Your Top 10 Velcro Dog Breeds – Dogs That Won’t Leave Your Side

Virtually all dogs are loyal compadres ‘til
the bitter end, but some dogs go beyond loyal and veer into the realm of the sticky. In our first “Velcro Dogs” video, we featured
our picks for the top 10 gluey dogs, but some viewers thought the list was ummm somewhat
incomplete. So, here are the 10 breeds you said were the
most Velcro… featuring some of your comments. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 10. Boston Terrier A very attentive breed, they will learn your
schedule, likes and dislikes and to interpret your moods. Sometimes, when trying to figure out what
you’re thinking or saying they might tilt their head sideways. Need someone to watch your back? Well, Boston terriers make great watchdogs. They might lack the size of a larger Velcro
dog, but If someone is at the door, you will know. Whether it’s going for a walk, playing fetch,
or watching you type a script for your web series the Boston will be happy just to be
in your presence. If you don’t mind a small dog that is always
underfoot, then the Boston is the dog for you. Privacy will be a thing of the past, as you
will eat, sleep and well, “you know”…with your little shadow right beside you. 9. English Springer Spaniel The English Springer Spaniel is known as a
hunting dog, but they have also have an affectionate nature—one that never lets them meet a stranger. Not only will a Springer be your Velcro dog,
he or she will be everyone’s Velcro dog. This is why English Springers make great therapy
dogs. They bring comfort and cheer to people in
places like hospitals and nursing homes, and soothe those who have experienced traumatic
events. If you want a watchdog, the English Springer
will bark if a stranger shows up at your house. But if you want a guard dog, make sure to
get another pup to pick up the slack. Springers are sweet, gentle and crave attention
from everyone, strangers included. They should not be isolated or left home alone
unless absolutely necessary. They also get along well with children and
other pets within the family (small pets included), but birds are best kept away from Springers
since they were bred to hunt them. Which do you prefer—a good guard dog, or
a good watchdog? 8. Shih Tzu The Shih Tzu is a breed that is generally
affectionate with strangers, but would rather be close to their humans. Every Shih Tzus is born with its own, distinct
personality. Some are bold, some are more prudent, while
others are downright bashful. Whatever the personality, a Shih Tzu makes
a great addition to a family, can be an adorable “practice baby” for a couple, or an awesome
BFF for a single person. Most also get along well with other dogs,
although they can sometimes be possessive when it comes to their toys, food and territory. Shih Tzus will follow their humans everywhere. They tend to be extremely adaptable and reinvent
themselves to fit the needs of their owners. If a person enjoys outdoor activities, their
Shih Tzu will enjoy outdoor activities. Someone who loves to veg out on the couch
and watch TV, will end up with a Shih Tzu that enjoys curling up next to them while
they watch TV. Most Shih Tzus have a “sixth sense.” They are so in tune with us humans, they know
what we want before we do. 7. Jack Russell Terrier Remember “Eddie,” the Jack Russell Terrier
from the TV show “Frasier” and how attached he was to his human, Martin? Well, Moose, the canine that played Eddie
for seven years, was a skilled method actor that drew from his natural instincts to portray
the quintessential Velcro dog. Jack Russells are both nerds and jocks. They are often cast in films and commercials
because they are very intelligent, highly trainable and each one has a distinct personality. Since Russells originated as hunting dogs,
they are most happy when on the move. Their high energy threshold, stamina and agility
makes them a great fit for athletic individuals, but this is also why Russells are prone to
separation anxiety. If left home alone, these little tornadoes
can become very tense and destructive, barking, digging and chewing up everything in sight. Although they prefer to be the only dog in
the household, Jack Russells are loving, family-oriented dogs at heart. They usually become one person’s sidekick,
spending nearly all their time in the company of that individual and can be triggered by
any behavior that signals their favorite human’s departure. Just grabbing a jacket or keys can send a
Russell into a meltdown. Yes, Jack Russells are the perfect combination
of affection and attitude. 6. Standard Poodle Poodles are one of the top five most intelligent
breeds in the world and number six on our countdown. Although they come in three varieties (standard,
toy and miniature) for this segment, we are going to refer to the Standard Poodle, although
much of the information applies to all varieties. Don’t judge a book by its cover. This old adage is never truer than when it’s
applied to the poodle. They have a reputation for being aloof and
“frou frou” that stems from their meticulously coiffed coats and history of being desired
by the upper class. But contrary to popular belief, they love
to play and thrive on human companionship. Standards are cheerful, kind and enjoy playing
games that stimulate them physically and mentally, with their ideal playmates being school-age
kids, teenagers and youthful adults. From playing catch, to swimming, to sledding,
to hiking, to running alongside dirt bikes, poodles just want to have fun…and they want
