We Got A Puppy | Everyone, Meet Hemi!

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel I am my studio but we’re not going to be staying in the studio for
long because we actually have a little guest coming and oh it’s I’m so so
excited so so excited and I’m actually gonna show you some of the things that
we’ve got she arrives tomorrow oh my god I’m so excited and this video is not
going to be up until after we have our new little friend that’s going to be
living with us because we’re surprising a lot of people we’re going to be doing
some video calls as well to people on the day we actually get our little
fluffy friend and the reason why we have not told anyone is because we wanted to
be a surprise there is my mum that does actually know
because I really wanted to tell her and she doesn’t really come over to the
house much we don’t really see her a huge amount so I just wanted to let her
know obviously my brother knows because the same thing I don’t see him too often
so I wanted to let him know for dads family nobody knows and we can pick her
up tomorrow I’m so excited I’m so so excited we’ve been waiting two weeks to
pick her up I just I really need to show you some of the stuff that we have
actually got for up because it’s just so damn cute oh but if you are new to the
channel do feel free to subscribe down below and click the notification bells
so that you know every time I upload a new video
so what I’m going to do now is I’m going to show you her stuff because I’m just
so so so excited hello and welcome to the floor in my studio but I am actually
gonna take you through some of the bits that may actually have got the puppy I’m
so excited and I can’t wait oh my god I was so excited
but I got to lots of toys so I got a pack of like soft toys and then I got a
pack of like tough toys and I got them off eBay because like the a 10 quid
no you cannot go wrong and I know she’s gonna destroy them so I didn’t really
want anything too expensive there’s over two toys so we’ve got some
Angry Birds which my mom actually got up so she has got some Angry Birds and
which you know look what puppy doesn’t want to play Angry that is really and
then she’s got some little soft squeaky toy which good good joke which is so
cool all of these are squeaky like she’s got mushroom the things that I didn’t
like that actually came in this pack though and I think I’m just gonna throw
them away it’s like there’s a baby rattle and a baby bottle and right now
um that’s weird that’s really weird I’m not keen on that
but there’s donor it’s so cool so cool and then she’s got
like a ham which is just awesome that’s a squeaker as well so she’ll get that
far and what else did we get oh look at the banana oh then she’s got an egg plan
which is it’s got a squeeze on top she’s got a little eggplants and wrinkles
wrinkles weeks and one strawberry cuz like what girl doesn’t like strawberries
you know and then she’s gone oh this this is my favorite this is my favorite
out although cute camera is it’s so cute so dude I’m getting too excited about it
and then what I’m alone so like I want to train her to be the sort of dog
they’re like if someone comes over she’ll run in whatever toy out of a box
and then she will take it over to Evers come over and I really hope whenever my
brother come things off she picks up the one
Malone because that’s just my brother all over
we did get some like tough toys to like burn so you can get this one ah but
that’s one of the tough ties got that one look falling on the ends and swing
it she can’t oh because she likes balls you know she’s a girl you know go figure
girls hearts balls you know – and she’s got em this little tough one this one
which I think she’s gonna absolutely love this because that would be nice
when she’s teething so we’ll just have to watch that in case of splinters and
stuff like that and then this one which I hope he’s gonna master until she’s
about 1 but I doubt it very much but yeah that’s a real nice tough one like
that so he died and then it’s good frisbee weight on it think it’s gonna
bust her especially that big knot that’s gonna be gone in it and I bet honest
think she’s gonna sit on that she likes on fellas so I think she’ll pop a little
boom on it and be like this man that’s gonna be destroyed I just know it first
week destroyed one thing which i think is really cool is they’re so Dan’s
friends watse doesn’t know we’re getting puppy and he gave was this little poo
toy cushion thing a while ago and I was thinking you know what so Dan used to
have a dog called Benson and he passed away a few years ago and what seat was
Benson’s favorite toy like he was just it was his favourite they looked each of
its pieces so I think it’s only right that the poo from what scene is in
Penny’s toy box because I think to be honest this is probably going to be one
of her favorite toys it really is and oh yeah so he’s he lives in here
he’s Hemis and then we went pets at home because we thought we need poles eat up
