Which ball Major loves more/Którą piłkę Major kocha bardziej

Major I found… this what’s left from your ball What? Pull it Show your doggy strength He’s gonna give me the ball by himself to pull it And now, doesn’t working anymore, a squeaky ball You’ve destroyed a squeak. It doesn’t squeaks My! That’s my! Major is fast When I won’t carry phone in my other hand, I would scratch you You prefer this ball But when I have this one You hit my hand Which side of hand is better? This one or this? Choose I’ve got this What happend? Oh no! The ball fell under this little palette Major, may I help you? Let me do this Where’s “thank you”? So for the question which ball Major prefers the answer is: this one which I have Which one I will throw Oh right you prefer when I’m throwing this one Or this one which I’ll take & Major will pull it Playing tug of war Easy or you’ll hit me again Major likes crazy plays with sticks, balls, everything what he can bites Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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