to have it with you! Although they are not territorial and don’t
make great guard dogs, Standard Poodles are highly trainable, and will protect their humans
if they are certain that they are in harm’s way. 5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel If you want a beautiful dog that is always
happy and in sync with you, then the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the pooch you’re
looking for. Bred to be companion dogs, they love everyone
and everything and believe that the feeling is mutual. Cavaliers are experts at shadowing. They will follow you around as you get dressed,
do housework, or hop into the car to accompany you as you run errands. They have a sunny temperament and an unyielding
desire to be close to their human companions that is so strong, that a Cav will not move
until his or her owner does. Their small size and “I’m just fine where
I am,” disposition also makes them the perfect lap dogs. And guess what? They’re even better in bed. When you’re ready to call it quits after
a long day, they are too and they won’t wake up until you do. 4. Rottweiler Rottweilers have unfairly been given a bad
rap. They are generally seen as mean and aggressive
but most people don’t know that they also have a reputation for being one of the clingiest
Velcro dog breeds. Bred to be loyal watchdogs, Rotties are extremely
steadfast, devoted, loving and never want to leave your side. Despite their muscular frames, they are very
patient and gentle with children, and with time, become progressively protective of their
little humans. On the surface, Rottweilers are tough, sturdy
and confident, but they also love to give and receive affection. Some of the ways they express their love are
by leaning against their humans, making noises similar to purring and, of course, relentlessly
licking their faces. Rotties make both excellent watchdogs and
guard dogs. They are attentive, cautious, reserved and
fearless, and will not hesitate to protect their territory or loved ones. 3. Weimaraner The Weimaraner is the gentle giant of Velcro
dogs. Standing anywhere from 22 to 28 inches and
weighing between 55 and 88 pounds, they were originally bred to hunt large animals like
deer, boar, and bear. But Weimaraners love people more than hunting. As a matter of fact, not only do they need
to be next to their humans, they need to touch them. They will rest a paw or drape a leg over yours
while you both chill on the couch, and they will not just stand close to you, they will
stand close enough to touch you. Although they are one of the largest dog breeds
in terms of size, they seem to be completely unaware of their stature and are convinced
they are lap dogs. Most Weimaraners, no matter their age, will
attempt to curl up in your undersized lap— and once they have you locked down, good luck
with getting up for a cup of coffee or to go to the bathroom. Weimaraners need constant companionship, so
they are not a good fit for people who are rarely at home. A lonely Weimaraner will likely become an
unstable Weimaraner. Without steady attention they will likely
become hyperactive and destructive. 2. Boxer One would expect a dog called the Boxer to
be aggressive, but this super-sociable, clownish canine is anything but. Boxers are protective, incorrigible lovers—not
fighters. When a Boxer is your BFF, it will seem like
you will never have a minute to yourself again. “I” will become “us” and “me time”
will be a thing of the past. You will eat, sleep, play, shower and breathe
with your faithful friend at your side. And not only do Boxers act like Velcro dogs,
they look like Velcro dogs. With their big, sad eyes, and pouty jowls,
they always look like they need a hug. It’s nature’s way of ensuring that this
sweet, affectionate breed gets just what they need. They love human interaction and if they feel
neglected at home, they will seek attention elsewhere…even if it means attempting an
escape. Like the aforementioned Weimaraner, the Boxer
is completely unaware of its size and will not give a second thought to climbing into
your lap for a snuggle—or a big, wet, sloppy kiss! What quality do you value most in your Velcro
pup? Hungarian Vizsla Alrighty then! OK Dude, I got ya! Topping our list at numero uno as the dog
that you said was most Velcro is the Hungarian Vizsla. You were pretty adamant that I was just plain
wrong for not including the “Velcro Vizsla.” Vizslas are sleek, elegant, ancient canines
bred to hunt wild game and fowl. They are frisky, athletic, fearless, sensitive
and affectionate—very sensitive and affectionate. Vizslas are quick to bond with anyone they
feel comfortable with, and will whimper or whine if they don’t get the attention they
feel they deserve. They are easy to train, but must be trained
and corrected in a firm, yet gentle manner, as harsh commands or reprimanding can damage
their psyche. The Vizsla has no stronger desire than to
be next to his human family. They are great with kids and are fiercely
protective, but like other Velcro dogs, if left alone for an extended time, they will
become bored and destroy furniture, clothes, shoes, doors and whatever else they can get
their paws on. Keep this in mind, and you will have a happy
Vizsla and a happy home. Any other Velcro dogs that I missed this time? I don’t even have to ask you to comment,
because you will… [sigh] you will… If you stuck with this video, you’re sure
to like these. If you’re a subscriber, thank you. If not, what are you waiting for? Thanks for hanging with me and as always,
catch ya next time.

