim: Horus came to fulfill the Law, and was supposed to reign one thousand years.
    Truth: There was no Egyptian “law” for Horus to fulfill, and there is no mention of a thousand year reign in Egyptian mythology.

    On closer examination, Horus isn’t much like Jesus after all

  • Just as an FYI – I work with Exotic metals from time to time in my job and Titanium doesn't melt at temps present when Jet Fuel burns so……. there would have been plenty or parts left at the pentagon

  • ISIS rael owners'politic FAITH is BASIS ON FAKE EVIDENCES and ARBITRARY SCIENTIFIC DATA RESULTS. FUTIL CARROT DELUSION(S) ARE COLLAPSING.fatal mistake was made for them by their goyim followers with lowly greed and forged self-satisfaction very long agO

  • Honestly, they should have just left the religious aspects out of it. It's so perfect, otherwise, don't you think?

    I'm willing to write it off as irrelevant. If people wanna worship deities, that's cool. But, it will no longer be divisive or a racket. In a world without want or fear, we might decide we don't need gods or maybe we need them more than ever.

    Let's burn that bridge when we get there, I say.

  • 19:40 Just the Gospel of Matthew mentions the three kings!
    Despite the fact that the Bible is clearly a Metaphor and the astrological legacies in the Bible are evident, according to several academical experts, historians and scholars, the simple existence of the man Jesus Christ was never disputed. This documentary is a hoax in that sense.

  • interiorul pământului da ar fi frumos da cu atatA tehnologie ar putea vedea tot vidio cum se vede de pe luna cu o drona polu nord

  • Why would any man fall for this lunacy and go searching for MAYBEEE's when he can have WHAT IS through Jesus Christ the Lord. The Bible is the answer to everything there is on the planet: the answer to wars, crime, dealing with problems, and all the etc., etc., etc. But man in their lunacy, who desire to show others how great they are; those who desire to be like little God's and want worship fill young people's heads with maybe's! Here's a little advice that must stick in your mind forever: the devil is real and he is wanting to take your mind so he can take your soul. Stick with the Lord and no weapon formed against you will thrive. It's your life and however you want to live it it will be your side of the fence. But in the end, you will face eternal judgment. If you choose wrong, well… Remember, you made your own bed.


  • Mélanger la religion qui s'en met plein les poches, c'est à dire le Vatican qui a été créer par un empereur romain, Constantin au 4 siècle, avec les textes bibliques ce n'est vraiment avoir rien compris à ces écrits, ou c'est de la manipulation. Je n'ai pas tout regarder, mais je sens que lui ne vous demande rien, pas d'effort morale, pas de vous élevez spirituellement. Comment alors enlevez le mal sur terre si on le tolère et si on ne le combat pas avec force ?

    Et Dieu comme un père, peut être exigeant, autoritaire et aimer ses enfants. Ce n'est pas incompatible . La bible ne parle pas d'enfer. Si certains perdent leurs âmes, ce n'est pas le cas de tous. Dieu dit que les ténèbres ne dure qu'un temps et qu'en suite après l'apocalypse (rêvélation de la connaissance divine) certains les élus auront la terre en héritage. Mais ceux qui vont mourir ou qui sont déjà mort vont bien de nouveau avoir vie sur cette terre. Dieu ne donne pas la vie dans le royaume à des âmes qui n'ont pas été éprouvés sur terre.

    Je vous conseille de lire le livre de vie de l'agneau www.lelivredevie.com

  • Seriously? No Arabic? 9/11 happened so they could wage war on our region and you don't have it in Arabic!

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