What Germany Could Teach America About SEX

How is sex handled differently in Germany
and the U.S.? Here’s what I’m thinking, let me know down in the comments what you’re
thinking. Hey everyone, Dana here. In both the USA and Germany there are of course
all different kinds of people with lots of different views on sex, but overall in general,
from media and movies, TV shows, the way that people talk about sex, the way that I learned
about sex, the way that sex seems to be presented and discussed and treated in the two countries,
I have noticed some differences. Specifically the fact that from my experience
in general people in Germany seem to be, like, more laid back, a lot calmer…more comfortable
when it comes to the topic of sex and sex in general. Let’s start with the fact that when I first
started dating Stefan we were hanging out one evening together at his parent’s house. I don’t really know exactly what time it
was. It was late but not that late. I think like 11:30 p.m. or so. And I’m flipping through the TV channels
when I come across a porno film. Like a legit porno film, just playing on TV. And I asked Stefan if his parents had some
kind of special TV box, if they were getting some kind of, you know, special channels that
they paid extra for. Nope, this was just one of the standard channels
in Germany and in the evening sometimes it ran pornos. Totally no big deal. Like, yeah. During the day other stuff. And in the evening sometimes pornos. In other videos I’ve also mentioned that
here in Germany people are a lot more comfortable with nudity and the naked body in general
here than in the U.S. And while being comfortable with nakedness
does not equal being comfortable with sex, definitely does not equal that, I would say
if you’re not comfortable with nakedness, if you’re not comfortable with being naked
and the naked body in general. If that, if the naked body in general makes
you uncomfortable in and of itself, if the naked body is a taboo or something to be ashamed
of, which is the feeling that I get in general in the U.S., well then it wouldn’t surprise
me if people aren’t all that comfortable in general with the topic of sex. Like I said, I’ve mentioned this in a few
other videos before, and I’ll link to some of them up in the corner and down in the description
box below, but yeah, from breastfeeding to sauna use to doctor’s visits to laying out
in the park in the summer, to naked zones in the city to advertisements to erotic magazines,
which I’ve often seen just chilling there in the gas station right out in the open next
to the other magazines here in Germany, no need to cover up the front cover or anything
like that, there is a difference in comfort-level when it comes to the naked body in Germany
and the USA, with Germany in general being more comfortable with it. Then there’s sex education. I have also mentioned this one in another
video before, talked a little bit about the horror, the absolute catastrophe that was
the sex education that I received in middle school in the U.S. Oh my God, I am lucky and
I am really glad that I had parents who I felt comfortable going home to and talking
about it with because wow, what they were teaching us in school was….not good. It was bad. All over the USA schools do give different
kinds of sex education. Some are much better than others. But a lot of schools in the U.S. teach what
is called abstinence only or abstinence-based sex education. Abstinence in this case means not having any
sex at all. So basically the “sex education” program
that I was taught at age, like, 12-13 was that the only safe sex that there was before
marriage was no sex at all. That’s what we were taught. That 100% no sex was the only safe sex before
marriage. And not just taught this, like, in passing,
but no. It was drilled into our brains. No sex is the only safe sex, no sex is the
only safe sex, no sex is the only safe sex, no sex is the only safe sex. And then we were taught about STDs, so that
in case we weren’t totally sold on the whole no sex is the only safe sex thing already,
we were then shown slides of genitals projected up onto the wall with an overhead projector,
all different kinds of STDs, and we were told that if we had sex, that would be us. That was my sex education in middle school. And yeah, in a word it was horrifying. And as I said before, sex education does range
throughout the U.S., and I have heard from some other Americans who said that they got
much better sex education in school than I did, that they had a comprehensive sex education
program at their school, but I was going to a pretty big public school in south Florida,
and this was the sex education program being taught at my school and lots of other schools
in the area. According to the CDC, and I will put a link
down in the description box below, in 2014 about fifty percent of middle schools in the
U.S. and about three-quarters of high schools were teaching sex education with an abstinence-based
program. I will also link down in the description to
findings that showed that comprehensive sex education was in fact able to improve knowledge,
change attitudes, affect outcomes and behaviors, while abstinence-based sex education was not. Please let me know in comments, did you have
abstinence only based sex education in school or a more comprehensive sex education curriculum,
what was your experience like? I’ve talked to lots of different Germans about
this topic and so far I haven’t found anyone who was taught abstinence only in schools
in Germany. And also whenever I ask Germans about this,
it really seems to me like it’s a non-topic for them. I ask about sex education and they’re like yeah, duh, of course we had sex education in school. Of course. No big deal. Whereas in the U.S. sex education is a big
deal. From my experience before being taught about
sex education in school a letter goes home to all the parents and the parents have to
sign off on their child learning about sex, and parents can and do sometimes say, like,
no I don’t want my child learning about that, and then the child doesn’t do the
sex education program. When reading some articles to prepare for
this video, and I’ll link to some down in the description box below, I learned that
actually in Germany the courts rules that parents were not allowed to stop their kids
from learning about sex education in school for any reason, also not for religious reasons. It’s part of the Schulpflicht, the compulsory
school attendance here in Germany. Whereas in America, parents can and as I said
do sometimes say no, I don’t want my child learning about sex, for whatever reason that
they have. Or, you know, no reason at all. And I have also gotten the feeling that in
Germany, again in general, in Germany people seem to be more chilled, more relaxed, I guess,
when sex is talked about at home or when something about sex comes on TV. I would say I have a really great relationship
with my parents – hi Mom and Dad! We are super close. And yet I definitely do not feel comfortable,
for example, watching a stand-up comedy show with my parents if the comedian then starts
making sex jokes. Oh my God, no. It is so uncomfortable for me. Whereas in Germany, I get the feeling that
people are, yeah, just kind of a lot more chill about something like that. Like if sex is being talked about or if something,
the topic of sex comes up on TV I just feel like here in Germany, I don’t know…people
don’t seem to get all squeamish and nervous and embarrassed about that topic. But those are just my experiences, what have
been your individual experiences with that and your general observations in the two countries? Please let me know in the comments. So my question for you is: Do you think people
are more comfortable with the topic of sex in Germany than in the U.S? What about in other countries around the world? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, maybe think about
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  • This video was unfortunately demonetized by YouTube. I think it’s important to talk about topics like this and it frustrates me that the platform demonetizes them and thereby discourages – or at the very least does not incentivize – talking about this topic. However, I actually think this just proves my point in the video! YouTube is an American company and the first line of advertisers they are trying to appease are American run companies. Perhaps if YouTube were a German company concerning itself first and foremost with German advertisers, this kind of video would not be a problem! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And with that I would like to take a moment to thank our patrons on Patreon, who help make these videos possible each week! Even when YouTube demonetizes our videos, you are there supporting us. THANK YOU! If you'd like to check out our Patreon page, head over here: https://www.patreon.com/WantedAdventure