31 thoughts on “Your Top 10 Velcro Dog Breeds – Dogs That Won’t Leave Your Side

  • Hi Leroy. Another great video! I really like this one. 🙂 🙂 🙂 when I was growing up one of our neighbors had a Weimaraner named Ranger. He was very well trained, extremely friendly and allowed to roam the neighborhood with all of us kids. Weimaraners have endless energy! The neighbors had six kids and Ranger kept up with all of them! I wanted one ever since but I don't think I have the energy to keep up with them. 🙂

  • My lab is very Velcro anytime I go to the toilet he’s following me I try to say stop following me he will end up chasing me

  • Of course you forgot one. The Australian Shepherd! You are his heard and he must Always Shepherd you 😂 you will go where he want you to go, or you’ll have to take the round about route to get anywhere else. Make sure you’re life insurance is paid up because if your not careful you’ll trip over you ‘Shadow’ and break something vital.
    He Adores his humans and He will protect you from any threat that happens to dare walk past his window. He will be there to make sure all “comes out”
    Okay 🚽. And is 50 lbs of the most loving lap dog you’ll ever be blessed to hold. 🥰
    How can I Not comment on this amazing Velcro breed

  • I put the Brittany alongside the sprigner spaniels. Very similar. My Brittany must have us in his sight or he gets sad lol, a real cuddle ball !!

  • Mini schnauzer … But with only one person. They also have the heart of a lion. My little 13 lb girl faced down a black bear. They are also very good watch dogs.

  • Had a Boxer Rottweiler mix. We spent 11 years and 8 months together definitely a Velcro dog that loved long walks enjoyed company of other dogs adored women and children. If I was sleeping he had to lay against my leg sometimes on my legs. It’s unfortunate that they don’t live very long. The pain of losing a loved one is hard so make good memories so when that day comes you’ll have more good days to remember than bad ones.

  • I didn't even think of the Vizsla. At the doggie daycare where I work we have a good few Vizsla. One of them has a pointer sister and if you ever love on her he gets so freaking jealous and demands you love him instead. Not him too, but him instead and its hysterical.

    They also hate when they're one of the last dogs to go home, so try not to wait till the VERY end of the day to pick them up if you take your Vizsla to daycare, they just get anxious and worry about you.

  • I always enjoy your videos! You put my favorite velcro dog, the Chihuahua, on your first list, so I could just sit back and enjoy this one. Keep your fabulous videos coming!!!

  • No seems to know about the Bullmastiff! And I didn't until we had our sweet girl either. She was 114lbs of lap dog love who thought she needed to go EVERYWHERE we went and always be close to either my husband or I. Historically trained to tackle but not bite, her instincts for protecting were to place herself by sitting or lying in front of us when strangers were around. She never barked until someone knocked at the door or approached the car. Her internal clock was impeccable…to the point she even would go to the bedroom door in our small apartment at bedtime, stand in front of the closed door, look at me, back at the door, then me, then the door and so on until I and my husband came to bed! And yes, it was usually when we were ready to turn in, I hate to admit it. So check into the Bullmastiff, very attached, highly intelligent, great protector, and many more amazing qualities-too many to list here!

  • Please do an Animal Facts video on the Toy Fox Terrier. I am considering adopting one & I would love to see a vid on them from you first! Love the vids ❤

  • I can't remember if you had put chihuahuas in the first video or not, but my 16 and a half year old Chihuahua is definitely my velcro dog. If I walk out of the room for some reason, he starts to get separation anxiety within 5 minutes. I literally have to TELL him where I am going if I don't want him whining or barking. He's currently beside me right now.

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