What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Q&A #423 | Dog pulls on walks | Crate training an older dog

boom shocka hey everybody how are you
good evening good afternoon good morning depending on where in the world you are
it’s Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 training Linda’s next to me she’s been
helping out with the show and this is the What Would Jeff Do show we try to do
it at least once a week sometimes on Monday sometimes on Tuesdays we shoot
for 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time there’s no was work welcome to my show my
name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training and I have got a trading
facility up in Providence Rhode Island we specialize in aggression rehab and
behavior modification take that over please yep good good and what we also
do is basic obedience off-leash on leash obedience we’re really good at
stopping unwanted behaviors if you’ve never heard the show before I talk a lot
about punishments why because you’ll notice that most people they ask me
during this show Jeff how do I stop this the only way to
stop any unwanted behaviors through punishment it’s impossible to do it
through rewards ironically if you go to our training center and watch us work dogs
no matter how bad the dogs are 90% of the time we’re rewarding them but
nobody’s asking how to teach like a command on the show which I’ll go over
to me but um what we’ll do is we’ll explain that a little bit better
um if you’re brand new to the show if you don’t know I travel the world doing
seminars I just came back from a fantastic seminar in Baltimore Maryland
the most great photos are started to trickle up I’ll get that photo album
done in the next 24 hours and then this weekend I’ve got one in Providence Rhode
Island and working spots are selling out and all these seminars we actually just
announced another one in Providence so you see one of the seminars if you go to
RV dog trainer RVdogtrainer.com go to the seminar site pick out your city
you want to go to and working spots they always sell out they always sell out
so anyway let’s get right into it Linda what do we goy Hi Tina hey everybody let’s see there was a bunch of them came in earlier just a couple okay got a security dog that he pulls
when I walk and pulls me to other dogs okay so I don’t know what a security dog means but if
you got a security dog you got yourself a badly behaved one and that’s
not a dis on you at all but I’m not quite sure a security dog would be a
protection dog or it would be a perimeter security dog but you have to
teach your dog how to properly heel next to you get yourself a proper prong
collar I’ve got a video on that if it’s a dog that’s over fifty pounds for my
European friends anything over about 22 kilos and what you would do is three
millimeter prong collar for that fitted on the neck up nice and high watch my
video on how to introduce it to the dog how to start the dog on it and how to
start your walk getting a dog to walk on a leash is the most basic of commands
I don’t want your dog pulling towards another dog whether he wants to say hi
or if he wants to you know get into a fight you know the dog should be next to
you and you should be one with the dog and you’re not out to socialize so
socializing is not meeting other dogs on walks or meeting people and walks so
that’s what you’re gonna do on that next dog pulls apart pillows when left out of crate home alone solution to crate him always yeah well if the dog is destroying first of all when you
leave the house crate your dog that’s the answer
bottom line that’s the answer so this is the thing you’re gonna get a lot of
people that will say oh well that’s management okay then it’s management
great you like that this concept of leaving your dog unattended in your home
unsupervised where it could die from the simplest thing or destroy something
that’s worth so much money or even a little bit of money it’s ridiculous so
crate your dog next about the security dog yes he trains but he just does that okay but still put a prong
collar on your dog they should have whoever it does so
whoever trained him to be a security dog I mean they should have trained him how
to walk on a leash but you can do that no problem
just train them up it’s easy it’s a five-minute process next how long should
a dachshund be walked a day um that’s Cathy that’s personal choice you know
how much time do you have I mean it’s a smaller breed dog a lot of those dogs
can last for a long time it all depends on how good of shape the dog is in we
see a lot of dachshunds that are overweight so be very careful be careful
with your dachshunds jumping off of things
dachshunds are prone to spine injuries as well so how long a couple of 30
minute walks is nice and then do some mental stimulation next got two of my
walking clients to buy herm Sprenger prongs can’t wait for our next walk now
awesome yeah Wendy Whitney make it mandatory you just make it policy all of
my clients dogs have to be trained to walk in a prong collar because I’m not
gonna get my ass dragged around the neighborhood make it simple next do you
believe in crate training when you’re home well that’s two separate things
I believe in crate training do I believe in crating the dog when you’re home if
you need to why not I believe in not allowing a dog to be out of your your
field of vision because then you don’t know what your dog is doing but if you
need some downtime you can’t keep your eyes on your dog crate your dog it’s not
mean at all crating is not mean crating is not mean next are there things you can do to build dog’s confidence there’s tons of things Russell one of
the things you can do is for starters obedience training obedience training
become everything for your dog put lots of boundaries and structure
into your dog’s life really permission-based role in your dog’s life
if you’re if your dog if your dog is being nervous and fearful don’t coddle
it actually if you’re not tries to flee from you what you actually can do is
actually prevent it from fleeing from you also if anybody wants to share this
feel free to share this if you’re not following me make sure you follow me and
check us out on all our social media platforms alright next when is your key to allow dogs to play rough instead of calm so so Robin um two of
my personal dogs can play rough with each other they can’t play rough with
any other dog so it never leads to a fight and I can stop it instantly so if
you’re going to let your dogs get all riled up you better be able to stop it
literally in a split second and don’t let your dogs do that with any other
unknown dogs next trying to crate train my six year old dog but she hates the
crate how do I get from more comfortable um well this is the thing as far as the
dog hating the crate this is my concept oh well get over it as far as
the dog is concerned as far as getting comfortable with it what you have to do
is actually make the dog not liking it suck that’s how you do it so flip it
like who knows if your dog will be comfortable with it or not because it’s
not about like putting stuffed toys in there and putting a comfortable bed and
having like none of that stuff means anything to a dog that doesn’t like to be