  • abstinance only sex ed just never works
    I wouldn't even call it sex ed since you're not even thought about sex itself
    it makes the kids afraid of sex but their crazy hormonal teenage brains want to try it anyways and that's where everything goes down the drain

  • Hey, weißt du noch, welcher Sender das war? 😉
    Seriously: I've been watching German TV for ages, but I've never seen hardcore porn in free tv. In France: Yes, Canal+ (or is that pay tv?).

  • The U.S.A. is much more uptight about bareness and sex than Germany is. I think it is because among the first immigrants to America, long before the founding of the U.S.A. in the late 1700's, were very conservative religious people from Europe, who either did not feel comfortable in Europe or were actually, at least in effect, kicked out of Europe because of their conservatism. And very conservative people have continued to come to America in the centuries since then. That conservatism has been a feature of American society for a very long time.

    It does not exist to anywhere near that extent in continental Europe.

    But that also results, but not due to the conservative immigrants themselves, in the U.S.A. being much more open to guns, in part due to the second amendment to the Constitution (which was added in the late 1700's yet), and even being OK with glorifying violence in the (commercial) media, but full bareness of people or top free of women is absolutely forbidden (except when not fully available to view, and it can be commercially exploited, in other words, a paywall is ok, such as magazine, pay TV, or movie theater movie that is rated accordingly or rented from an appropriate shop).

    The social media companies even employ lots of people full-time to police their sites for posts or videos involving not allowed bareness (not using the correct term here to avoid any possibility of problem). This is because they are American and complying with American norms and laws.

