What makes my German Shepherd goes crazy/Co sprawia, że mój Owczarek niemiecki wariuje

No! Go back on sidewalk You’re thinking good, but too early There’s a pedestrian crossing Where are you hurry You wanna do it again Good dog In this place we’re crossing this road There are signs, we can pass When are signs, then are also white stripes on the road But we’re going to viaduct We’ll again go over the express way So again Major gonna play as speed camera Yes? The doggy speed control? When you’re barking, then someone drives too fast? Yes, you slowed down, you want me to take off the leash. Wait! Stop! I’ll take it off Wait! Come here, come Come, I’ll take it off Good dog! Wait! Again the same. Always in this place How you work’s going Major, as a policeman? He can probably all day like this I’ve never checked how long he can running here I don’t wanna later carry you on my arms to home This makes Major goes crazy Running cars under us You’re also running along the fence & chasing cars when neighbors rides WOW Major doesn’t bark yet & Major Major, you’re growing up You’re running less And you stopped barking on cars For now Tired? You want water? Probably not Who’s dog also like to chasing cars behind fence or something different No, I won’t take you on leash This is very interesting film, Major Really But actually you’re running less than before & not barking Bravo you So that’s all? You know where we’re going, right? To fields So let’s go Will you chase cars here? No, you don’t wanna? Major was running near this fence once But I see, that he’s bored of this He was chasing cars there & back again Major, you’re much more elder, you’re getting older Good that you’re growing with your behaviour What did you find? So Major very likes to chasing speeding cars, but not so much as before Now you prefer to chase water splashes, balls & sticks, right? At least you can catch them, you won’t catch speeding car Oh right Let’s go We’re going to fields Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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