in the crate the act of trying to get out of the crate though you make suck
and how do you do it you do it in a night like this concept of like 15
minutes at a time 20 minutes at a time it’s the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve
ever heard of my life so this is what I want you to do I want you to take a week
off of work then get your dog acclimated to the crates 20 minutes at a time
that’s what they’re asking you to do no put your dog in the crate if it makes
noise bang on the top of the crate and tell it to knock it off and go to sleep
next by the way we do it successfully all the time dogs come into
our board and train facility they have to sleep any sleep in a crate overnight on
day 1 that’s the way it is next dog your dog is surrendered to an animal shelter it
goes into a kennel dog is an adult and doesn’t play is important to teach him to play Sarah just do stuff with the dogs just do stuff do stuff
next like walking look at it it’s freaking full I’m glad I got the backup
right here next I’m going wish I had known more about prongs and E collars years ago
they have been my aha moment thank you awesome is it possible for a dog to be over
motivated with food he loses control yes Cristina
that’s that’s the that’s the big issue is that food absolutely does that
absolutely stop using treats use the dogs daily food but if it food can hurt
not just help if it hurts by getting the dog to be over aroused stop using it
remember I’m a family pet dog trainer I’m not doing it for sport or
performance or trick its family pet the last thing I want my dog to do is to be
bonkers in my house next a German Shepherd in the summer how do I know
when he’s getting too hot um I mean if you live in Vegas don’t go out after ten
o’clock like any of these hot hot climates after 10:00 a.m. it’s usually two hot
dogs need to pant monitor its water monitor it’s you know just you know you
know the dog will end up passing out and dying so what I would do is I would read a good
article on recognizing heat exhaustion and heat stroke don’t ask don’t ask me
don’t speak next Love tuning in to the Jeff & Linda show awesome how to make dog aggressive you don’t need your dog to be
aggressive you don’t need your dog to be aggressive next what is your opinion on
neutering I heard mixed opinions um you’re gonna hear endless amount of
opinions I believe it’s just like a female
I believe it’s it’s personal choice it doesn’t stop unwanted behaviors unless
having more puppies is the unwanted behavior so it doesn’t stop aggression
it doesn’t stop anxiety it doesn’t stop pushy snottiness it doesn’t stop marking
um but you know if you’re not gonna breed your dog which you probably
shouldn’t do because we have enough dogs out there and chances are the dog you
have is not breeding quality then you can neuter at an older age I mean I’m a big
fan of letting dogs be at least a year old but then again you can hear all
kinds of opinions on that all kinds of opinions my next male dog probably won’t
be neutered because that’s my personal choice but that dog will be imported
from Europe and it will be genetically sound so you know I’m gonna have that
option next new puppy growls at husband cattle dog border collie mix we had him at 4 how to correct any time you want to stop an unwanted behavior you have to use punishment but what’s the husband doing
if he’s doing anything what’s the structure leadership guidance in the
house how much freedom is that dog getting how much affection are you
giving that dog are you possibly reinforcing it and what I mean by that
is dog growls you reach out and you touch
the dog and say stop that don’t do that if you’re gonna reach out and touch the
dog I’m not saying smack your dog but it better not be friendly anything you do
after a growl as long as it’s as long as it’s in your
average behavioral sphere should be a Punisher so the dog needs to learn what
no means a lot of dogs don’t know what no means but most humans most humans
would actually reinforce growling but not on purpose
next I have a lab rottweiler mix 12 do you think a puppy would be good for her no I don’t you have a 12 year old dog chances are the puppy will piss off
your dog the puppy would be good for you next what is your opinion on vaccinations personal choice I’m a huge I
believe that we over vaccinate on Robin you’re asking me the same question
I’m not a vet I’m not a I’m not a vet so I think we over vaccinate our dogs but
we also in the state of Rhode Island I’m licensed by DEM I have to do certain
things with my dogs but dogs are over vaccinated that’s for sure
so are humans next controversial how to keep how do I keep my four month old
dog from eating poop another dog eating poop
Jennifer what I would do is there has to be a Punisher so 16 weeks old you know I
don’t really wanna use remote collar for it but you might as well stop it now remote collar on your
dog first of all clean it up bu that ain’t gonna stop the bad behavior that’s what everyone else will tell you to do it’s like okay great
so I’m a I’m a speedy poop cleaner-upper my dog trained me so
remote collar on your dog dog goes out to eat the poop you’re outside you’re
inside watching it and boom give your dog a pretty pretty firm correction but
it’s 16 weeks old 16 weeks old your dog your dog absolutely shouldn’t be
unsupervised outside it’s too young it should be on a leash with you you got a leash
with you at sixteen weeks old it doesn’t know anything yet next how do you use the
e-collar train recall off leash you start it on leash and I’ve got a video on
my youtube channel so go to my video on my youtube channel and it’s all
done on a leash with food layering the remote collar over it next if there one prong collar better than the other yes herm
Sprenger makes a superior prong collar there’s a bunch of knockoff ones now so
you have to be careful herm Sprenger nothing more than a three millimeter no
dog needs more than a three millimeter prong collar next are you still doing free skypes no Melissa my stopped that
I did over four hundred three skypes in 2017 I’m doing a tip of the
day now but I still do skypes every day that’s actually that’s actually how I
make a living so I actually make a living by helping people with remotely
with their dogs as well that’s that’s my gig is to consult how do I teach my 9 month old dog to stay off the couch unless invited so Liv number one your dog
should not be on the couch at least probably for another nine months you make getting
on the couch suck it’s as simple as that any time you want to stop an unwanted
behavior there has to be a Punisher so if your dogs not underneath voice
control you should have a leash on so most most your average family pet dog
has not is not had a is not underneath voice control meeting listens to your
voice to commands so what you do is you have a remote collar on your dog dog
gets up on the couch and you give the dog a high level correction and guess
what getting on the couch sucks simple simple concept teach you dog the place
command place is go to a dog bed and don’t get off everybody sorry everybody on YouTube you can you’re not able to see this so there’s two dogs
right there they’re on place they’re not tired they’re not exhausted they’re not
