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today I’m gonna be doing a video that I’ve never done before but as apparently
quite popular on this YouTube thing in the vain hope that it gets me some more
subscribers I’m gonna be doing a what’s in my bag well I’m not telling you
caucus of a new word it’s word to us what’s in someone’s bag
this is my top notch bag and I take it everywhere with me caucus to the shops
to the LAV lab to assorted of our emporiums about this bag for over 60
years in dog years it’s old and Weber caca just like me it’s made out of nylon
and it’s pink it’s got this fantastic black strap there and it’s got these
top-notch blacks in many many pockets for which I can secrete our me favorite
objects in them oh it’s high-end this bag caca oh it smells of nylon this
smells of pink it smells of functioning zips with many assorted pockets caca dogging me placed me favorite
combination I love this bag because it can be used as a pillow to rest your
weary canine head on it’s so comfortable and it’s a good place to go love love if
you get caught short when you’ve gotta go you gotta go Kaka
and it’s available at our good retailers but you have to pay extra for the wet
dog and meat pay smell you don’t get note for free these days cockers it was
a bit more the first thing in my bag is broken well the first thing in my bag is lovely
lipstick yes it’s a lovely bright red lipstick and we have it shared all the
time as I think it really upsets the color of my muddy brown eyes hey what do
you think caucus time to pucker up what else is in this withered old bag do you
call in a with an old bag rummaging every good handbag have a nice jar of
meat paste in it Kaka meat paste comes with everything the coarse texture and
different disgusting smell is what makes it so delicious cup guys hey I’d spread
it all over me buff k9 buddy if I didn’t think it’d mess up all my fur delicious
delicious paste she jumped yes a fantastic picture of Susan Barker Oh sue
Barker Chewbacca you’re better than a permanent marker Chewbacca Chewbacca
reviewer of fish you will be shocked who else you baka Chewbacca when you’re
not around the day is darkest you baka Chewbacca whole year Susan Alan Barker
we’ve not spoken since Wimbledon if you’ve not watched that video then go
and check it out caca charming over to a ranger restraining order against me
there innit Oh Susan I got a minute oh they said about that
that bear caca well what’s the dog to do what he’s got so long don’t want anyone
seeing me bum cream ah yes it’s me withered old tatty old high-heeled leg
it’s great when you do a little dance with it like this can’t go wrong caca
a fantastic sandwich that inspired my fantastic song some wages are mainly
bread but you can put stuff in them you can put chicken in them you could put
jelly and then you can put ripened tomatoes on them but they make you break
a wall marquise soggy and you don’t want dumb bread it’s the filthiest of bread
oh you don’t want damp bread you want dry but quite frankly I do prefer a meat
place sandwich filth Oh yummy yeah I told you this bag was good for the win
love loving doing that there’s another one
still warm that the Wigan Christmas lights switch ON switch yes oh I carry
everywhere with me Kaka Wigan counts are on a right tight budget you know it’s
the only one yes so I offered to keep it safe from prying hands caucus I mean I’d
hate for them to accidentally switch on early happy I have a job Kaka it’s my
main source of income oh yes oh you mustn’t Loki’s me fantastic six-pack Kaka wait
hey hey you never know when you wanna look buff or hench is the youth of today
say oh yes hey I may have taken this as a souvenir
when I pop round see you Barker’s house last year it’s brand new of its cocker
I’ve never been used you should have seen this state
everywhere else you know cobwebs in every crevice but it also doubles up as
a fantastic back scratcher hmm hey goes that making it worse
yeah that’s more vertical than a scratch but it’s sickeningly pleasant mmm and who doesn’t have a string of
sausages in the back if you don’t want to meet them you can fashion them into a
sausage blower they can hang from your we’re in there it’s like those sweetie
necklaces are you strive as a kid only this one’s a lot meeting if that’s not
fashion-forward I don’t know what is Kaka yes my elite snooze reclining Pro
adjustable recliner also known as the good old-fashioned deck chair it has
this special feature of being really difficult to put up it comes with me
everywhere Kaka and this is where I keep my pens Kaka yes
pin pineapple apple pen Pippin Apple Apple won’t find a place to keep your
pens and a pineapple Kaka right that’s a rental well what’s a
Cocker like me to do I have got targets to meet yes
the trademark meet pace movie to get your throat those long summer days so
that ladies and gentlemen is what is in my bag a list where you can buy
everything from in the description below wicked and market app take Libby thought it was top-notch
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