Will It Corndog? Taste Test

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get them while the discounts are legit. Okay, now, the corndog,
in my humble opinion, is one of the best food inventions
of all time. Somebody just decided,
I’m going to take a hot dog, I’m going to skewer it with a stick,
and we’re going to fry it, – dip it in batter, and then fry it.
– Yeah. But, a hot dog can’t be the only
thing you can do that with. Let’s get to the bottom of it. – ♪(folk music)♪
– (both) Will It Corndog? Up first, we’ve got
the Spinach-Arti-Corndog. Looks like a normal corndog,
right off the bat, Rhett. I bet it’s not. Everybody likes
spinach and artichoke dip. Don’t tell me you’re the person
that doesn’t like it. – I do.
– You like it. It’s not one of those things that,
like ninety nine point nine percent of the world likes,
and then you’re like, (silly voice) I just don’t like spinach
and artichoke, and the way they mix. No, I like it. Okay. And I’m a late bloomer
to the corndog, actually. Really? I liked spinach and artichoke
way before I did a corndog. When did you start liking corndogs? About eight years ago.
I don’t know why. But I love them now. It was just an event? I was just, like, there’s other things
I’ll always order. (Rhett) Now, this one is what
you think it is, it is spinach and artichoke dip
that was frozen so it could create some sort of structure, and then it was battered and dipped. So, it’s a little–
I don’t want to just, I mean, it will hang from it like that,
but it’s not advised. Okay, so right off the bat,
there’s some structural integrity issues. In fact, I’m just going
to take that out. Oh, dang!
You gonna do that? It’s like an eclair. (laughs) It’s like a Twinkie. (Link) Oh my goodness! You don’t want to come out
that way, man. No I don’t. You know what?
Hold on. Yours has been compromised.
You want to eat half of mine? No, I’m good. Okay, let’s do it.
This is going to be good. Oh, man.
It tastes exactly like you think it does. All your wildest dreams
just came true in my mouth. (crew laughs) It’s just spinach and artichoke dip
with batter around it. – What’s not to love?
– The way that it falls apart. But, I’m not going to hold that
against the taste, because the taste is amazing. Maybe we need to engineer
some sort of edible netting. Yeah, but I think the answer
is very simple. – ♪(folk music)♪
– (Rhett) Will It Corndog? – (both) Yes.
– (ding sound) So I’m not giving up hope
on that one, but let’s move onto,
♪ Corndoggy-dog. ♪ The street dog. Alright, so we have Corndogged
an entire hotdog. To be more specific,
a street dog, a bacon-wrapped hot dog, and the bun,
are inside of here, with grilled onions, peppers,
mayo, ketchup, grilled jalapenos peppers, battered, and then more put on top. Now it is reinforced with crossbeams,
because one dowel, or one stick-i-doodle
couldn’t support it. So we have sideways stick-i-doodles. (Link) That is nice. Look, this is like an intergalactic
corndog ship making its way into my mouth orifice. You know what I’m saying?
Like in space. I’ve never seen a spaceship
like that, Link. Maybe a blimp? It’s an intergalactic corndog blimp. That rides the solar winds. Okay, I think we should bite
up until the first rod. Or we could pull the rod out. Might break the dam. Okay, here we go. It’s like pulling the hook
out of a fish. Alright.
Good gracious, man. (Rhett) Look at that. (Rhett) You can see
the cross section there. That is a hot dog,
that has been corndogged. You walk around at a state fair
with this thing, that’s got the sideways rods, you know how many people
are going to get excited? It depends on what state you’re in. People gonna be coming up to you, like,
“Excuse me, sir.” (Link) “Where did you get that blimp?” Now, there’s a lot of breading. We could work on the breading ratio
a little bit. The reason why there’s so much breading
is ’cause there’s a bun in there. Remember that. Well, I’m talking about the breading
on the outside of the bread. But it tastes amazing, and I think this is a family deal,
you can split it with the entire family. Chop it up.
Share it out. – ♪(folk music)♪
– (Link) Will It Corndog? – (both) Yes.
