Whatever Happened To Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes made a name for himself in the
United States with more than 80 episodes of his home renovation TV show Holmes on Homes. But while his status remains legendary in
his native Canada, his notoriety has decreased in the crowded American home makeover TV market. So what’s this renowned handyman been up to
in recent years? We’ve nailed down the facts. Spin-offs of spin-offs A TV fixture for more than a decade, the handyman
followed up Holmes on Homes by starring in Holmes Inspection, Holmes Makes it Right,
Holmes Buy it Right, and Holmes & Holmes in 2017. He’s also made numerous appearances on other
home-builder shows throughout the years. So what’s next? Celebrity phone tag According to Holmes, celebs have been blowing
up his phone. He explained on the Canadian talkshow Strombo, “Carmen Electra called the office” “She wants me to fix her house. So one of my vice presidents calls me and
goes ‘I just thought I’d let you know that she called and that we’re going to humbly
decline.'” But then something clicked in Holmes’ head: “I said, ‘Wait a second! Wait a second'” “Boom! Celebrity homes!” “People get to — they all want to know what
they’re like behind the screen, behind the camera. They wanna know what they’re like” As of 2017, Holmes’ celebrity reno show has
yet to materialize, but it may only be a matter of time. All in the family Fans may have noticed Holmes’ son, Mike “MJ”
Holmes Jr., stepping in occasionally to work with his dad on TV. “Being his only son, he can be a bit tough
sometimes” MJ told the Ottawa Citizen, “Someone’s got
to take over the company one day, and I figure who better than his son? We share the same blood, the same passion. Who better to carry on the legacy?” But Mike’s two daughters, Lisa and Sherry,
also play an important role in the family biz. While Lisa prefers to work behind the scenes,
Sherry told the Times Colonist that she had no interest in joining the show — until
working on a project in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Holmes fam joined forces with Brad Pitt’s
Make It Right Foundation to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward. Sherry told the paper, “It was phenomenal. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” Lawsuit TV may give the impression that everything
in Mike’s world is picture perfect, but according to a 2014 lawsuit, his company has faced serious
problems. According to the Calgary Herald, former Chief
Executive Officer Julius Brinkman sued Mike for $3.1 million, claiming breach of contract
and other allegations. Brinkman claimed the business owed him 5 percent
of total shareholdings, in addition to reimbursements from incurred expenses, and more. In the suit, Brinkman alleged Mike and others
involved in the business “unlawfully converted those funds for their own use and benefit.” Canada-famous Holmes was recognized by Canada’s House of
Commons for his mastery in building and construction, and received the prestigious Queen Elizabeth
II Diamond Jubilee Medal. The British Columbia Institute of Technology
also awarded him an honorary Doctorate of Technology, the highest award anyone can receive
from the school. The institute’s Dr. Verna Magee-Shepherd said
in a statement, “Mr. Holmes is an extraordinary craftsperson, he is also passionate about
his many philanthropic ventures…We are pleased to award him with this degree, as he sets
a positive example not only for our trades students, but for all members of the BCIT
community.” Literary man Mike’s contracting empire includes more than
just TV shows. He’s also the author of six books. The Holmes Manual was fueled by Mike’s routine
interactions with fans. He told Strombo: “Everyone stops me at the airport, ‘Can I
ask you a question?’ And It just seemed to make sense… Let’s do a manual” “This way instead of reading the whole book,
like a lot of people seem to not want to do anymore…They want an answer now.” Taking it down a notch Mike’s a busy man, but one defining moment
shifted his perspective. He told Strombo, “I’m at my daughter’s house the other day
and I’m looking at my grandkids” “I was there about an hour and a half… And I realized, I gotta go, I gotta go. But you know… After I left I thought, ‘Why did I have to
leave?’ Why am I always running?” Mike is now attempting to embrace a new pace
and outlook on life. “I’m trying to tell myself, ‘Slow down. Smell the roses. Enjoy the people around.’ And if anything, smile.” Ticking clock Mike says he owes everything he knows to his
late father, Jim Holmes. He wrote on his blog, “In my eyes, he was
Superman…he is the inspiration behind what I do, for sure.” Jim died in a tragic accident, at the age
of 55, when he fell down a flight of stairs. Mike’s mom, Shirley, passed away at the age
of 56, from a heart attack a few years later. The losses have left Mike feeling like his
days are numbered. He told Maclean’s, “Even when I was younger,
I said that I’d never make it to 60…It’s a different focus. It means that I’ve got to accomplish everything
I want to accomplish by that age.” Mike celebrated his 54th birthday in 2017. Need a Holmes fix? Whether you need your home fixed or just need
your Holmes fix, there’s a show for you. As of 2017, Mike is on the air via HGTV Canada
and the DIY Network with Holmes: Buy It Right. The show, which premiered in September 2017,
aims to help couples find their dream homes. And of course, Mike “Gets these home buyers
to use their heads, in addition to their hearts and gives them the tools they need to make
the most important purchase of their lives.” Thanks for watching! Click the Nicki Swift icon to subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Mike Holmes