    Frankly, Europeans think it is absurd that violence is ok but bareness is not (bare chest man is – but there were times when even that was not ok, look at old photos of summer beach scenes from long ago). Even simply women too bare on chest, revealing all of one side or both sides, is not allowed.

    And this causes Americans to have a very distorted view of the situation. You, Dana, say you saw a bareness movie on German TV late in the evening. No. By American standards, yes. But not by European standards. I am an American of German background and have been to Germany several times over the decades. I made the same discovery you did. German TV does broadcast movies in the late hours after children have gone to bed (and sometimes on the weekend) in which bareness is shown. I watched a few to see how far they went in terms of raunchiness. I was very pleasantly surprised – not the sort of crap that is typical of what is available in America. I never saw it done distastefully. I guess Americans would call it soft bareness. I wish people could have the kind of freedom here that I sometimes saw portrayed. But I will note the most common thing was simply bedroom scenes where they did not bother covering up getting out of bed. Not the sort of nonsense one sees on American TV where the woman always makes sure she is covered, using bedsheets if necessary (who would do that in real life?). And if the man got up, same thing. It was no big deal to see his parts.

    I think the continental Europeans have a much healthier attitude about it all – and as far as I can tell, have far less sex crime than in America.

    By the way, I had comprehensive education at my high school. I did not find out about the more restrictive version, or the permission process you talk about, until later. But given the conservatism I talked about above, I was not surprised when I did hear about it.

    And, by the way, in reference to the title of your video, I agree with you, but I do not think it will ever change. Deep conservatism is too well entrenched in America – and the conservatives are absolutely convinced that society would completely fall apart if people would loosen up a little.

  • Yes, The US is CRAZY uptight about sex! I find it ironic that the most VIOLENT movies will get an R rating, but nudity gets an NC17!! I think we've SERIOUSLY got our priorities mixed up!!!

  • Mein Schulleiter auf dem Gymnasium war ziemlich verklemmt und hat der "Anto-Aids-Kampagne" verboten Kondome auf dem Schulhof zu verteilen… Begründung: das würde die Kinder dazu anregen Sex zu haben 🤔🤦‍♀️

  • Ich habe zwar seit einigen Jahren keinen Fernseher mehr, aber das im ganz normalen Programm (ungeschnittene) Pornos gezeigt werden wäre mir neu. Erotikfilmchen, bei denen man den eigentlichen Akt nicht sieht, ja – aber harten Porno? Das kann ich mir nicht so recht vorstellen. Versteht Dana vielleicht etwas anderes unter Porno, als ich?

  • This video is great for a drinking game…everytime you say: in general…a shot and after this vid everybody is drunk as hell🤣

  • If America could finally get rid of their ridiculous religion behaviour so they can finally calm down more and head on more relaxed to absolute natural topics like sex…I mean sex is 1000 times more natural than Religion…

  • I‘m German. Of course, sex education was comprehensive, not abstinance based. Last one is simply bullshit. I mean, the claim abstinence is safe is not wrong by itself. But having the proper information is always better. And only than one can make a decision by oneself and protect oneself properly.
    But apart from that, abstinence based education ideology is because too many of these lunatic religious fundamentalists, traditionalists, and other enemies of an open and progressive society have the normative influence on all levels in the society. But this is only one half of the story. Unfortunately, there are too many people out there who are not able to use their minds on their own. Repeating without thinking what they are constantly hear thinking they would act for the good or protecting the system. And yes, those people are present in Germany as well trying constantly to influence the school system and also trying to impose their weird worldview and ideologies on all others claiming that their worldview and ideologies are the only true ones.

  • I don't think my sex ed was that great either (in Germany, NRW). I mean I'm glad it wasn't like yours, but like I didn't really learn anything. I only remember them explaining the process of how babies were made (very vaguely) and then each of us girls (girls and boys were separated) were supposed to wrap a condom over a wooden dick, which I refused since I did not want 20 other girls watching me while I do this, especially not if you're already an outsider in class. Like if this would have been done in smaller circles or even better people just do this by themselves while they're all occupied by the task, okay, but one by one was just not a good way for me. And that was all. I mean the teacher mentioned we could get STD and I think they mentioned girls should take the pill to not get pregnant, but that was all.

