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Hi, I’m Ang Rogers. Welcome to
my sweet digs. Before you come in, make sure
to subscribe below. I live in Bed Sty, Brooklyn with
my husband Rahsaan, my daughter Grey and our other daughter, our
French Bulldog Sophie. Our rent is $2700 a month,
and it’s actually really inexpensive for this
area. My husband and I lived down
the street for about six years. Our family was growing. We saw the apartment on
Street Easy. I realized it was about 20 feet
from our old apartment, so I checked it out and I just basically rented it
on the spot. What really drew me to this
apartment was one, the 12 foot ceilings. My husband is actually
six four so anything lower than that
feels extremely small. I also really love the
bay windows. It just allowed us to kind of
maximize our space. And it feels like nothing we’ve
personally seen in the city. So this is our kitchen. It’s definitely small but
mighty. Because we have tall
ceilings, we have space above the cabinets, so we
store things like our blender and our crockpot. The issue with that is that
if I wanna make something in the crockpot and my
husband has already gone to work, I can’t do it because I’m not
tall enough to reach. I would say the worst part
about our kitchen is the fact that we do not have a
dishwasher which wasn’t a big deal until we had
a child. And when that happened and I
had to wash ten bottles a day, it’s not
really ideal. This is our living room. I would describe my homestyle
as kinda very natural tones, very minimal, very clean. I like a lot of vintage
inspired pieces, so you’ll see a lot of that
around my apartment. I honestly found most of my
furniture between the Brooklyn Flea and
Housing Works. I do a lot of like thrift
shopping. That’s where I find you know
kind of the nicest things for your buck. Some of my favorite items in
my living room – I have a cute little stool that I put
coffee table books on that I found at The Flea. We also found a really great
dresser that my husband actually uses
it to store some of his extra clothes that don’t fit in
his closet. But we also use it to store his
DJ equipment and sometimes at night when
we’re cooking dinner he likes to DJ and our daughter
really loves that as well. So it’s kind of a little family
tradition that we have in the evenings. Clearly I have a love for
black and white because my bathroom is
basically very plain, very simple as well, just like
the rest of my apartment. We found this great towel rack
at CB2 which is huge when your
bathroom is this tiny. We also have these great
little hooks from Anthropologie which have the
initials of our names so an A for Ang, an R for Rahsaan,
and a G for Grey. And it really helps keep a small
bathroom organized. Those are really the things that
I love about the space. In my next apartment, I would
love a separate shower and bathtub. In New York, that
may not be possible but I’m going to put that on my
wish list. Another thing I would love is
two separate sinks because my husband and I
often fight over the one sink that we have. So it would be nice to have a
couple, so we could have our own. And I think other than that, those
are the only things I would really change. This is our bedroom. What I really like about our
bedroom is that it’s super minimal, super clean. I have like no photos on the wall,
I just want it to be very, very serene. What I love the most is really our
chandelier. The chandelier for me was a
really big splurge. It’s one of those things where
you know living in Brooklyn it’s like do you need a
chandelier, probably not. We got it because it felt like it
brought the space to life and it didn’t feel as cookie cutter. And two I love our closet
space. We actually have a lot of
storage in this apartment. It was one of the things that
actually drew us to this space. Inside the bay window you will
find my daughter’s swing. It’s in the window because
realistically that was the only place for us to put it
in the apartment that had enough space. But it’s also nice to just have
a spot for her when we’re just hanging
out in our bedroom. My husband Rahsaan and I
met about seven years ago through mutual friends in
the city. He saw a photo of me in a
friend’s phone and he told him to introduce
him to me. And at the time he was like,
“Don’t set it up. I don’t want it to be awkward.” So I was at a party and he
literally just walked up to me and told me he was there to
meet me. And we’ve essentially been
together ever since. And this is our nursery. Grey’s room is basically
kind of like a neutral palatte. A lot of the things that I wanted to
highlight in her room were over her crib. There’s pictures of my mother
and my grandmother and my husband’s mother and
his grandmother and my great grandmother. And it’s really just about having
those you know beautiful Black inspiring women who are
constantly looking down at her. This is actually my favorite room in the apartment. When we were looking for
apartments, we definitely wanted a space that gave us
enough room for Grey to grow from obviously not
just a baby but to eventually a toddler. So it was important for us
to find two bedrooms and really have the space for her to
crawl and then to walk eventually. Especially if one day we have
a second child. TBD. Thank you for watching. To watch more, click here. To subscribe to Refinery29,
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