What If Michael Myers Fought Jason Voorhees?

Two iconic slasher supervillains. One fight to the death. Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers are two of
the most recognizable fictional murderers in the history of cinema. Both are masked, brutal killers
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actually want to hear about. Friday the 13th was actually inspired by Halloween. Friday the 13th was released 2 years after
Halloween. So if it weren’t for Michael, slasher movies
wouldn’t even exist and neither would Jason Voorhes. In their later films, both Michael myers and
Jason Voorhees appear to become immortal, so let’s assume that this fight takes place
before that happens for both of them. So before we can decide who would win in a
fight, I’m going to share what we know about each of these ruthless killers. Starting things off with Michael myers. Michael myers was introduced during the release
of Halloween in 1978. Myers is a psychopath who wears a captain
kirk mask that’s painted white. He has no sense of empathy for other humans,
and that began in childhood. He killed his own sister when he was 6 years
old, and was sent to an insane asylum to serve out a life sentence. Dr loomis believed myers is essentially the
embodiment of all evil, because there is no reason for his murderous nature. Myers confessed to his grandmother that voices
tell him to hate people. He breaks out of the hospital on Halloween
evening many years later. Myers learned to fight by watching Bonanza
during the time he spent in a psychiatric hospital. He is stealthy, strong and durable. Michael’s weapon of choice is a kitchen
knife. He’s killed 107 people. His height is 6’’1 and he weighs 205 pounds. His only weakness? Cats. Michael hates dogs, and has killed more than
a few. in the first Halloween, he kills a german shepherd. In Halloween 4, he kills a golden retriever,
in Halloween 5, he kills a Doberman. But in part 5, he spares a box of kittens. Jason Voorhees was first introduced in the
film Friday the 13th, in 1980. Jason Voohees grew up normal, he had a loving
mother and a pretty decent childhood. But when he was a kid, he went swimming with
a friend in a Crystal Lake at summer camp, and word spread that ended up drowning. His counsellors at camp did not try save him
because they were too busy essentially having an orgy. Jasons Mother pam responds to the death of
her son by slaughtering all the camp counsellors. Meanwhile, Jason hadn’t actually died, he
killed his only friend and witnesses his mother killing all his counsellors. He spends out the rest of his life in the
woods, slowly going more and more insane while he kills anyone who so happens to wander into
the woods at Camp Crystal Lake. He wears a hockey mask and wildly weilds around
a machete, but he’s also pretty strong in general. Voorhes can also stay under water for long
periods of time. He’s a brutal killer, So far, Jason voorhees
has killed around 145 people that we know of. He’s a lot bigger and stronger than Michael,
he weighs 270 pounds, he’s 6 foot 8. That being said, Voorhees has been known to
be clumsy and unintelligent, definitely not advantageous when he’s up against some serious
competition. There are a few differences between Michael
Myers an Jason Voorhees, but the main one is– Michael was born a psychopath. Jason went crazy due to a traumatic event. Because Michael is a psychopath, he has little
to no emotion. This isn’t the case for Jason Voorhees. Jason still has emotions, and he can still
feel emotions like fear. Which means that Jason is still more human
than Michael. Because he is more human, he is weaker. Unlike Jason, Michael myers kills for the
fun of it. Jason kills out of fear and self defense. Michael is also more skilled when it comes
to fighting. Jason grew up in the woods, and even though
he has killed more people than Michael myers, and he’s a lot bigger in general, he basically
just swings his machete around wildly. If he were up against someone who did know
how to fight, that’s another story. Being bigger doesn’t always mean that you’d
beat someone else in a fight. A fight between Michael and Jason would probably
go something like this. Michael myers would enter the camp crystal
lake woods chasing after a victim. He comes across Jason Voorhees, another masked
killer. Michael examines his adversary, approaching
slowly and stealthily. Jason then lunges at Michael, repeatedly while
swinging around his machete. But Michael is much more skilled at fighting
than Jason. Jason’s erratic behaviour is scary, but
definitely not effective in a setting like the woods. Michael would probably dodge Jason’s advances
and wait for Jason to make a foolish mistake, like trip on a tree branch, before he quickly
and expertly removed his head with his kitchen knife. There’s a pretty clear winner to me, and
that’s Michael Myers. Unless Jason Voorhees used a box of kittens
as a shield, I don’t see him being a match for Michael myers. Lets be honest, Halloween is still the greatest
slasher movie ever made. But did you agree with me? Did you not? Why don’t you let me know in those comments. For now, I’m charlotte dobre and you’ve
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