  • He's the biggest scam since One Hour Martinizing. A couple of friends were on his show. He is well known for delibrately tearing things apart, blaming the former contractor for shoddy workmanship. He even tore down a whole addition because the bathroom grout wasn't "right". There is no oversight, and the contractors who appear on his show have to pay for all the materials and labour used with no compensation, except for a sticker for their truck that says they were on his show. Holmes then charges the tv station for the work, so he's doing pretty good…on the backs of others. Sigh…

  • Remember the CREW. D Bennett led the long hours of hard work for years. Its alot different when cameras are not on them. Cheers to the CREW

  • Mike is a hack job…. hmm this reno is no good… tear it down. .. let's spend 50 grand and do it my way…. lol guy that did it did the job for 8 grand…. there is the game show nonsense

  • At the end of each show he would say “I didn’t like your washer and dryer, or something similar, so I gave you a new one.”
    Have you ever heard of a contractor buying things for his client out of his own pocket to make the client happier?
    No, and neither has he. His sponsors paid so they could have their name on the credits at the end of each show.
    Everyday contractors quote the customer and usually even that is over the customers limit.
    So how can you add to it? Only if a sponsor gives the money to Holmes. And he says “I did this for you.”
    What a bunch of bullshit! No wonder other contractors hate him. Just ask him where that money came from.
    Tell the whole truth Mike and … Make It Right !

  • I think he overdosed from the off gases on all the spray foam he used. I really enjoyed how CBC showed just what you could have happen from going overboard with it. Even Mikes' ace guy screws up in the episode.

    Mike showed everybody exactly what you could do with an almost unlimited budget. Unfortunately nobody could actually afford to pay that kind of money to fix their problems.

    The work he did looked great, oh wait, I meant the work everybody behind the scenes looked great. You can't argue against that.

  • I meet Mike about 10 years ago as a security guard who had to bring him up for a interview at radio cbc in Halifax. One of the nicest people I've ever meet in my life. Took the time to answer a few questions I had on Reno's

  • Please stop calling the domestic water heater a Hot Water Heater. It is not a hot water heater. You heat cold water.

  • Who cares, a great contrator who bellied right up to the public purse to subsidize his shows thru taxpayer funded series. He truly needs to return tax dollars to the poorest of Canadians.

  • be advised that when he claims that something is "not up to code,"
    he can be sued if he is lying.
    he has been sued 7 times for this

  • I'm here because of Bubs of the Trailer Park Boy's mentioning this guy season 12 episode 2. I figured he was on television as a carpenter, but I had never heard of him. I haven't watched cable or satellite for years,

  • Holmes if your reading this please fix my bath room paid lot of money to have bath room tiled but the finished job come out a night mare if I ever when the lotto this is the guy that builds my house no matter the cost

  • From what I've seen of his ''show'' this guy knows everything and the rest of us are just plain dumb . I used to work in the heating /cooling business with a couple of guys like him that KNEW IT ALL as well . My cousin used to call them GRETSKYs here in CANADA !

  • I DO NOT THINK HIS SON NEEDS TO FOLLOW HIS DAD'S FOOTSTEPS. Easily he could probably do better in acting and his own passion.The legacy is not that priceless.

  • Anyone can pick apart another's work. However some of the work is downright bad. What is the point of local building inspectors if they can not catch this stuff?

  • The repair men, People dress up like Mick Holms and pretend they are repair men, There are lots of them.

  • Have repeatedly saw this Dickwad completely run down other contractors work without explanation, and is wasn't always incorrect as he would have you believe. The last I heard this Cowardly POS got jumped and corn holed by some distraught contractors.

  • Sorry Mike, I'm sorry that you became a shill for spray-foam insulation. That was only one of many products but it was/is the most offensive. In short. spray foam is no good for interior spaces. It is no good. BBCs Kevin McCloud is soo much better, knowledgable, educated, and accomplished. Me? I'm practically nobody but i dont sell out and do disservice to others.

  • The problem with Mike is that he got too big for his core fan base. We started watching him because he was out to support the "little guy" against rip-off artists who would take advantage of their clients. He lost me as a fan when he complained about shoddy workmanship on a kitchen renovation, then took on the job during which he tore down the addition and spent $250 000 to "do it right." If he gets back to helping out the average Joe, and I'll be back.

