Whippet vs Greyhound – Choosing a Puppy

– Hi, it’s Ryan from Rocadog. I got this question from La Reina below my Whippet video where it’s asking what’s their personality
versus the Greyhound? Based on this question,
I decided to make a video about general differences
between Whippets and Greyhounds. (gentle music) Those two dog breeds
have more similarities than differences, it
makes a lot of sense since Whippets are descendants
of English Greyhounds. They have similar
appearance and temperament but there are still some important differences between them. Both dogs are typical sight hounds they’re tall, thin, and capable of running with extremely big speed. Because of that, both are great hunters they specialize for
chasing rabbits and deers. They share the characteristics with most sight hounds, like Borzoi or Afghan Hound. The only big difference
in their appearance is their size, their height, and weight but it’s a really big difference. If you will see Greyhound and Whippets standing next to each other, the Greyhound will be always the bigger one. The Greyhound weighs around 30 kilograms but Whippets only something
around 10 kilograms. Male Whippets will measure 55 centimeters and Greyhounds are almost always higher than 70 centimeters. The personality is very similar too. Greyhounds are affectionate,
friendly, quiet intelligent and cheerful dog breeds. That is very talented in dogs for especially in racing, but it’s also good in agility, hunting, or coursing. The Whippet is also good at racing and other dog sports too,
and they have similar personality traits, just like Greyhound. They’re very friendly,
affectionate, gentle intelligent, quiet,
cheerful and social dogs. But there is one big difference why Whippets is not just small Greyhounds. Whippets are way more
active than Greyhounds a lot of people is surprised how lazy Greyhounds actually are
when they are not racing. They might be the fastest
dogs on the planet but when they are at home, they’re typical couch potatoes, they
are just way more like carefree than Whippets are, and they are great dogs for apartment living. On the other hand, Whippets are active all the time, they are always ready for walks, run, or Frisbee play, for anything. They are excellent partners for jogging cycling, walking, for any activity so if you are active person, and you want your partner in crime who
will do anything with you and he will love it, the Whippet is choice for you, but if you want
more laid back breed then you should choose Greyhound and don’t worry about their size they can snuggle so much, that they really don’t need much space in your apartment and they spend most of
their time by sleeping. If you want to get
Greyhound, I would recommend you to adopt one, because
if you want to buy a puppy, it’s really
hard to find good breeder because Greyhounds are mostly bred for racing but it’s very easy to find a retired dog for adoption. I can guarantee you that
he will be very thankful for that, and he will worship you, and you will make a good deed by that. As always, thank you
for watching this video. I hoped you liked it, if you did consider subscribing to this channel and check out social media links down in description, if you have any other question about dogs, just ask me in comments and I will answer you or if I reply, or make a new Q&A video. See you in the next video. (gentle music)

31 thoughts on “Whippet vs Greyhound – Choosing a Puppy

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  • Whippets aren't completely active. They can take a few zooms around the yard and then will be content to curl up on the couch for a few hours.

  • I will have 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins in the evening walking time for the dog. I am not a fan of drooling. Basic obedience is important for me. The dog will be alone 5-6 hours at home in weekdays. Which one would you recommend? Or shall I look for other choices?

  • Think its worth noticing that greys were bred with terriers to make whippets. There is a bit more crazy in whippets. That's why whippets are a bit more active, however they are still very lazy. But they do need physical activity like you said. Great video!

  • Great video! We have two whippets … and they are by far the laziest in our family. They love their walks and their daily zoomies in the forest, but their usual spot is the couch – sleeping away on their backs with one front leg straight in the air. 🙂
    If you want to meet them, they are the stars of our page: https://www.facebook.com/HappyGoDogo/

  • I mean yes whippet are more active than greyhounds, but still a lot less active than most other breeds. They still aren´t an endurance breed by any means.

  • While a whippet may be more active than the greyhound, they are still on the couch most of the day.

    My whippets get a burst of energy for 30 minutes after a meal and then its back to the couch or bed. The whippet is well suited to apartment living.

  • what about trainability with small animals like cats? These hounds look like perfect breed for me, but I have a big concern for this reason cause I own a cat ;(
    Also in my country, there are no centers of retired hounds and I still did not find any breeder of greyhounds. I'm starting to think it is impossible for me to get one

  • i believe its just the size and how much room they take up in your bed ! check out Louie on my channel

  • Greyhounds are champion nappers. As long as they get to stretch their legs every day, all they need is a cozy bed or couch and they will be completely content.

  • I have a whippet cross. I definitely agree that Whippets are very active. mine needed two hours of exercise a day when she was younger. she's now amost ten yrs old and still needs an hour of exercise a day!. she's does tend to sleep about after her walk/run though.

  • I just got a Whippet puppy and im in love with her! I've always had "guard" dogs, but man am i happy with her. Great video, cheers!

  • There is likely to be a lot of retired greyhound racers for the next 2 years. Florida is phasing out racing and has 2/3 of the tracks. If you can possibly help out you would be very kind.

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