bored and it’s not because I’m a dog trainer and they’re my dogs every dog
learns that our training facility in the first week and I’ve got free videos on
the place command anybody can train the dog to do place in one to two days
next you’re awesome thanks for the seminar Oh Chelsea my pleasure thank you last year got a puppy and put puppy pee pads down
now 15 months old he goes outside but still poops and pees on pee pads
Timothy you trained your dog get piss and shit in the house that’s what you did so
that’s what you did so that’s I’m not a big fan of pee pads just for that reason
from the very youngest age your dog should learn and you didn’t know this
Timothy and I yell at you I’m not mad at you I don’t shame people but but that’s
why don’t use pee pads you’re teaching your dog to piss in the house shit in the
house so from the very earliest imprinting days we’re teaching our dogs
lifelong behaviors I want that dog to always be going outside and never think
about going anywhere else so what do you do now crate train your dog in at
minimum keep your dog in eyesight at all times
monitor the food and water and then also make sure you have a really good
schedule you can download a actually if you join our patreon page and download
our puppy schedule for potty training next what’s up Jeff and Linda hey what’s up with you hey Jamal how long did it take your GSD to learn bomb detection well technically
they’re always well about three months three months to be proficient in it
so Kyra got exposed to detection on 12 odors in about three months next took
dog to a big crowd he was good look very whiny dog is on prong collar Sarah your
dog is just telling you that it’s uncomfortable so that’s what the whining
is it’s arousal it could be excitement it could be a lot of things a remote
collar would dramatically help you with that because you can do the dog you can
you can correct the dog for the whining you can correct whining if anybody tells
you out there you can’t correct whining because you’ll make it worse
they’re full of shit they’re lying or they’ve just never been able to figure
it out how to do it next keep in mind that most things online about dog training are wrong next can I use the pet convincer for puppy biting yes you can next what is considered punishment punishment is any it’s first of all this is what it’s
not it’s not yelling it’s not screaming and it’s not timeout those are not
punishments for dogs or kids in my opinion a punishment is something that
is intolerable to the dog that lasts for usually one second we like to use prong collar corrections we like to use remote collar corrections we like to use a
bonker a bonker is a wrapped up towel that you would you literally throw it at
the dog it is extremely important that everybody learns how to properly reward
their dog a lot of people are rewarding their dogs wrong as well as punish their
dog if you want to stop any unwanted behavior you have to understand how to
properly punish a dog trainer out there says you don’t need a punish they’re
able to rehab dogs without it again they’re full of shit they’re lying to
you and they’re actually unethics unethical next treadmill training sorry
and obedience training anxious dog who resource guards what else can I do
Bonnie none of those things none of those things are gonna stop resource guarding
none of them you can resource guarding is a 1 to 3 second fix with a remote
collar teach the out command alright you can do that so treadmill won’t I mean
still treadmill your dog still do obedience with your dog still exercise
your dog still have structure with your dog but that won’t stop the resource
guarding resource guarding is a separate thing you need to address it
specifically how do you do that remote collar and you teach the out
command and I’ve got a video on that and I demonstrate it at all my seminars it says he’s also pinning down other dogs pinning down your other dog so your dog is a your dog’s a pushing snotty little dog
so you got to do and stop that as well so that’s now on that’s a leadership
issue that you’ve got to have with you and the dog in the house next Linda love your highlights oh why thank you tune in in six weeks I’ll have a different color hair
cuz I never do um twice uh I had Tibetan Mastiff and every Tibetan Mastiff I
have seen has a habit of jumping walls um jumping that’s easy to um
jumping walls is easy enough to fix remote collar with
thick fur contact points remember at the beginning the show I said we’re not
all we’re gonna do is talk about punishment so if you ran into the show and you want
to know why I talk about it so much follow the questions all the questions
how do I stop my dog from doing these things punishment punishment
punishments but ironically in the course of a day we do probably we do a ton of
food clicker marker training reward based training 90% of our day but we
eliminate the bad behavior boom now we teach the dog what we want so for
jumping walls again make the act of jumping walls one of the most horrific
things in that dog’s life why it could die it jumps a wall it can attack
somebody Tibetan mastiffs can be a little bit nasty sometimes that’s not a
stereotype it’s just what they’re for you know they’re not exactly lap dogs so
what you want to do is you’d make it suck to jump the wall and you can also
if you wanted to you can also put underground fencing in as a safety you can also put
hot wire fencing in you can also put coyote rollers up if you really wanted
to next pitbull has behavior issues aussie has no issues is it fair to only create the pitbull Heidi don’t
worry about fair okay dog ownership it’s not a democracy dog ownership is a
dictatorship this concept of like no I want to have an equal relationship with
you my dog really hey Kyra where’s my 10 grand a month that’s what it costs me to
take care of my family it don’t work that way no it’s a
dictatorship do what you want next what do you think of the herm Sprenger prongs
with the snap buckle replacing the center plate um Tim if it’s easier for
you to because you got dexterity issues I get it but you lose you lose about two
of the prongs would I ever own a pit bull of course I would own a pitbull I’ve owned
many pit bulls in my life like I’d also date a black girl I would also date an
Asian woman I would also date a Hispanic woman next do you have any good trainer
recommendations or connections in Northern California what’s
that do you have a trainer in Northern California
Sean the only one in California I recommend is Sean O’Shea The Good Dog TheGoodDog.net
next Jeff are you using clickers for training basic obedience
two or more for behavior mod. absolutely basic obedience to start dogs off on
obedience commands puppy taken early from the mom bites up my other dogs let
dogs correct Jake if the dogs don’t correct you got to do it for the dog
next thinking about teaching my dog to track is this okay for a normal house dog yeah
Russell yeah start with nose work first tracking is tracking is a lot of
work so so Kyra Kyra can track so tracking is a lot of work it can be
a pain in the ass to set your own tracks you know you know it’s it’s long work
long hours you know it doesn’t have to be but do nose work instead just teach
