Yoga: Sullivan Spaniel

Om! Om! Hey there chum! Um…. Om!
Um! Om!
Um, what are you doing?(Whispers.) [Whispering] You’re doing yoga? Yoga, huh? That’s where you tie yourself up into a pretzel and stuff huh? Uh huh.
Why do you do it? Why do you do it? [Whispers.] Nikki remember for inner peace so you can put yourself into weird old rebels and it gives you inner inner peace huh okay let me try let me try alms alms spiritual enlightenment for me please oh oh oh oh oh I feel I think I’m feeling I’m doing it oh wow look it’s all lightened I am oh my goodness oh my goodness Oh look at me go I’m quoting including western sources ha ha ha I am so spiritually enlightened oh yes what give me even big vision that’s to me that’s not the way that that yoga works I don’t do so well but what happens when I stopped believing in yoga hmm

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