  • Since i#m german my education was…. well boring i guess. The days before the first lesson were filled with childish and very dirty jokes. Then the first lesson started and it was just:
    Here is how sex works, these are the risks and you can reduce the risks by x,y,z.
    That's it. Just facts about life.

    I can't wrap my head arround why you would ever teach absinence from anything as a healthy way of dealing with young people. I have yet to see a kid, that is told: "you must never do that", going on just not doing that.
    If you make it forbidden, you just make it interesting.
    Sure there might be exceptions like: "don't take a loaded gun and play with it", but you accompany that lecture with "here is how you use a gun safely and now lets try it out in an controlled environment" A lot of americans would probably agree on this one. So why would you handle sex any different, Both can end your life and both can be…fun. ;P

    Oh and one last point. There is this thing called "The Internet" and believe it or not, your kids aren't stupid. They will get access to a lot of information. So why not give it freely and honestly?

  • You have described it very good in your video. In Germany we have in school a more ore less unique sex education. It is more based on the facts. So this is in Germany for most people no big deal.

  • If I lived in the US and my kid went to school there, then I wouldn't want them to have sex ed. I'd rather teach them it at home and make sure they know everything needed rather than just. "Don't have sex or you'll get STD."

  • I had Comprehensive Sex Ed in Catholic school in the Northeastern, USA. I didn’t have my parents sign a consent either.

  • I breastfed my son with no problems in Germany, Spain, and Luxembourg. As an American, I was terrified that someone would say something like they do in American. But nope no one cared and because of that I was able to breastfeed my son until just about 2 years old. I dont know if I would have had the same experience in the US.

  • I grew up in a very liberal city in the US, however we also had to have parental consent for sex ed. In my elementary school some 4th and 5th grade classes were combined, but sex ed was first taught in 5th grade so the 4th graders in the combined classes had to leave the classroom during sex ed. I happened to be in one of those classes when I was in 4th grade, and we had to work on some other assignment. I had forgotten something in my desk so I ran back in to get it and I got in a lot of trouble for doing that because my parents hadn’t even been notified that I might hear the word sex at school… When I was in 5th grade had the proper paperwork, I got abstinence only sex ed, it was the 80s so they told us we would get AIDS if we had pre-marital sex. In middle school they told us about more STDs but still made a big deal about AIDS and never said that you can only get STDs from someone that already has it so several kids thought you would just get an STD, most likely AIDS because you had sex before marriage. In high school there was a club that would give legitimate sex ed classes to whoever wanted to learn, they had a teacher sponsoring the club who would also answer questions, but I think since it wasn’t part of our curriculum they didn’t need us to get parental consent. It’s sad that in a city known for free love in the 60s was using scare tactics about sex in the 80s-90s and maybe still is to this day.

  • Here in Italy sex ed….? What sex ed? In school? hahahahah. Unlikely. In case some brave principal decides to do something like that, there's always a group of parents in an uproar. (but we have 2 hours a week of catholic religion since first grade of course, with teachers chosen by the church, but paid by the State. Great, huh?)

  • German school, learnt mostly about the human genital anatomy and probably comdoms and the pill, and AIDS, but most of the info I learnt by talking to my mother and from reading BRAVO

  • "Big, beautiful Sex. SAD! Need my friend Stormy to teach SEX! I will build another wall! One for sex! Make sex great again!"
    – Donald Trump , President of Sex

  • a pretty interesting statistic to that topic is the teen pregnancy rate…the pregnancies per capita for 15-19 year old women in the US are 3 to 4 times as much as in Germany. That gives us at least a hint, which approach in sex-education works better 😉

  • Maybe your definition of a porno is different from mine. But I think what is shown in German free TV hardly qualifies as full on porn. I'd say it's softcore erotica at the very most.

  • Es ist erstaunlich, wie viele Besserwisser hier aus ihren Löchern kommen, wenn sie was von Pornos im Fernsehen hören. Es gibt unterschiedliche Definitionen von "Porno" und auch ein Soft-Porno ist, wie das Wort schon sagt, ein Porno. Vielleicht sollte das nächste Video sein: "USA and Germany – where are know-alls more obnoxious?" – ich fürchte allerdings, da schneiden wir Deutschen dann nicht ganz so gut ab!

