Year 3 | Day 56-58: Getting Everest (My Puppy!)

Hey guys! I know it’s been a long long time But it’s been uh hectic Trying to build my room and all that jazz I am planning on getting something On December 9th and I’ve been waiting for a while to get this something Here she is! That’s what I’m getting That’s who I’m getting on the 9th and I’ve already decided to name her and everything I’ve already ordered things for her And these just came in just now. Tags So they came in in these little cute little package This little thing here and this is the Umm Hook up I guess you can say Here is her tags So in the front it says “Not all who wonder are lost, Except me” And then the back it says her name. Which is Everest, I named her Everest Ain’t that cute? and then the phone number. Which I’m not gonna show that You can oder anything from there It’s a collar you can order leashes It came with this little thing here Little soft, It’s really soft, and it comes with- You put that in there And what it is you can order a collar with a matching uhh bracelet And it’s very cute I’m gonna show you There’s a whole bunch of varieties really And it’s very hard to pick, It took me a long time to pick Which one I wanted I don’t know if i’m just picky or what? But here’s the website A lot of people are ordering now They got a whole bunch of different one’s, the even hot some for the holidays So yea They got a whole bunch of different ones And I ordered this one Here it is It’s umm the color right now the lighting in my room is horrible, but it’s very umm Bright colored it’s teal, dark blue and white, and then the pineapples And then here is the small Bracelet, that it looks exactly the same It is the first sign of friendship And we’re good to go! See? And I’m gonna get her on the 9th, and i’m gonna give this to her and put it on her. She doesn’t fit into it right away. It’s obvious she’s not gonna fit into it ’cause she’s still little. So, I didn’t explained to you guys what breed she is, she is a white German shepherd We’ve been wanting, well most of my family’s been wanting a white German Shepherd. So yea [Music fades in] [music fades out] Hey Guys What is that? That’s still there K So I just got back We left around 12 It is now 7:39 We just got back, it took about 2 1/2 hours to go there And 2 1/2 hours back Somehow it went faster back. It always seems like that I got her but I didn’t put her collar on ‘casue it’s still way to big for her We’re gonna do it later on We’re gonna bring her in. We already put some newspaper down for her And we’re gonna go get some more newspaper. So yea, see you in a little bit [sneeze] Oh my God Okay This is Luna and the new puppy I got Everest I put her in an outfit so And this is um. This is Everest! Everest! Hi! She’s chewing on my pants -We should’ve recorded when she first met her because we were if-y
-yeah But she really likes, Luna was super happy beacause she was licking her And she was licking us, her tail was wagging She likes Everest She’s in her little outfit She likes her She want’s to play with her -Everest is a little scared though
-yea she’s way too big. Be nice And she’s also like biting on me -I thinks she’s happy ’cause she won’t be alone
-So Everest is a white German Shepherd -supposedly
-Her ears are supposed to go up soon. Her ears are supposed to go up soon The guy said that one of the other puppies ears went up already So yeah Luna [spits] uhhg! she licked in my mouth! Let’s see if she can run around. If she can walk around or something Do you want me to record it? Yeah here Oh! She’s looking up at me! She pooped outside which was dope What’s up with this smog thing at the end of the camera? Yea I’m trying to clean it off Oh it’s sticky -Oh is it?
-yea -She’ll what? Probally be hungry Try to clean that smudge Oh my God that’s so cute she eats -She eats hard food?
-yeah they gave her hard food Huh I think you can take her back now I picked up the poops outside That’s good There was a lot of poop, I also picked up inside the garage she’s so small! How old is she 6 months? She’s four months? She’s so huge She’s three months! -Oh she’s about four months though
-Almost four months
-yeah She’s gonna be a big dog! -She’s four months I think
-Yeah Hey mama! Ay yes Good girl She slept through out the whole drive -So she’s not gonna be tired tonight?
-Oh probally not but she’s been really shy lately so It was funny the guy told us that,”well both my dogs of my history of German Shepherds. They’re really goofy until about 6 months” So they get calmer Why do you do that? After I pet you, you put your arm around me [Whistles] Good girl Oh so pretty You’re already playing already? [laughs] Everest Ay! C’mere tsk tsk C’mere tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk This is our day 2 Trying to teach her her name And her Basically her name right now And to potty train She’s doing very good potty training this morning she has a little accident She missed about uh couple. Trying to teach her how to chew on things [squeaking] [Whistles] Everest [Whistles]
[snaps] Not to chew on stuff like that She’s very energetic today This is her new toy today [thump] Oh God What? Why are you always staring at me? [laughing] Everest! Everest [whistles] [laughs] hi! [laughing] What is it? Oh You can play with that That’s right go over there Go potty Go pee She keeps chasing her tail a lot Ah there we go [whispers] Good Girl! Woah [laughs] [Music plays] [music fades out]

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