WHO IS MORE POPULAR? (Higher or Lower)

*End-of-the-world music* This fucking game. It’s impossible. Higher or Lower. You have to guess which one of the two is the most googled one. Come on. *claps* The Solar System Or Donkey Kong Country? I love Donkey Kong Country. It’s one of my favorite games. Of all time. But ain’t no fucking shit… It’s more googled than the Solar System. I’m kind of losing faith of humanity if that’s the case. Lower, please. *chime of bell signaling correct answer* *claps* Donkey Kong Country, I love your Donkey Kong dick… What the fuck did I just say? Oh, so it continues! Donkey Kong Country.. Versus The Big Bang Theory.. Oh my fucking God. I swear to God if The Big Bang Theory has more.. I will end myself right fucking now. Higher. *whoops” *sighs* Oh God, I think I just got some uncurable AIDS.. Alright, The Big Bang Theory.. Jesus! Or a German Shepherd. Are y’all playing along? German Shepherd. Gotta be lower. Fuck you, German Shepherd. Mark Zuckerberg..is higher. “epic music” “chime of bell” I’m pretty good at this, what the fuck, man? Mark Zuckerberg versus Leo Tols– What the fuck? Who the fuck are you? A Russian writer. He wrote “War and Peace”. Lower. *chime of bell* Come on, man, give me a fucking challenge! House of Cards, higher. *chime of bell* This is too easy, man. Peppa the Pig, lower. *buzz signaling wrong answer* Oooh! What?! How??! SAD MUSIC Let’s do this again, play along— Ooohh, fuck me. Did you have to use that fucking picture, man? The Vietnam War or Rhinoplasty.. I feel like that’s something that people wanna research before they do.. And I assume that..that people google it more than the Vietnam War *buzz* Holy shit, I was wrong, alright. Temple Run or Christianity. What is more popular? *breathy laugh* Uum.. Christianity, I think. *buzz* What?? Noo.. I think theee.. Grand Canyon. *sans spared you* I think.. Angry Birds. I think twerking is not that popular anymore. *really pewds* I’m on a roll–Who the f– Don’t do the same f– What the fuck just happened? *chime of bell* I gotta get 10.. We’ve gotta, we’ve gotta get 10, bros. Who the fuck is Berry Ham– *chime of bell* Uuum.. That’s a very specific search term.. But I’m gonna go higher anyway. Fuck! *chime of bell..again* Ayyy.. We got 6. Justin Bieber, definitely higher. Zoella.. Fuck–f– *chime* *almost laughs a little* Wher– Wha– Where is PewDiePie? I want PewDiePie to show up.. How many searches does PewDiePie have? Madden 16 has to be more.. Sorr– Zoey, I am sorry, but I think Madden is more popular than.. What?? Whaaatt?! Zoey, what the hell?? You ruined it! How could you do this?? Thanks.. Now I gotta restart.. Thank–Thanks a lot, thanks a lot, Zoey. I searched most popular searches Google PewDiePie.. And the first thing that comes up is “PewDiePie is a fraud..” “Hear me out – I understand that I may seem arrogant and angry..” He’s saying I’m a fraud because I don’t get 32 million views on each one of my videos. Does the guy know that I have over 8 billion views in total?? No. Then, fucking– Fuck off, then. *reads out* “PewDiePie is the most popular YouTube star in the world. Why (question mark)” *sighs* That’s a nice article. How about I call myself a new sort and start being passive-aggressive to everyone? That be.. That would be fucking awesome. So PewDiePie was the most searched back in 2014.. Probably when most people heard about me for the first time. What if we add.. this fucker.. Hah! Jack, you can suck it! Alright, what if we add.. *dramatic music* Oh my God.. This proves nothing! This means nothing! Fuck you! No..no, no, no! *music gets louder and more intense* Prada is more.. God damn it! I can’t get 10! *bell chimes* *calm music* *sighs* I don’t know who you are.. *more calm music* *bell chime* Oooooohhh…. *dramatic music* No, Samsung user does not have autism, fuck you for insinuating that shit. Lower. *bell chime” See? Lower. *bell chime* *claps* Come on Alright, iPhone, you’re back in the game, iPhone. *bell chime* Come on, we’re on 9, we’re on 9, we’re on 9, come on, come on, come on.. Oh God.. Oh, that’s easy. Manchester has to be higher. *bell chime* *claps twice* I’ll do the Johntron gif. Find my iPhone is more.. *bell chime* Conspiracy theories.. Please be lower.. *bell chime* Yes! Air pollution.. Lower. *buzz* Fuck! *bursts out laughing* Alright, we got 12! *cute little dance* We got fucking 12. Alright, guys.. It’s a really fun game, I really enjoy it. Uuh, I recommend checking it out! Link’s in the description. Leave a like if you enjoyed this video! If you did, thank you so much for watching. And, as always *kisses fist* Stay awesome, bros.. *brofist* Oh.. Ooohh.. *gags* Ooohh.. Nevermind, you can keep the water.. Alright, let’s get some good f– shots, oh my Lord.. Holy shit, bikini split.. Oh my Lord, though.. Ho–Holy, ho– Holy, holy, holy molly.

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