  • and the education in the us about this topic tells us, that the usa are more than 100 years behind europe in their thinking. the church has to much power over education and politics. and they wont learn in the near future.

  • " People in Germany seem to be … more laid back"
    … about getting laid. 🙂

    In general, of course. 😉

  • in general it's always said Germans are a bit stiff…but my experience shows that Germans are actually quite relaxed (not only regarding sex/nudity etc) compared to Americans. If i talk to Americans I always have to be cautious which topics I talk about and make sure to avoid religion, politics, sex, ethnicity etc. it's really kind of annoying. Maybe thats the reason why Americans like to do superficial small talk with topics like holidays, weather, food, hobbies etc….which is kinda boring.

  • Dana, you look like „Yael Naim“. Here is „New Soul“(„https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hhE7QMXRE1g“) by her. In Germany was it a „One Hit Wonder“.

  • It's so funny that in almost every famous american TV shows (himym, big bang theory, scrubs, friends…) the characters talk about sex and have sex in every single episode, while they're so prude in reality.

  • I watched the entire first season of Game of Thrones with my stepmom, dad and my younger brothers. 
    People always give me weird looks when I tell them that, even in Vienna, where it is similar to Germany concerning that topic.

  • Our sex education was very open and comprehensive. We learned everything from the biology and biochemistry to sexuality to safe sex. We even had to stand in line and put a condom on a wooden phallus. We also watched a very horrifying graphic abortion film. And that's in a fairly conservative part of Germany.

  • I'm from Germany and for me, it's totally normal to be taught about sex in school. The first time I've had sex ed I was in 3rd grade and I think twice more from there on. I think especially nowadays, this topic gets even more appropriate, because kids start getting sexually interested waaaaaay earlier than older generation have. I like how we were even taught about the menstrual cycle and what was really going on in our bodies considering hormonal stuff and so on. And because that was a normal topic in biology lessons, all the guys at school also learned about those feminine problems.

  • Although I don’t agree with the parents in the US who refused to have their children attend sex education classes, I also don’t agree with “forced” sex education in Germany.

  • It seems that violence and bloodshed in films/TV-shows/games is comparable to sex. The US has a very laissez-faire attitude toward violence, but a very prude attitude toward nudity and sex. And vice versa in Germany. Looks like this can be explained with the general history of either country and how their societies developed. And that Youtube demonetized this video is just another proof of this societal rift. You should've talked about zombies biting heads off and there wouldn't have been any problems….

  • In Germany, wenn have a sheet saying "The next topic in biology class is going to be sex education. Sign the receipt confirmation". But you couldn't opt out. It isn't an Option. Here in Germany this sheet is mandatory but it doesn't give you the ability to decide.

  • I had perfectly normal sex education in public school in West Virginia. We had a class in 6th grade called "Growing and Being" which was like an introduction to sex education. Later in 8th or 9th grade we had comprehensive sex education taught in health class by an amazing female teacher. I do believe the differences between Germany and America have a lot to do with Christianity being more predominant in America and Germans being more atheist or agnostic. Biblical values call one to be modest and only show your body to your spouse.

  • I went to middle school in New York in 8th grade we had a health class we learned everything from how to put a condom on to absence to watching a women give birth to stds and drugs so I’d say my sex education was pretty good.

  • I'm convinced that the Roman-Catholic Church is a huge problem as far as Sexuality is concerned.
    So I think that countries where the Roman-catholic Church has much influence have huge problems talking about Sex.

  • 7:30 I went to school in Baden-Württemberg and we had sex education for the first time when we were in our second year. A mother of a classmate thought that it was too early for her daughter to learn about sex so she wrote a signed letter where she said that her daughter should not participate in that class. After my classmate gave the letter to our teacher said: "That's nothing your mother can decide. It's a normal topic in the curriculum and you are going to participate in class."
    I can't even imagine that a teacher could threat this topic other than any other topic you learn in school or that you need a permission for it.

  • I also had sex ed in primary school the first time. I remember that the key message was that babies grew in a womans womb, that they where born with the head at first and if not they may have to do a caesarean operation. Later in secondary school it was more the whole thing from start to end. Most of it was already known by us because of the "BRAVO". Thats a magazine for teens (but even 8 year olds read it). There are Interviews with singers, actors and other stuff. But most importanly was the category "Dr. Sommer". In this part of the magazine all questions about sex and other problems where solved. There where also full nude photos and interviews with a male and a female volunteer (age: 14+) who applied for that "shooting". So you learned that differnt people have different bodies. Sadly the quality of the magazine seems to be worser today.

