What is the Cheapest Grain Free Dog Food?

What is the cheapest grain free dog food? Giving the dog the fat off your steak, the
leftover liver and burnt bacon is cheap and grain free. You’re assuming I have meat leftover after
the family has eaten. All the dog gets to do is lick the skillet. Hopefully after it has cooled off. He’s tried to lick it on the way to the sink
to be washed, hot or not. Why do you want to give your dog a grain free
diet? It isn’t like he has gluten intolerance. Actually, dogs can have food allergies. And
there are people who want to return dogs back to their ancestral diet. The food allergies argument is reasonable.
It is the make my dog a pure carnivore that gets ridiculous. Dogs don’t eat grains. They’ll eat grass, sometimes. Corn and wheat can cause allergies in dogs.
And grain free recipes have more protein, which is good for a predator like a dog. Go send him outside to chase down squirrels.
They’re high protein and free. He’s not a good hunter. I’d feed him meat,
but it is expensive. Find a good local slaughter house. Buy the
organ meat like the heart, liver, lungs and tongue. That’s disgusting. Other people who feel that way won’t buy it
for dinner, so you can get it dirt cheap for your dog. I saw a cheap salmon and potato dog food at
Costco. Uh, that’s more of a natural food for cats
than dogs. Why not get Iams dog food, which has less grain than other dog foods? It’s a standard dog food brand, but it isn’t
cheap. Let the dog eat chicken carcasses, which you
can usually get for free, if he won’t eat the bones. Or get turkey heads. Or become friends with the local taxidermist
and pick up the leftovers. That’s the spirit.

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