– (ding sound) Okay, now we already know t’is the season
to eat holiday foods. And, you know, some people
have already started doing things like making eggnog,
serving it with meals to get themselves
into the Christmas spirit. But have they thought about
the Corn-Nog? This is eggnog
that has been corndogged, Link. How is this even scientifically,
culinarily possible? Basically, when you want
to deep fry liquid, you have to freeze it. So it was frozen,
and then it was deep fried, while it was frozen. But now we have a very soft,
gelatinous center, I can feel the nog in there. It smells like a funnel cake, man. And then we’ve got powdered sugar,
and cinnamon on top, to put you really in the holiday spirit. And this one, believe it or not,
doesn’t support itself, so I’m going to… What you want to do,
if you’re at a party, and you want to impress people
with this dish, and you don’t want them to know
that it doesn’t have structural integrity, you’re just going to grasp it by the end,
and then support it with the fingers. And that looks like a regular corndog. You can do this with the other hand,
like a magician levitating. Or you can just hold it daintily
like this. Depending on, you know,
what kind of party you’re at. Now I recommend breaking off the nipple, – and then biting.
– That’s a nipple? Yeah, that way the nog
doesn’t ooze. – (laugh)
– Alright, you ready? I’m still trying to figure out
what you’re talking about. (Link and crew laugh) Here we go. Look in there. I just want you to look in there. That is straight-up nog.
Look at that. Man, this is so good. You ever seen a rod come out
of a nog? Look. Ew. Woah!
Oh my goodness. I’m like a nog factory over here. It’s a thick nog. I’m going in for another bite. No, don’t.
Don’t. Why not? You don’t want to create any Gifs, man. I’ll tell you right now,
this, right here, is one of the most amazing things
I’ve ever eaten on an episode of, Will It. Really? – Yes.
– It’s very, very good. And I don’t even love eggnog. – ♪(folk music)♪
– (Link) But will it corndog? – (both) Yes.
– (ding sound) I mean, that’s just changed my life. (crew laughs) Well, the tide may be about to turn, Link. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen,
we started fooling around with escargot, this is the Es-corndog-o. Now, I see snails peaking out, which doesn’t make me happy. This is snail from here to here. It’s snail all the way through. And, there’s a lot
of structural integrity to this one. You can swirl it.
You know? And that’s a good test of a corndog.
It gets points, in my book, when you can swirl it. Because this is how you gather a group. Gather round for the
Es-corndog-o, children. And, okay, so this is just
straight-up butter, because it is recommended
to dip escargot into butter, (Rhett) and so, you want to make sure
you grease up. Grease it up. (Link) Okay. Break off the nipple. Why you getting rid of the nipple?
What have you got against the nipple? I want to get to the good stuff. Dink it. That’s chewy. I’m looking at you
for emotional support. – Really?
– ‘Cause I know you like snails. – I like butter.
– The butter helps a lot. Escargot is just a delivery mechanism
for butter and garlic. It’s not bad yet,
I’m waiting for the unhappy ending. It’s not bad ever, man. You know what?
It looks like mushrooms in there. No, this is great,
and you know that snails became a delicacy in France,
because of the famine. Tell me about it, Rhett. That’s how it happened. If you could go back to those people
who were eating snails, and crawling around in the mud
just picking them up thinking, “This is the bottom.
This is the bottom of the barrel.” They were saying that in French,
of course, (French accent) Je suis barrel. And we were to go out there,
and wave one of these. Take hope, Frenchmen. It’s going to be okay. (French accent laugh) And you know I have,
because I didn’t not enjoy that. I’ve been surprised. Wouldn’t have thought it,
but will escargot-go corndog? (both laugh) Will it go corndog? Go, corndog! Once you go corndog,
you never go back, snails. – ♪(folk music)♪
– (Rhett) Will it corndog? – (both) Yes.
– (ding sound) Alright. We’re calling this one,
the Road-Dog. It consists of roadkill. (Rhett) Now, we have flattened out– The reason that this is
a slightly different shape, and it’s a two-sticker, is because we have flattened out
a possum. Not an entire possum. Oh my goodness. This is a baby possum flattened. No, no.
This is just possum meat, that has been flattened,
and then run over, with a tire, that had
food coloring on it. What kind of outfit
has access to a possum? Probably that dude that we
get all the weird meats from. Was it him?