    Greetings from Germany

  • It is crazy if you compare, in Germany (and almost all of Europe) it is no Problem to show nudity in any kind of media including full frontal nudity and sex (as long as it is not hardcore porn), even during daytime TV Shows, but violence in media is restricted to the point of banning it. I think this is how it should be. Everybody has a naked Body and 50% are female and have nipples, so showing that is no big deal and nothing anyone here would give a s.. about. The famous Nipple gate (Jeannet Jackson wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl) would not even be newsworthy maybe shown in the morning show with a funny comment. Here nudity can even be shown in kids Programs without any Problem. Violence on the other Hand is restricted and will result in a movie being nc16 or nc18 or even (indiziert). Any kind of extreme violence can only be shown on TV past 22:00 if at all and even then it will be censored most of the time. So here sex and nudity are considered normal and violence is considered not normal. In the US it's the other way round.

  • I had sex ed twice in school, class 2 or 3 (more focused on female/ male body differences) and later in class 7 or 8 again. Of course different approaches and the second time being more detailed – especially when it comes to the act of sex and contraceptives. I mean for kids it is a lot of giggling in those classes, but it was good, because you could ask questions and got answers without your Mum or Dad putting their opinion on it (important in very religious families). I even had one day of sex education in confirmation class, so in CHURCH! It was a theme day about AIDS but nevertheless. The lady there made us try to put condoms on wooden penises to show us how to handle them correctly.
    Yet everyone has different levels of shame. I have a very good friend who can't really talk about sex openly. You can see she is clearly uncomfortable with that topic. With other close friends, female and male, I can easily chat away about absolutely everything, some give away more of their bedroom stories, some less, but talking about it in general is just fine and not a big deal. Important is to respect each level of shame. You don't wanna talk about it, okay, let's talk about something else! Nothing wrong about that as well!
    Little addition: I just feel uncomfortable watching sex scenes around my family when I suggested the movie and there is way more sex than I expected 😀 😀 😀 I mean the standard sex scenes are mostly lame and don't show anything, we make fun of those together. But if the movie turns out really hot and juicy, then I get uncomfortable as well (around my parents) 😀 😀 😀

  • That was not a porno dana ^^ in germany those movies are called erotic movies. You can see naked bodies, but not pornographic stuff like erected penises. That'd be a porno (stuff I think you Americans'd refer to as hardcore porn)

  • That is crazy, When I was in third grade is when my sex education started and it was pretty detailed to say the least. Everything you wanted to know and and more. This was in Texas BTW.

  • I just went to Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg in the fall and it was the first time going since the 90s. In Paris I came to discover Parisians are suuuuuper fond of PDA…good for them. Someone should be getting laid if its not me. LOL. Also…there is an astounding amount of Condom Machines in Paris. I would love to see some analytical data on unwanted/accidental pregnancies in Paris vs other large cities across the world vs the ready-access to condoms.

    When I finally got to my friends house in Germany I dealt with terrible jetlag. I would black out at around 9 or 10 and then wake up at around 1 or 2 and be wide awake. So the second or third night of this I flipped on the television and discovered Sport 1 plays soft core porn and impressively graphic phone sex commercials in the middle of the night. You havent lived till you have been up at 3 am watching "Sexy Ping pong" and taking pictures of the television and texting them to your American friends. Then getting texts back…"WTF Mara???" The best part of jetlag was Sport 1 and their ridiculous late night offerings!!

  • The strangest part about that isnt even that at least part of America gives their teens the mental chastity belt. While it is silly, you can see why some people (especially in the bible belt) would deem that reasonable ( it is not). Fact however is, that it simply doesnt work: Most of the traditionally conservative and religious states (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississipi, Alabama) have consistantly higher teenage pregnanciy rates than liberal and progressive states especially in New England. The only exceptions to that seem to be DC and California ( which isnt all that surprising). And i am not talking about teen BIRTHS – i am talking about unwanted pregnancies.