your nose work next hello I know people train guide dog as puppies starting at a young age very specific they don’t teach
though they do puppy raising it a very very so so there’s there’s puppy raising
for the first 18 months and then they teach it a task next mustard hearts just for you Jeff oh thanks
Kim E collar training doing well with obedience will correcting with collar for counter surfing confuse who is
that Gary Gary if you don’t correct if you don’t correct counter surfing you’ll have a dead dog so you have a highly obedient dog but it’ll be dead or you’ll have to
rush to the emergency room with it because it got something off the counter
absolutely wouldn’t confuse it we can correct the dog for counter surfing on
day one if we wanted to next my German Shepherd puppy ten month old seventy
pounds very very frightened of thunder and fireworks help so Angela I want to
make sure this is what you’re gonna do you’re gonna start downloading fireworks
and thunder sounds from YouTube and what you do what you’re gonna do is you’re
going to you’re going to punish the act of running around being afraid you put
the dog into place and it’s gonna process the fear in place
it’s gonna shake in place and everybody thinks it’s mean to do that it’s not
mean to do that your dog can jump out a window and die go through plate glass and
run in the street so many things so the act of it running around frantically you
punish put it in place let it process its fear in place next thanks Kim send
all the prayers you can because we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow ugh
winter my pit bull is extremely food aggressive I’m not sure what to do I
tried everything so you haven’t tried everything at all because if you did you
did you’d fix it so this far as food aggressive if you’re
talking about resource guarding we have a very specific resource guarding
protocol I just demonstrated in at seminar last week and I’ll be doing it
again this weekend we show it live it’s with a remote collar you’re teaching your
dog the out command your teaching them to back away from a food bowl so all your
aggressive stuff I would do a Skype with me cuz but you haven’t tried everything
at all if you’ve never if you not highly punished your dog with an intolerable
consequence for an act of food aggression you haven’t tried everything
next and chances are most likely you made it worse and this is not blaming
or shaming most people do things to make it worse though for the dog next what dog toys do you use do I have to yep hide she still like black clock anal or was that just a faze first of all it’s cock anal
troll so Linda went through a black cock anal stage from 1994 through 98
1994 to 1998 so buddy you’re in the 90s you you and your you
and your parachute pants like all right that’s right yeah when I was that went out with DMC so to answer your question no she’s out that faze next what dog toys do you use I use it
just a chuck it I just use a chuck it that’s it
I’m having trouble heeling a bit behind my hip his nose seems to always be ahead
so Sarah you know this is the thing Sarah if you don’t have a dog that’s pushy
and snotty fearful nervous aggressive eh does it really matter does it
really matter to me it wouldn’t matter but if it matters to you watch my video oh you’re right I’m sorry
did I say Run DMC Wendy I’m so sorry MC Hammer I’m sorry I was thinking about Eun
DMC so watch my 180 move watch my 180 move um it’s with a rotty it’s on my
youtube channel do that next ah haha I love the pitbull look and with
love one but I was scared of them because of their reputation so Cathy then don’t
get one don’t get one but most pities that we work with first of all I’m not
one of those pitty diehards and are like pitbulls are great and they’re all the
best dogs that’s a bunch of bullshit you haven’t you’ve never been attacked by
one like I have then you don’t deal with the ones that we see you know what I
mean so so but every dog but the problem with them is when they’re when
they bite bite hard so if you can find a balanced dog you should be sort of
concerned about every breed of dog basic shadow I’m going to disagree with that
I’m gonna disagree with that no bad dogs only bad owners that is a complete lie
I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make a pause right now okay that’s that’s actually
that actually that statement and I’m not mad at you either
that’s statement makes it worse I want you to know that every single owner
every single owner that comes in with an aggressive dog is fantastic they’re
incredible human beings they are wonderful they are caring they are
loving they don’t want their dogs to be aggressive they don’t yeah really and
that you know what you know what’s worse you’re actually worse than the black
cock comments because at least that’s a troll
you’re just being fucking stupid sorry about that
truth BAM alright so there there the problem is the problem this is what
makes them aggressive nobody told them not to be that’s what makes dogs
aggressive nobody told them not to be believe it or not usually love and
affection makes the dog aggressive fact being mean to the dog doesn’t make it
aggressive I want everybody understand that I specialize in aggression rehab
I’m the guy that works with truly aggressive dogs and the number one
reason why dogs are aggressive is because nobody told the dog not to yes
really why would i fucking lie like this is an educational show this isn’t like
some sitcom here next do dogs like black cock anal stop it Linda what are your thoughts on shock collars come on are you brand new you know are you brand
new to my world I love um I train all dogs on shock collars go to go to go to
SolidK9Training.com SolidK9Training.com yes I’ve been talking
about shock collars longer than anybody in the history of social media that’s
not ego statement that’s fact next I have rescued rescued Shepherd
that was beat daily what’s the best way to stop him from cowering so best way to
stop him from cowering is to desensitize him to hands also unless you actually
know for a fact that he was beat daily he might yes I like shock collars and if
you of course I do they’re great they’re fantastic tools
yeah that must be it must be a bot yeah yeah educate educate yourself about what
show you’re on of course how do you think dog’s are how do you think dogs are trained with
with rainbows and fairy dust come on you know painful
you know what I’m not gonna I’m not gonna respond you just listen listen and
learn so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna do a clicker food hand
protocol clicker your food hand protocol and that’s we you’re gonna
desensitize your dog next one of my dogs gets seizures every once in a while no one knows why that’s that’s a that’s a vet question next I hear you’re coming back
to Baltimore how about Northern Virginia this who said that Kathy Lewis there’s
dogs everywhere I got job security it’s not about where there’s dogs it’s about
do you know that somebody drove 20 hours 20 hours from Kansas City to the Baltimore
seminar the longest anybody’s ever driven is 36 hours across Australia to
one of my seminars people normally Drive anywhere from four to eight hours from I’m fine you know 4 to 8 hours 12 hours they’re exactly 12 hours