Yeah, that dude. – (crew laughs)
– Oh, man. I bet it’s going to be,
I don’t know, chewy. That’s not the ears, is it? I feel like I should just grasp it,
and push it up a little bit, so I can get access to the possum. There we go, I just did it. Let’s grab it,
and just go for it. Smells like batter. It’s so gamey. And I don’t mean that in,
like a positive sense. (gags) Possum, man. I’m getting a lot of corn, right now,
and I’m trying to focus on that. (Rhett) It’s so gristly and greasy. – (gags)
– (crew laughs) It tastes like an animal
that stays close to the ground, – and live amongst the humans.
– (gags) (crew laughs) This thing’s been in the trash. (gags) This is not grain-fed possum, man. – This is like old pizza-fed possum.
– (gags) There’s a gelatinous to it. – Gelat–
– (gags) (crew laughs) A gelatinous nature. It almost tastes like raw meat. It’s like you took a possum,
and just bit the side of it. Don’t you think? It’s bad. It’s making me cry. I’mma try to get it down. (gags) (vomiting) (gags) (crew laughs) Man, I caught your puke. I caught your puke from you, man. I was going for it. Oh, look at that. Looks like gray matter. (vomiting) (crew laughs) Link’s having a little– Woah!
He had a forehead vein. That was–
Oh my gosh! Are you going to be okay? I’m glad that was the last one. Possum. – ♪(folk music)♪
– (Rhett) Will it corndog? – (both) No.
– (buzzer sound) Link, that’s not the last one. Oh gosh. Oh, I forgot. We’re calling this one,
the Pig-the-Tail-on-the-Corndog. It may be–
Oh goodness, gracious. It looks like it’s just part
of a snake, that’s been squished onto– It’s not, though. Underneath the batter,
there is a pig tail. Why are you still happy? Well, that was entertaining,
what you did. (laughs)
Dude, I– I’m not happy,
I’m just trying to make the best of it. I’ve expended–
Oh my goodness, that’s huge. (Rhett) But what actually is in here,
is an actual tail of a pig, and we learned that pig tails
have bones. So, watch yourself
when you take a bite, I’m just going to watch you
take a bite, and I’m not going to take a bite. – Oh, come on.
– (Link) Okay. Well, we have to figure it out. I mean, people going to be
trying to do this all the time unless we tell them that they can’t. If we don’t answer
the question for them. Are you going for the side,
or you going for the end? I’m going for the end,
that’s the way you got to eat a corndog. I’m thinking I’mma go for the side. Corndog’s not corn, it’s corndog. You go from the end. Alright. Oh gosh. Okay, that didn’t work. I got something.
Did I get something? (Rhett) Oh, you got a little,
teeny piece. – (Rhett) I got to go with–
– (Link makes disgusted sounds) It’s all gristle, man. Eugh! Alright, I’mma go in for the side,
’cause all I got was a little gristle. There’s gotta be meat somewhere
on this thing. How’s it that big? Eww. You sure this is a pig? I’m not covering it up
with the batter anymore. I got some meat,
and a lot of fat. I got all fat. (Link) Eugh!
That’s so gross to look at. This is like the kind of thing
you need to make, like a broth out of, but not something you can put
in your mouth. – I think this is easier than possum.
– (gags) I think I can get this down. It’s very gelatinous though. (strained sounds) I got down what I got. (gags) Admittedly, I did not get
as much pig tail as you did. Hold on, I got to get some batter
in here. That’s a good idea. Add the batter. I’m mixing the batter in my mouth. – Re-batter the pig tail.
– (Rhett) I’m re-battering it. You’re in this alone, ’cause I’ve already been traumatized
by a possum. You got it? Yeah, but I didn’t get that much, man. It was a sliver. So greasy. That shouldn’t have been done. That one presents its own
sets of challenges, which we don’t recommend
that you navigate. – ♪(folk music)♪
– (Link) Will it corndog? – (both) No.
– (buzzer sound) Alright, well we’ve answered the questions
that were on your mind, and now you know what to do
next time you make corndogs. Thank you for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. My name is Rena, I live in (unintelligible) Mexico , and it’s time to spin
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Orange, and gray, (both) and gray, and orange. Click through to Good Mythical More,
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GMM Captioning Team]

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