Why is my Labrador puppy not barking? | Frequently Asked Questions

Hi I am Rana, I’m the founder of DogSpot.in and on daily basis we get a lot of pet related questions on our
whatsapp handle you can see the whatsapp handle number here and if in case you
have any queries you can direct your questions on whatsapp and we will find
best experts to answer those questions a lot of questions we answer internally
and one of the questions which came recently was from Patna by a gentleman
saying that they have recently got a puppy which is a labrador puppy and that
puppy is not barking and it is about four five months old
puppy now and does not bark at all so very interestingly you know Labrador
as a breed is actually made by human beings in a way that it should not
bark too much at all so they are all gun dogs Labrador retrievers golden
retrievers cocker spaniels Irish Setters they come under a group called gun dogs
gun dogs are the dog breeds group wherein they are trained not to fear the
sound of the gun and they should not bark unnecessarily if they will bark
then when they go with the people who are shooting birds and then they start
barking the bird will fly away and when the shoot then they will run back
because they will fear the sound of the gun so they were bred selectively in a
way that they should not bark unnecessarily so that the game is
intact and secondly they should not fear the sound of the gun all gun dogs are
very friendly in nature do not expect them to guard they have very low sense
of position but at the same time they they are very humble they are very modest and
very very nice with kids one of the best groups of dogs for family where there
are kids and where there are a lot of neighbors kids
who are coming to home to play we will keep sharing such questions and
their answers in case you have any question please
ping us on our whatsapp number we run a pet helpline and we will try to answer as
much as possible or will direct you to the right people
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