you know Quinn Quinn went so Virginia is close to Northern Virginia get to be my
Providence seminar this weekend next super losers who really who really waits
until you come on to troll next yes I’ll be in Denver RVDogTrainer.com thanks for the
info we’re Live right now next oh my god trolling I’m so sorry
finally something good okay when do you start using prong collars on puppies how is 4 months too young 4 months isn’t too young just be careful on how you use it and it should be paired with
food um it should be paired with food next how do you socialize pups with
strangers after existence stage do you have them what I do in puppies is this
what I do with puppies with this is I have I’m from right before 16 weeks old
I have them meet lots of people and they can if you want to use you can have them feed them to
have them handle them and feed them but I am
actually not a big advocate of my dog just I’m I’m a big advocate of its
existence existence is fine to me I don’t need my dogs to meet people I just
don’t so I’m the wrong person to ask for that I’m the wrong person to ask so
just being around people is fine they don’t need to interact with it
necessarily next is there a breed of dog you wouldn’t train um no no there’s breeds I can care less what breed of dog it is next I’m a professional dog
trainer dog sitting for a friend next week would like to help with stopping
pulling how do I start the process prong collar next my dog barks at people when
handled appears to be excitement correction besides e collars um it’s
probably a it’s probably over arousal just be careful if the person is doing
stupid stuff tell the person stop doing
stupid stuff it’s most likely excitement though you can do a little bit of a
leash just a leash pop next so true the worst dogs we get in rescue are from homes
where they are spoiled by loving people there you go
that’s why dogs are aggressive do you think aggressive dogs are more prominent in passive owners um Brian great question I think having a
soft owner soft energy owner with a more dominant dog is gonna always be a recipe
for disaster next rottweiler that’s food aggressive yep that’s easy to fix
food aggression is easy to fix next 9 pound dog chews sticks and mulch dangerous act of God um I would
do an act of god cause the dog si gonna end up dead Heather next silly question any
particular reason you use kibble for reward
during training instead treats no because we cuz we’re food trainers not
treat trainers there’s a difference there’s a there’s a difference so next
is your approach a more alpha versus subordinate no not at all my approach is
dog training I don’t believe in I don’t believe in
all this title stuff at all because that boxes people in that boxes people in
like oh so you do alpha roles no I don’t do alpha roles I don’t even
talk in a deep voice I don’t tower over dogs my this is my philosophy of
dog training I reward what I want I punish what I
don’t want massive amounts of structure and
leadership and guidance in the dog’s life but all this like alpha stuff you
know yes I believe in pack leadership but
there’s it’s way more than just a title it’s way more than just a title next when will you be in Florida I’m
gonna close I’m buying another house I closed on the house and I’ll be in
Florida August 9th first doing a seminar I don’t know we’re just buying another
home down there can a dog with seizures be on e collar yes your dog can be a seizure um yes your dog can be a
remote collar that gets seizures next Oh I mean live on seminar this weekend oh I have no idea
that’s usually just you know I never know when I’m going to be doing live
because I’m focusing on training dogs next looked online and saw this
weekend was full for person and dog it’s Sarah come as an audit yes it’s been sold
out for a while my seminars my seminar sellout guys they sell out so next hi
Jeffy poo and Lynn Lynn love you Gellman families Oh Heather let me tell you
something I don’t let people call me that but I’m gonna let you call me that
thank you Heather what about citronella collars I find citronella collars are actually mean and abusive
citronella first of all research the ingredients of citronella you’ll find
some cancer-causing ingredients in citronella research it second of all a
proper punishment is an intolerable consequence it’s and that should
last from one to three seconds what you what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
take the swab after the citronella gets used a day later two days later swab the
inside of the dog’s nose citronella still is in there so citronella collars
sound nice and gentle but they’re actually not they’re actually not I find
them very abusive to use plus it stinks next idea raffle free seminar I have come to
one I would love to come back to watch and learn so Robin just come as an audit
come as an audit you want to come to a free seminar tell me which one which one
you want to come let me know email me will neutering my neutering calm my dog
down he goes next week um right after the surgery it will but
after that no dog training calms your dog down so we’ve got I would say 99.9%
of the dogs that come to our training center have been desexed and guess what
they’re not calm so no dog training calms your dog down so like what we do
when you see dogs in our training center and they’re all lying down on mats and
they look bored um they all came to us like a couple days to a week earlier out
of control we just teach them how to be calm but
guess what they all can still run and play you know they all still got great
personalities but inside behavior is inside behavior be calm next when walking
your dogs do ever tell other people to correct their lunging dogs or do you
just keep quiet oh no Jeanine no no no no no no no no
no no no no I mind my business I stay in my lane nope now if your dog comes into
my space I’m gonna I’m gonna preserve my safety and the safety of my dog
I’m gonna neutralize the threat but no I mind my business I mind my business
next how to stop people from allowing their dog to approach yours even when
you firmly ask them to stop um kick the dog Carolyn everyone’s freaking out
right oh my god that’s so mean no it’s not you’re freakin rude you’re a rude
inconsiderate person that has that doesn’t give a shit about my safety my
dog safety at all and you know and you don’t know anything about the dog that
I’m walking get your fuckin dog away from my dog so I’m always polite like
I come across as this like mean guy but but I’m always very polite I’ll be polite
first but once you don’t listen to me you have to you have to up everything
you’ve got up everything so it’s like hey can you know can you keep it away
from my dog please and if they don’t then we increase voice and we get
physical why first of all animals respond really well to that and so do
dog owners next do you think there are breeds of dogs
people shouldn’t own Russell um yes I think please don’t take offense who actually I
don’t give a fuck if you take offense to this if you if you own a Malinois you
should be asking for dog training help from a pet dog trainer in my opinion
just just just in my opinion just in my opinion and most people most people that
