Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

hi everybody and welcome back to Relax My Dog now today’s video is all about why are dogs
so loyal I’m sure a lot of us have dogs obviously I have a dog and we all know
that dogs can be extremely loyal creatures but really were talking about
why they were loyal and where it exactly came from before we do get started
though let me know down below in the comment is your dog lawyer or are they
not so loyal I hope they’re down below in the comments but let’s just get
started for the first reason a lot of people say that dogs are loyal is simply
because they want food and shelter and this could be a massive possibility and
probably mean the main weeks of my dogs are loyal because they know that humans
will feed them and they will provide shelter for them I mean Milo is pretty
much living the life of luxury right now now as well as dogs wanting obviously
food and shelter dogs have always been known as a man’s best friend and this is
because they have a clear bond to humans and to their owners it’s almost like the
our best friend and they can almost pick up your moods if you are feeling sad
your dog might try and make you happier or if you’re feeling excited your dog
will be excited as well they can vary very much pick on how you are feeling
and that sort of thing and they very very much bonded to us or which it’s
probably the main reason that they are loyal it’s much like if you had a human
best friend they are very very loyal to you Rover similar with the dog but as
well as obviously dogs being a man’s best friend royal tea is known as a
massive massive trait for every single dog they are known to be loyal
it’s something that you’ve had to do years and years and years ago being
loyal in a pack except just is there something that’s new with dogs it’s
definitely something that has always been around and like I said before many
dog trainers and dog behavioral specialists have all said that the
loyalty comes from dogs having two big loyal in a pack I don’t have that but
Milo just did it the biggest birth ever Milo did you just burp and it is this
idea of pack mentality that will make your dog of be loyal to everybody in
their family and maybe one particular person and as well as it be just the
thing they were happy in years and years and years ago and Moriarty being sort of
in that pack tality it’s also known that when you are
training your dog your dog will see you as a sort of a higher person than they
are and a more dominant person so whatever you tell your dog to do they
will do so they will obviously become loyal to you in that sense as well but
that is it for this week’s video I really do hope you enjoyed it don’t
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and me and Milo we’ll see you next week for next week’s video thanks for
watching, bye!

12 thoughts on “Why Are Dogs So Loyal?

  • A human family to a dog 🐕 is a pack and dogs are always loyal to the pack. My little Beagle/Dachshund named Gigi is very loyal to her pack. She sleeps with us and is very playful.

  • Hi, I'm a lifetime cat lover and now first time dog owner because I just felt like I needed a companion I can take out places. I'm in my mid-forties and never married, so I thought having a dog might help. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and her name is Lady. She is just recently five months old and has made tremendous progress with crate training, but I thought it might help to play some dog music for when I have to leave her home. I have some things to do today, so I thought I'd try one of your videos while I'm away. I appreciate having this available, and have a blessed day. 😊

  • Dog's are LOYAL, it's an Inbred thing. It Come's From GOD. If you Spell DOG Backward's, it Spell's DOG. They are all about LOVE, KINDNESS and JOY.🐾

  • Extremely loyal, I can't go anywhere within the house/garden and she won't leave my side. For the first year or so we had no back fence and she only crossed the threshold once. That was because the woman 2 doors down went into my neighbours garden to get grass for her guinea pig and Valentine knew that wasn't her garden! She was really good about and I snapped my fingers, she stopped and came back but it just goes to show, they know more than we think xxx

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