When A Man Called At The House, This German Shepherd Showed Where Her Loyalties Lay

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Shepherd Showed Where Her Loyalties Lay It was as if Freya the German shepherd knew
that someone was lurking outside the rear of the property. So, when the back door was opened, she bounded
out to see who it was. And despite the man’s attempt to lean up
against the brickwork and evade her attentions, Freya wasn’t fooled. When she saw him she didn’t even have to
think twice about what to do, and dashed directly at the overwhelmed visitor. As you might guess by the name, German shepherds
were initially bred to herd sheep. So it goes without saying that the doggos
have a reasonable amount of smarts. In fact, according to Stanley Coren’s 1994
book, The Intelligence of Dogs, they are the third brightest breed in the world. And the canine psychology professor at Vancouver’s
University of British Columbia knows what he’s talking about when it comes to kennel
cleverness. It is precisely because German shepherds are
so savvy that they are able to serve mankind so well. Indeed, all kinds of organizations often employ
German shepherds as working dogs. In addition to the breed’s braininess, their
power and obedience make them ideal for duty in the military or police. These are the roles that they are perhaps
most well-known for. However, their intelligence also makes them
effective as search-and-rescue or assistance dogs. Coren’s studies in Canada have revealed
that dogs are generally as smart as two-year-old children in some aspects of development. German shepherds – alongside Border Collies
at number-one in the canine I.Q. poll, and poodles, showing second – show a capability
in line with that of a two-and-a-half-year-old. But while we obviously cannot be certain how
much information dogs can process, we can be sure pooches possess long-term memory. That means they can remember people, places
and events from the past. There have even been cases of dogs recognizing
their owners after several years of separation. German shepherds are also a very dependable
breed that can be very protective of their humans. So it should come as no surprise that the
loyal animals are keen to investigate any visitors to their household. That was evidently the case when an unnamed
woman’s home received an unexpected visitor. A cameraman filmed the event and it was uploaded
to the video sharing website YouTube on November 15, 2017. The footage shows an unidentified man getting
out of his car and approaching the back of a house. The location is not specified but, judging
by the accents and style of housing, it could be the north of England. There are cages in the homeowner’s yard
of the kind used by a dog sitter or kennel operator. The man peers through a window, while the
female homeowner goes to open the back door with a key. The pair seem to be colluding in a surprise. The male caller leans up against the wall,
trying to remain out of view. Meanwhile, the cameraman has taken up a position
opposite the woman’s door. This is an ideal vantage point for them to
capture what happens next… The homeowner opens the door, and a blur of
German shepherd rushes to greet her. When the animal notices that there are visitors,
the excited dog pushes past the woman to get outside. She notices the cameraman first, and we can
hear him calling out her name. The German shepherd, who the footage identifies
as Freya, looks towards the sound of her name being called for a split second. However, her attention is caught by the male
visitor who walks further into view and crouches down. And it does not take the doggo long to detect
him. Indeed, Freya lets out a single quick bark
then dashes straight towards the man with her ears flat against her head. When she reaches him, however, Freya’s tail
starts wagging like crazy, and she runs into his arms. As well as the YouTube comments confirming
that the property operates as kennels – hence the cages – the video’s description provides
an explanation for the craziness. Apparently the man is Freya’s human, and
they have been apart for months. As a result, the female homeowner has been
looking after Freya until they could be reunited. It is unclear what caused their separation,
but what is certain is that their reunion is packed with emotion for both the man and
his best friend. To begin with, Freya is happy just snuggling
into her human, but then she jumps up for a hug. The doggo is so manic with excitement that
she simply cannot stand still. She keeps doing little spins of joy while
her owner fusses her. Furthermore, Freya’s delirious delight is
audible. Throughout the duration of the two-minute
video, the German shepherd lets out little whines and loud whimpers. At some points, Freya even sounds like she’s
crying with joy. Moreover, one anthropomorphic-minded YouTube
commenter noted that there are times it seems like Freya is yelping out the words, “I
love you.” Nonetheless, dogs are social animals, and
vocalizing is one way that they communicate with one other. It has also been suggested by experts that
canines imitate certain human speech patterns, such as tone and pitch. So regardless of whether Freya knows the meaning
of the words or not, it is possible that she is imitating appropriate speech for the highly
emotional moment. Meanwhile, the caged greyhound in the foreground
is thoroughly nonplussed. Regardless, Freya cannot resist rubbing herself
up against her human’s legs and pressing her body against him. Then when the dude sits down on the ground,
Freya seizes her chance and dives on him. She plants her paws on her owner’s chest
and showers him with doggy kisses. But this exhuberant show of affection does
not satisfy Freya. It seems she wants to be as close to her human
as she possibly can, presumably to make up for lost time. As soon as Freya gets the chance, she sits
in his lap and snuggles into his arms. Her human holds her close, and nuzzles into
her neck. And just when it seems like things cannot
get any better for Freya, she experiences another level of joy – belly rubs. What’s more, as her returning owner strokes
her stomach, Freya does the sweetest thing. Her hind leg begins to pedal around, as if
she is experiencing the utmost pleasure in the world. One grateful social media user wrote, “I
swear the German shepherd puppy [is] saying, ‘I love you, don’t leave me.’ This is such a good way to wake up in the
morning. Needed the smile. Thank you.” Hopefully Freya will never have to go so long
without seeing her best friend again. However, if she does, you can be sure that
they will both enjoy the reunion when he gets back again. The heartwarming YouTube footage shows how
much Freya’s human loves her, and it is safe to say that the feeling is definitely
mutual. ►Source : http://scribol.com/

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