own Malinois they should they should already belong to a sport club in my
opinion and I just had a Malinois that was owned by a wonderful woman at this
weekend seminar and she asked me for help
she’s done a great job on her own she needed tweak a couple things but when
you’re asking basic pet owning like if you’re asking basic pet obedience stuff
and you own a Mal you shouldn’t own that dog I think if you own a wolf
hybrid dog you should have incredible incredible
dog training skills already I think if you own a Tibetan Mastiff you should
have incredible dog training skills already I think if you own an Akita a
German Shepherd a Rottweiler a Doberman you should have incredible dog training
skills already that doesn’t mean you don’t need help I’m not saying you could
never ask for help but I’m saying you should have some really good
foundational skills in dog training that doesn’t you can’t for my help but if you
do I if you own Carolyn’s Jack Russell and you should have some you need to
make sure that you’re a professional dog trainer before you get that dog Carolyn
by the way myself my whole my whole team are super proud of you I want you to
know that yeah Dogos too any any of these large power breeds you need to
have some skills next I have a four-year-old male ACP no any tips for
getting a new dog introducing would you say sex matters
Melissa so you had to give a male I’d get a female I would get a female it
also depends on that your dog your dog as well as the other dog so we have a
lot of components and then it also comes on your knowledge of like introducing
dogs do you know what I mean so but if you want to talk about if you had a male start with
a female at least right there next opinion on chews like bully sticks or antlers so dear
antlers are really really good Heather no we meant the other Heather there’s another Heather reactive dog redirects from dog collar corrections
Chelsie you got it right next my puddle loved my wife more than me is this possible I
trained him and care for him and get over it and welcome to the world of of
not being appreciated life by the ones you love right welcome to the world man
sometimes sometimes all teh kids like him better I don’t do shit for them sometimes ignoring it is the best
freakin training it really is it really is I know it sucks it drives you
crazy doesn’t it doesn’t it next encountered a few off leash dogs on
our walks best advice for unwanted approaches with scared dog kick em kick
them get some bear spray or get some bear spray take your dog put your dog
behind you and take your foot and kick with intent to harm and a lot of people
are going to struggle with this and I get it but you’ve never seen a dog
killed in front of you I have you’ve never been involved in an off leash dogs
attacking your dogs I have you’ve never been screamed by someone saying my dog
is friendly meanwhile their dog its mouth is attached to your
dog’s neck I have any dog that comes within my circle is neutralized that
doesn’t mean I’m gonna kill it but I’m saying is I’m gonna do
everything I possibly can to protect my wife I’m old-school guys my wife my kids
my dogs and I actually protect my staff to the death as well because I love my
staff next how to train a reactive dog to have company over
Adelie what I want you to do is this I want you to just do a couple of things
teach the dog how to go into a crate and be quiet and teach the dog how to do the
place command those two things and that’s what and that’s what I want you
to do don’t worry about interacting and if anybody says oh putting the dog in
the crate is just management so be it now I’m not talking about putting the
dog in the crate and it can act like a total jerk it has to go in the crate and
lie down and be calm but don’t put it in another room put it actually in a crate
next can a working line GSB be a a good dog for normal family Russell depends on the skill set of the
family but yes but yes it can but but most working line GSD breeders they
might have some pet quality dogs as well but even pet quality dogs from really
strong working lines are still too much are still too much for most people so if
anything’s possible next live in city and dog friendly area with seven pound
Yorkie how to deal with untrained dogs Oh Joshua I’m not a big fan of picking
up dogs but if I owned a seven pound dog and there was a dog coming at it I’d
scoop up that dog and my foot would go out next thank you so much giving back
for sure oh thank you Carolyn Carolyn next time I want
to I want you to come in and I want to do an interview with you so I want to do
an interview testimonial I wanna do something really specific with you
because so many people followed your dog and and just just
your story is so fantastic it just really is and and so many people will be
helped by your story and it’s not about us getting more business I mean we got a
seven with waiting list you know it’s about it’s about just dogs that actually
can be helped Carolyn was her dog literally attacked
her and her husband on a daily basis and I mean it’s just such a great story next
hi Jeff and Linda Ruby is doing off leash stuff in the wee hours of the
morning with little distraction awesome awesome Gabby
um is it true dogs are friendly because a few Wolf’s have some friendly behavior
anomaly um Tom I’m not the wolf expert at all there’s some people that are
really really much more skilled about wolves the descendants of wolves the
modern dog right now is a descendant of a wolf with but that wolf doesn’t exist
there was two wolves there was two there was two different you know types of
wolves one we have now one we don’t have and they turned into turned into pretty
much dogs but don’t take my word for that talk to some expert on that
friendly dogs were you know you know friendly dogs friendly dogs were kept
alive and non friendly dogs were killed so you know I think the dogs you know the
dogs that we meet are not always friendly and that’s not because of
sometimes it’s because of genetics but it’s probably not a wolf genetic that
we’re talking about it’s just bad breeding so to answer your
question I don’t think it’s really related to wolves next what is the easiest dog you have trained what is the
easiest probably an easygoing pit bull or an easygoing lab is probably going
to be the easiest breed for us to train but the kind of training that we do we
have an easy time with a lot of dogs that doesn’t mean it’s not a lot of work
but just because we’re our skill set of our trainers and how we train with
reward and Punishment you can get some really good responses
from dogs next if a dog already 100% knows recall on leash what would you
call a training for recall look like for it oh it wouldn’t it would be it’s it’s
literally life and death um it’s literally life and death because
can your dog come off of deer that’s the question can your dog come off of a cat
if it’s chasing a cat can it spin on a dime and can it come off if your dog is
chasing deer can you call it off deer immediately like on a dime that’s what
remote collar recall looks like so not twenty dogs that are not trained on
remote can do that yes they’re out there but your average family pet dog isn’t
