What If The Kraken Was Real?

The Kraken is a giant monster squid from Jules
Verne’s iconic book, 20 thousand leagues under the sea. It also has its roots in fisherman’s tales
from norway and greenland. The scary thing about the kraken, is you can’t
see it coming. It waits under your boat in the dark water. Legend has it that if you start catching too
many fish, you should away row for your life, because the kraken might be under your boat,
scaring the fish so they swim up to the surface. As far as we know, the kraken is just a legend. But lets imagine for a second…if it wasn’t Today, life’s biggest questions asks. What if the Kraken was real. Hello and welcome back to life’s biggest
questions, I’m charlotte dobre. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and let
us know in the comments below a question you have always wanted to know the answer to. The first report of a kraken came from an
account written in 1180 by King Sverre of Norway. Then, In the 1850s, a large squid beak washed
up on the shores of denmark. When a danish naturalist, japes steenstrup
examined it, he announced that the kraken was real. The beak belonged to a giant squid, and he
called Architeuthis Dux. This is when scientists really began to dig
deeper in to the legend of the kraken. Could it be based on truth? or was it really
just a  fisherman’s tale? It is believed that during the dinosaur era,
squids may have been 30 meters long. Perhaps one of these specimens somehow survived
when the dinosaurs did not, and kept breeding. According to fishermen who claimed to have
seen the kraken, it was the size of a number of small islands, and its back alone seemed
to be the length of a mile and a half. Because of its size, when the kraken descends
back into the depths after sitting on the surface of the water for a time, the motion
of its sinking causes a swell in the sea that pulls everything in the vicinity down into
the depths with it. Giant squids have long tentacles that it uses
to grab its prey. Each one of these tentacles is covered in
suction cups, lined with teeth. If you get snatched by these tentacles, you
won’t be able to free yourself. Once it has you in its grasp, giant squids
take small, delicate bites. So needless to say, it would definitely suck
to be eaten by a kraken. So, for starters, If the kraken was real,
imagine what that would mean for sea travel. Sea travel was the main way to get around
until very recently, especially for the vikings. If there really was a giant squid, Nordic
people may never have invaded much of the world. The entire history of the vikings might not
have occurred. If the kraken was anything more than a sailors
legend, its unlikely any of the Americas would have been discovered until aircraft were invented.  Lets be honest, If there was a giant bloodthirsty
squid swimming around, there would be mass public hysteria surrounding it. There would no doubt be attempts to track
it down and kill it.  History would be filled with tales about epic
battles between sea monsters and brave sailors. But just because there would be attempts to
track the kraken down to ill it, that doesn’t mean those attempts would be successful. Cephalopods like squid and octopus are known
the be the most intelligent creatures in the ocean. Whats more is, they hang out in the deepest,
darkest parts of the ocean. If a kraken wanted to escape, all it would
have to do is dive down to where we mere humans couldn’t reach it. Fast forward to the modern era where there
are submarines, and world governments would want to track down the giant creature and
destroy it with deep sea missiles. On the other hand, there would also be environmental
activists and scientsts who would be against this. The kraken is an ancient, rare creature, after
all. Studying it would be of utmost importance. How could its species have survived until
the modern age? Since the discovery of the giant squid beak
in the late 1850’s, 21 species of giant squid have been discovered. It is thought that some of these squids could
reach 50 feet in length including their tentacles.  But interestingly, none of the discoveries
were rooted in an actual sighting of one of these great animals, only of a piece of them
that washed up on shore. The truth is, no one really knows how big
giant squids can grow, and they don’t really leave the deep ocean. They spend much of their time 400 to 1000
meters below, and we’ve only explored about 5 percent of the ocean. Who knows, maybe the kraken really does exist,
and its lurking in the depths somewhere. What do you would happen if the kraken turned
out to be real? Let us know in the comments below. For now, i’m charlotte dobre and you’ve
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