  • His new TV show is just 30 seconds on how to back up a truck to a trailer.

    I met him in Nov 2004 in Winnipeg when he just started and said he was poor and was paid peanuts in Canada. Now he became wealthy and he does anything for money now that his 20 minutes are up. Next stop………….Trailer Park Losers. (Trailer Park Boys)

  • Funny, you would actually get the play on words in the show title if you knew how to pronounce Holmes. Hint: the "L" is silent.

  • Your still very young Mike. I'm 74 and consider age is just a figure. Indeed slow down and smell the roses and enjoy your grandkids they keep you young.

  • Not sure I really understand the purpose of these videos. Normally when you think of "whatever happened to…X", it's usually that X was in one thing and then disappeared. But when someone has like three other shows that followed their main one and then you still see him in other series and even commercials, does that really qualify? Does it really deserve space on YouTube? Seriously, this is like making a video "Whatever happened to Ryan Reynolds? Remember that guy from Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place? Where did he go?"

  • Some of my friends in construction here in Canada said he had numerous lawsuits filed against him. This is about a decade back.

  • There is NO fix it show on TV that beats Mike Holmes–no matter what title the show is given. Home repair super hero and all around good man. Very few of these any where.

  • I think Mike done lot's of good things but always one or two bad apple try get more money from goodness of mike do and buy things with his own money he want to make home owners feeling better I think he try to say sorry that you got taken but not all contractor's not bad only couple of them is, So Mike keep up the great work 👍👍👍👍👍,

  • I really enjoyed his Show's..I always felt cared& wanted to help And do his utmost for the people on the Show..

  • I was a fan of Holmes on Homes, being one of the first DIY programs I watched, when I had cable TV back in the days. He might have lost his status in the USA but he's still the man in Canada, and to me.

  • The way he works reminds me so much of my Dad. Everything has to be done right. I learned this lesson early. I wish we had more contractors like him.

  • Someone once told me who was on the same plane as Mike and they told me he's a prick towards people and thinks he's above them all. I see ads now online where he's involved with an ED pill. I guess he can't get a woody after all these years playing with wood. 😂

  • Lots of haters but usually that means the truth's Holmes outlined on industry scumbags hits to close to home. Home repair & building is a minefield of scumbags just out to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money. Had a waterline break & had to spend more time weeding through scumbags out to grift someone instead of just doing a job for a fair price. The biggest scumbags usually come with bogus reviews & slick ads so be careful.

  • He overdoes stuff to cover his butt I assume. Actual costs of doing things his way would be crazy most times. Most people won't rip out a whole floor, joists and add pilings or support beams in order to merely put tile down and won't pay for it, they'll put something else in. Does good work and knows his stuff but unrealistic costs for most people.
    His show could be subtitled "This is what you SHOULD do if you could afford it".


  • He seems more of a contractor to me..A knowledgeable folk can build anything its just determination and being conscience of doing it right..sometimes homeowners are way too cheap too and they got screwed ..check Sal DiBlasi on YouTube; you'll know who's really a craftsman

  • He's a dumbass. Saw an episode last night where he thinks 6mm is equal to 6 thousandths of an inch. Omg. How does he even measure anything properly?. 6 mm is almost a 1/4", 0.236". He should switch to metric, he could be so much more accurate. Someone also needs to show him how to put a pipe on the end a wrench when jacking up a house before he gets a hernia. I jack 50 ton steel blocks at work with one 20mm bolt and I can do it with my pinky finger. Holmes huffs and puffs just to jack wood, lol

  • I have problems wgenever i see him do "civil" work. Meaning concrete and drainage.
    Their concrete always looks too wet and wire mesh in a conc slab hardly is ever set in the middle of the pour. Saw them recently poured a huge barn floor, conc was so wet. Which makes it easier for finishing, but its not right. Hiring a tech company to test the conc on a huge pour would be "doing it right."

  • How many times have i seen his guys in an unsafe (ILLEGAL) trench along side a house foundation.
    I know because I do engineering inpection on road / sewer projects.

  • There were three ways that renovations and rebuilds were paid for on the shows.
    1. The customer paid it.
    2. The Holmes and other foundations paid for it. "Including free work by the tradesmen he used for free advertising"
    3. The customer took out loans with the Holmes foundations help and partial payment by them ssns other foundations.

    So please shut up about "only the rich could afford it"

  • Notice they never once mentioned the show he's been doing on US television. The house building reality competition where the houses get given away? Mike Holmes has been in the spotlight and hasn't gone anywhere. ALSO remember HE IS STILL A WORKING CONTRACTOR!!!!!

  • He seems like a great guy just recently started watching on YouTube and I have marathons. Mike's a great craftsman and really seems to care about his clients.

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