doing that I’m not seeing it so next my dog is afraid of the vet so be wise I
mean how often is your dog I’ve got one of my dog hates the vet I’m not
concerned he goes once every 2 years so next love what you guys do thank you for all the help you’re welcome muscle just got the e collar and prong collar in the mail okay
just got E collar and prong collar in the mail today what kind of training
should i do first Ben do the place command first get the dogs acclimated to
the tools first do the place command that’s what I would do first next
yes you guys rock oh thank you thanks Jeff and Linda everything our dog has
learned has been from your knowledge and advice so awesome thanks Josh can you
explain what dog trainers mean when I talk about a dog’s Drive
so Russell dogs Drive there’s a bunch of different drives but let’s you know
there’s there’s prey Drive there’s hunt Drive so drive is Drive can be
misinterpreted as a lot misinterpreted as a lot of things there’s defense Drive
you know I think when they talk about Drive historically in dog training
circles they’re probably looking for a high drive dog so if you’re looking for
a dog to say does odor work you want to find one that’s got like they’ll use the
ball for that to to for hunt Drive how long will the dog look for the ball how
long will they look for drugs how long will they look for explosives how long
you will they be tracking but what does Drive actually mean is it the energy let’s call let’s call it let’s call it the
willingness to work let’s just make it easy the willingness to work just to
just sort of just sort of generalize it let’s call it that next i like watching your stuff I hope you come to Florida for a seminar Ryan I do every
year I’m down in town Ellington Florida for seminar this year might it not be down
in Ellington though but I’ll do a seminar down there training tips or videos on digging holes yeah Ben
Remote collar on your dog highest-level watch your dog through a window outside
when it starts digging holes correct iy at 100 for three seconds it’s not pretty
it’s ugly it hurts the dog you know it’s okay to cause discomfort to a dog this
concept that we should never inflict pain on dog on dogs is a bunch of bullshit
because it says that then you should never hurt your dog most likely takes
their dog to the vet and last I checked vets are cutting open dogs they’re
removing the the girly parts and the boy parts from dogs they’re using sharp
blades and they’re slicing them open that’s pretty pretty painful they’re
making dogs vomit to get stuff out of them that’s horrifically disgustingly
painful to the dog so you know if you want to stop
something like dog aggression I assure you it’s not done through rewards it’s
not anytime you see a dog that is highly trained um it most likely had some
discomfort in its training next what to do if puppy is afraid of cars your puppy’s afraid of cars get it
around cars get it around cars and you can do food you can do food rewards
around cars but the dog is so afraid of won’t take food but there’s a lot of
different training what you can do is you desensitize the dog to the cars
by doing different food protocols next when should we begin structured walks with young pups recommend collar leash on pups um Belinda you can
started it like 14 15 weeks old little prong collar on the dog
next thank you for the advice sir you’re welcome
I will train slash run my dog and after a while he will get distracted by a
scent should I correct depends which if your dogs off leash having fun and it
knows recall who cares but if you’re on a leash you’re trying to walk your dog
and it’s puts its nose to the ground and is trying to pull you yes you correct
what level on e collar should I use if I catch my dog trying to escape her
crate working level 12 so don’t worry about the level so don’t look at the
remote numbers look at the dog and turn it up into the dog stops trying to get
out of its crate next all right if you’re just tuning in
hi my name is Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training you go to SolidK9Training.com you can go to RVDogTrainer.com I do seminars around the world as well
world as well last weekend we had a last weekend we had a great one in Baltimore this weekend we
have one in Providence I’ve got one coming up in Nashua Pennsylvania Elkhart Indiana two locations in Canada go ahead whatr is your opinion on GSP
I mean if you want to you know I like them to go it’d be nice I think if you
work with them for an outdoor person for an outdoor person that’d be great
we see we see mm-hmm that’s more of a Weimaraner Vizsla
sometimes we see some breeding issues in them not go really well so they’re
they’re really really nervous but German Shorthaired Pointer if you have an active
lifestyle their fine from a training standpoint they train up fine I mean from
a training standpoint they train up fine but I think you’ve got to be like why do
you want one and if you’re like hey I want cuz I’m an outdoors person great
you’re on the right track don’t trust my vet wanted to spay my dog before six months what a weirdo
she’s not even full-grown you’re right but it’s common like Jake it’s common
for dogs be spayed and neutered in like 11 to 12
weeks in the shelter systems that’s for sure next thanks so much for the
moo’s videos on patreon learned a lot oh yeah I think I put up two or three other get
one gesture for moo’s moo is you know 12 week old border collie and I put
up videos of him for the vet yesterday and then getting on the scale so next
thank you E collar starting recall place and
heel also when doing something way bad just high-level correct no I mean guys
it’s all like jumping yeah I mean it’s it’s yeah jumping and nipping you give a
correction on you know remote collar training for all your basic obedience
and I’ve got um I’ve got videos on YouTube that show you how to train
things like sit down place recall heel I’ve got videos on all that stuff and
it’s not about correcting it’s about like motivating and teaching so next how
can I train my dog to not jump off the couch or the bed first well first of all
is should your dog be on the couch or the bed that’s one thing as far as how not
to train it to get off what I would do is is if you told it to lie down then it
can’t break down and then you correct it for breaking down does that make sense
so next any general tips for socializing a two-year-old rescue that stress barks
and growls at all dogs and cats well we don’t know if it’s stress barking I
don’t know where we got that label from but let’s just call it barking let’s
not call it stress barking because that’s maybe like you know somebody
somebody probably said oh that stress barking you know it’s like whatever it’s
called barking it’s just barking your dogs barking at other dogs and cats you
you can shut the dog up through through proper punishment which would be you
know remote collar prong collar it’s not going to make the dog more afraid like
everybody tells you it is it’s like you’re being annoying shut up you know
telling your kids to shut up doesn’t mess them up
it makes them better members of society you know you know you know the people
walking down the street yelling and screaming like like have some proper
