Where do puppies come from?

puppies come from umm It’s easy, New York City they all stay together it’s in a doggie condo puppies come from little puppy land planet land treat world water world having anything you can imagine but water like a lollipop but water There’s a pogo stick and the American flag and instead of the stars there’s little doggie treats who would not love it? one of the puppy’s names is Koo Koo that’s his name, Koo Koo It’s hilarious and they get to wear rainbow outfits, rocket shoes, lip gloss, makeup, anything they think of it’s gonna be water and that’s where puppies come from the truth is, most puppies that are bought online and in stores come from puppy mills the mother dogs are not treated well it’s dirty, crowded and cruel they don’t get kisses, they don’t get good nights, they don’t get nothing they just sit there lonely and they’re scared most people don’t know they’re buying from a puppy mill it’s really bad, I wish it’d change I like my story better the sun is always shining in the day, everything is just perfect it’s beautiful there

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