Wednesday’s Child Success Story: Steven’s Family!

It may have been love at first sight for Valerie
and Joey Kline when they saw flyer about Steven and their hearts were certain when they saw
Steven’s Wednesday’s Child video. We both just knew right away that Steven was
the one that we wanted to meet. We showed the Wednesday’s Child video to
everyone. I watched that every week. And he was out there having fun, and just
saw how happy he can be. The video showed Steven playing in a park
and that was the setting of their first meeting. We said “Hello” to Steven, and he said
“Are you guys here for me?” and we’re like, “Yeah, we’re here for you.” Yes, I do remember that. You know, just ‘cause he wasn’t- he wasn’t
sure. It kind-a tugged at my heartstrings because
we know that he had been let down before. He really didn’t want to believe that he
might be going to our home. When he felt that it was gonna be a for sure
forever family for him, I remember days before the adoption, that’s all he would just-
random strangers, he’d be like, “I’m getting adopted in a week!” Given everything that Steven’s been through,
you would think that he would be jaded to opening up to people, to going through the
process, but I can honestly say through it all, he wasn’t. He was open and ready for love, and I think
that’s really kind of what made this all a happy ending. A child ready for love and adults ready to
commit to the happiness of a child. What makes me happy now is my family, because
they love me, and they take care of me a lot.

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