like community’s manners buddy it’s like it’s you know it’s like you’re
in public you know be a responsible citizen so same with your dog um
getting your dog to be getting your dog to be to exist around people and dogs is
the number one thing don’t worry about interacting yet next did you ever have
to recommend to a client to put a dog down oh I have so about three dogs a
year maybe tops maybe two dogs a year keep in mind we work with some of the most
dangerous dogs there is and that’s not like and that’s not an ego statement
like we work with dogs that everybody would tell them to put down like we work
with dogs I had somebody at my seminar this weekend that had a doodle dog some
doodle it was told to be put down twice was totally put down by veterinary
behaviorists you’ll know why I don’t like them because they’re scam artists
in my opinion I’ve done a hundred and thirty RV dog training seminars there is
fifteen to seventeen dogs at every single seminar this dog so that’s a lot
do the math close to what 2,000 dogs this dog was probably the easiest dog I’ve
ever had at one of my seminars and it was told to be put down by two different
veterinary behaviorists she’s already spent $10,000 on dog training and she
got more this is not ego statement at all I want
everyone to know the difference between a real fucking dog trainer and somebody
that like just like whatever teaches dogs to sit and then tells you to kill
all the rest after the first day of the this seminar the dog was better than
it’s been doing in 18 months in the dog’s life it was the easiest dog I’ve
ever worked with it was simple literally simple and I can’t say how
simple it was so anybody dog training Mike I would say probably 75% of my
clients could have trained this dog and that’s not a diss on her
that’s a diss on like my industry but it’s a big diss on the veterinary
behaviorist out there who don’t even pick up leashes I got no agenda I got
more business than I can handle I just I want society to open up
their eyes I want them to open up their eyes and stop listening to your vets and
your veterinarian behaviorists who try to give you dog training advice so yes
I’ve had to recommend owners put down dogs we deal with dog killers that
doesn’t mean you to be put down and we deal with dogs that are highly human
aggressive I’m not talking about nipping I’m talking about like putting human
beings in hospitals so at some point the relationship is destroyed between the
owner and the dog and the dog is too dangerous and there’s nowhere for the
dog to go and putting it in some sanctuary or a shelter is just
ridiculous next i have a jack russell cross escaping think it’s separation anxiety um let’s Jay let’s
just call it escaping right don’t worry about what it is because when it gets
hit by a car or it destroys itself on a crate or if it gets out of a crate and
destroys and chews something like we don’t really care why it’s just the act
of doing it so I’ve got a great separation anxiety video on my Youtube
channel start with that next you’ll need a remote collar where are you buying a house in Florida
we’re buying another one in Braden again a mile away from our existing house so
I’m at stage in my life now where I’m going to start buying more real estate
turning them into Airbnbs because your revenue stream is three to four times
higher than if you just rented them out so that’s that’s where I’m buying the
other house so it’s another 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a swimming pool
sits on 10,000 acres of 10,000 acres 10,000 square feet of property and and
probably by the end of this year we’ll be buying another one next would you permit one day audit spot for you Heather
yes for anybody else no next small house would you recommend against keeping
eight-week-old Dobby crated in our bedroom yes I would it’s not that small
Melinda get your dog out of the house get your dog out of the
bedroom next hi oh I trained my wife to be more dominant with our dog he doesn’t
listen to her as well as me Brian let me give you a tip not from you buddy and I
say that Brian with mad love to you all right I say with mad love to you and
respect all right fist bump man hug got it the worst thing we can do as guys is
tell our wives to do stuff right right so what I would do is I would get your
wife and don’t tell her to watch my show tell her about my show know what I mean tell
her about my show the worst thing you can do is also tell your wife to do
something Hunny I barely made it up here guys I am limping a little bit yeah I would bit a little
bit okay tell what about my show all right next question
GSDs trained in German command words is it better
um Russell yeah sadly I don’t know I mean maybe it’s because of you know I
wouldn’t my train my dogs in German I just did it probably because I train on
my other client dogs in English he only knows two words in German that’s not true
a lot of the commands are actually I mean a lot of people train their dogs in
French and Czech Dutch German it’s probably more it’s probably more of a
working sport thing next my dog plays with my family’s dog untill they come
into my home and then she growls at dogs and is territorial yeah that makes sense
Heidi so what I would do my dog plays with my family dogs until
he comes into my house when she grows yeah so what I would do is what I what I
would do is with the dogs come in the house no more arousal boom place in
place do that what’s the biggest mistake dog trainers make probably not being open to different training styles and as a
professional dog trainer not being good with people is the biggest mistake that
dog owners make dog trainers make if you’re not good with people
you can’t be a professional dog trainer you can but you’ll suck all right
couple more okay my dog keeps eating the couch um crate
your dog when you’re not watching your dog next I think people are moving back
to traditional training I’ve seen a lot more prong collar um I think Jake I
think people are finally catching on it the positive-only training doesn’t work
and I think that if people are looking for a healthy balance I think social
media is helping that out dramatically there’s so much free advice out there I
think um you know I’m seeing it you know I’m seeing it
so next reverse psychology us women let men think they’re in charge lol
exactly it’s I know I’m not in charge though that’s the thing all right guys
it’s 104 one hour and four minutes into the show which means it’s time to go
Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training madly in love with you this is Linda she
doesn’t work with dogs at all she does one hour a week of
stuff and this is it alright and this is it this is how you get your paycheck
alright so I got an awesome staff at the training center you can go check us out
at SolidK9Training.com you can go to RVDogtrainer.com to see
oh hey Marta I didn’t even see you there honey Marta I think we’re gonna be
coming to New Zealand did you talk to Sean about it I think um I guess you
told you you did because you told them that February is better so probably
February all right and then we’ll do Australia too
all right guys take care madly in love with you bye

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