  • That's why I love the US in this regard, more Christian, valuing the meaning of sex, rather than just using your body for sexual gratification like in Europe, I'll have to unfortunately now deal with that raising my kids in Germany

  • The only thing I complain about German sex ed that they skip the social and economic aspects of sexuality: loyalty, bondage, mutual responsability, getting married or not?, why divorce or not?, abortion, legal issues, how do other cultures and countries deal with conflicts etc. etc. In Germany, you can sometimes get the impression that public sex ed is sex ad, sponsored by the rubber-processing industry.

  • well … infact, the only safe sex is truely no sex …. cuz e.g. sex without kissing is..well.. bluntly boring and mechanical. but with just kissing, it is not safe anymore, you already can transfer Clamydia, or Gonorrhea, or Syphilis. Risk rates are low, and only if one has had his infection inside the oral cavity, but as long as "there is a chance of…" u can not call it safe — in short there are situations where a condom does barely help, or do you put it over your entire head?^^

  • In Maryland in…1999? in my high school, it was a fairly comprehensive sex ed. The teacher definitely emphasized that no sex was the SAFEST sex, but we also learned about condoms, etc. And we did have a letter our parents had to sign.

  • Calm down people, german TV does not broadcast real porn. They show erotic movies with naked bodies but no genitals. Just buts and breast x).

  • As an American in Germany, I agree with all of this. Especially being from the Bible Belt in Texas I have always learned the abstinence approach. I joke with my German boyfriend about how he was the first one to give me a sex ed talk

  • So you basically are not "sex-educated" in america at all if you are unlucky?

    To answer your question at the end: I was taught pretty calmly about it – in school as well as at home. I am still "abstinent" because I just didn't find the right guy yet. And the fact that I was able to make this chouice on my own I think is a good thing.

  • Would you watch game of thrones with your parents? I did, I'm from Germany and already in my twenties, but yeah, it really wasn't that uncomfortable although some scenes are quite… intense

  • Sex and the human body is not so much “taboo” or “something to be ashamed of” but rather something way more special that is to be treated with greater modesty and respect than it is given too often in the media and movies. The human body is a wonderful gift given by God, and “a temple of the Lord”.
    So liberal sexuality is not necessarily progress.

  • There are no legit porno films on German free TV. They're softerotic movies. At one time I was very surprised to see a TV channel broadcasting a legit porno, but then I realized they had cut out all explicit scenes and basically turned it into a softerotic movie, although the oroginal was a legit hardcore flick.

  • it sucks how taboo it is in tge us people are felling ashamed and teen pregnancy and stds are high in the us becuse people arnt getting the right education its really bad if u live in a religous household sadly becuse of that i didint get sex ed i just got the basics from mom and learned the internet from creeps yeah thx mom for not teaching me how to be safe

  • USA the Home of the Brave and the Free😂
    Even when I visited Canada something like this happened: They showed me a lake in the middle of nowhere in the woods. No other Person seen for miles and miles. And they told me how wonderful is to swim in this lake. So I put my pants of, in order to go swimming. They really freaked: Oh no, you can't do that!!! They will arrest you. !

  • Fun Fact….Porn Stats: Which Country Produces And Hosts The Most Porn?Well, to keep things simple, it comes from the United States.

  • The US school system that I was in as a kid taught abstinence in about 4th grade (9-10 yrs old) than in high school they taught safe sex. Now, my school was probably a lot different to most others in the US, my school had a preschool/daycare for the students children and had a 70% drop out rate for its students. The daycare and safe sex education was there to help decrease teen pregnancy and the daycare to lower the drop out rate.

  • Ich denke in Deutschland wird das Thema „Sex“ einfach etwas rationaler angegangen. In meiner Schule fand zB die sexuelle Aufklärung auf rein biologischer Ebene statt.

  • I went to a Roman Catholic girls' high school on the East Coast of the US and we were given a fairly comprehensive sex education class. The teacher, a former nun who is now married with children (and was then) told us about all the different forms of birth control and why the Church objected to them and how abstinence was the preferred way to go, but still, we got the information that we needed. Some parents wanted their daughters to be excused from sex ed, so that was an option (a stupid option in my opinion). The underlying message was, "Don't have sex but if you do, use birth control." Sex ed was part of a larger, and again, optional Marriage and Family Living class. I think we were juniors (grade 11, 16-17 years old) when this was offered.

  • Ja wir deutschen Vögel halt GERNE!da alle deutschen Vögel,können auch alle offen damit umgehen … Amerikaner haben alle 3oder 4 Kanonen daheim, deshalb schiesse sie alle auch gut ! Wie ich mal gelesen habe da 30.000 tote durch Schusswaffe jedes Jahr,,,, DAS ISTAUCH DAS EINZIGSTE WAS ICH AN DEN USA KRITISIERE !Hallo liebe Amerikaner, weniger schiesse mehr Vögel,,,das ja macht gute Laune . Dann will man auch niemanden erschiessen

  • We were offered here, in America, sex ed in middle school. i dont remember what grade. but my parents did say NO on taking the course, so i was put into a "recess" class while all the other students went to this couse.

  • Interesting. I'm a New Zealander living in Germany, and I would say that Germany is MORE open about nudity but LESS open about sex than my home country. OK, I wouldn't want to watch something on TV about sex with my parents, but my German partner wouldn't want to do that with his parents either. It's no surprise that the USA is more prudish though.

  • I don't watch TV anymore. But are there really porn movies on German Free TV? I don't think so. And cosuming pornography has nothing to do with being laid back when it comes to sex. I would rather say the opposite is true.

  • You are absolutely right. In my eyes, giving mandatory abstinence only sexed leads to more rape and misuse, as the kids do not know what is nice about sex and what is bad. one could nearly say it is only useful to dirty old man.
    we also have bad influences by immigrants in germany, who mistake religion for culture. nobody wants to enforce freedom of sex life to them. contrary, their bad vision of liberal life sues anyone living freely as being a potential rapist, which is totally wrong, as not freedom leads to misuse but unfree circumstances.

  • FWIW: I was born and raised and live in the USA. I have NO problem with nudity {or women breast feeding}.

    I am naked as I watch this at home, but don't worry – I won't demonstrate. 😊

  • FWIW: I was born and raised and live in the USA. I have NO problem with nudity {or women breast feeding}.

    I am naked as I watch this at home, but don't worry – I won't demonstrate. 😊

  • You haven’t seen real porn, if you think this was porn! It’s called “Soft Porno”- you won’t see a real porn on tv, not even in Germany! 😉 I totally agree with you: Germans are much more at ease talking about sex than most Americans. Especially the women!

  • I grew up in Ohio and it was by no means sex-positive but we did not have an abstinence based sex education.

  • Sexuality should absolutely be considered normal everywhere.
    Sexualität sollte überall als normal angesehen werden.

  • A few years ago I switched through the channels in Germany one evening and when I arrived at Arte there was an ejaculation fully zoomed in. Apparently that was some kind of artsy movie and being art there was no issue with it and it was allowed by law. That came (pun intended) as a huge surprise to me.

    We not only had sex education, we also had a few teachers who would pick up current sexual topics and talk to us about it, even told us about their personal experiences and were willing to answer questions if there was a need to. Like, one teacher talked us through all the options we had about birth control, and I mean actually all of them. Like IUD devices, what the process is, even if there was a difference in the actual sex afterwards. They also told us that if there was any pressing topic we should tell them and they would make that the lesson's content and would leave the curriculum be whatever it may be for that day. And they did. Given that that was roughly 30 years ago, I think they did a fantastic job. They talked with us about homosexuality, bisexuality, everything. And I'm not talking about our biology/sex ed teacher only, I'm talking about our English teacher, our German teacher and others. Everybody was dedicated to making us as informed as possible in all relevant topics, so we could go on and live our lives well prepared. I've even written a thank you mail years later to our most dedicated teacher of them all, who really went to great length to help us on our way.

  • In my school as a freshman you HAD TO learn about sex and things like that. There was no choice in my school. The state I live in requires all freshman to learn that stuff.

  • Nudity's been no big deal in Europe, especially France, Germany and Sweden, for decades. I had a high school sex ed class back in the late 1980s and while it wasn't abstinence-based in the least, I don't think the teacher knew so much about the subject either. A group of guys asked if pouring Coke in a women's VJJ would prevent pregnancy if the guy had let one slip past the goalie, and the teacher said he believed it would. While we Gen Xers got better sex education than the following generations, it still wasn't that good.

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