all the food we need to leave who need a collar etc etc and I found the cats over
there on my desk and he likes crunchy things
he likes sitting on bags squeaker in the head
oh my god Dunn’s gonna hate me so much – squeaks in it I saw this and it was
expensive but I thought today what she needs a roadkill squirrel and I’m I say
she’s gotta kill squirrel I hope she faces that I don’t think she’ll play
with it as much but I think Hugo will probably end up sitting on it
because he likes pretty things so these things in my little toy box oh we got
Ridley cook dog collar and everything is orange for this little girl this dog
collar is actually by doodle baby and is really really nice sturdy thick collar
it’s really good so if you’re looking for a little collar dude wait because I
really like this but the reason why everything that we’ve got is orange lead
in the lead so we’ve got a little lead that’s also
doodle bone too is because this little girl has already got a name and we call
them that penny and if any of you guys that watch this actually know anything
about me I love my American cars I always have I’ve always had one at some
point in my life since I was probably about 19 20
so I’m a massive American car fan and me and Dan have always said
you know if we get a female puppy we’re gonna call her Hemi and if we get a male
copied or called a magnum because Dan is also in for his American cars but he
likes Dodge I’m a Chevy girl personally but you know I can deal with a Dodge
Charger you know I wouldn’t say no to one pretty much like him I cheat on
Chevy for a Dodge Charger you know go figure but yes so our little girl is
called Hemi and the Hemi v8 engines are actually orange so you thought we’d be
so if we go for orange it just kind of makes sense
there are leads and then this is so cute we got a harness but it’s not a bonus
it’s an under harness so we can flip a lead to that and that’s how it works and
this is actually a three peaks one I thought this at the same time three kill
square off from pizza home and it is fully reflective and it’s perfect for
walking as well so it’s three-peat really good it’s small cuz she’s a
prophet but we want to train her to walk on a harness because a lot of bigger
dogs are actually better to control when they’re actually on a harness and a lot
easier to walk when you want a harness so we’re gonna get the used to that and
it was actually a bargain it was 14 pounds down to 10 pounds
can’t complain so we got our little harness we’ve got or heavy in this
little box but now I actually gonna take it over to the bedroom because we have a
cage in there and she’s just used to being in a cage at the minute with her
brothers so we thought it probably a bit more comfortable for her to be in a cage
while she’s here at the moment so she doesn’t shoe stuff and that was actually
off next week but we’ve got up so he can start doing some house training or
whatnot with her as well but I’m gonna show you that and then I’m gonna take
downstairs and show you some of the so this is homies cage which is massive
look at it you can fit me in here but yes this is really cool I love it
always got blanket on the bottom and she’s got some toys in here as well I
see so she’s got another little chewy thing nice she’s got another carrot yay
she’s got a ball so she’s got a ball in here just like that and bird piss you
know he’s gonna like them and she’s got a sandal so it’s probably going to be my
fault if she ends up cheering our shoes but she has a little juice sandal and
then we got a little puppy bed and that’s change around but this was
actually from ebay so I’ve got this from eBay I think this was wrongful and this
is a small little puppy bed so that’s and then this blanket that I’ve got on
the floor is there something that Hugo actually slept on for a while and I
thought you know what they do say that puppies and that should kind of not be
with one another too often they need to kind of get used to each other smells
and bits and pieces and this that and the other
I figured that if this is in her cage then she’ll kind of get used to the
smell of Hugo and used to him being around so hopefully she whipped your
some lonely I just need something for Hugo to sit on downstairs that he’s
gonna get used to heavy smell weirdly enough I’ve got a video of Hemme
on my phone and every now and again I’ll show you here though and he’s like
watching it like oh well see what this and then you’ll start pairing and I’m
like what what he was such a strange strange
cat but maybe that’s a good thing maybe it means he’s gonna love it to pieces
straight off but I don’t know we’ll see but yes this is a cage and this is where
Penny’s going to be going to sleep with this in the first instance but now I’m
actually gonna take downstairs and I will just show you a couple of other
things that we’ve got for her and then when we come back after that ah ah so
this is heavy stuff that we’ve got downstairs at the minute so we’ve got
this giant dog’s bed which you can turn it around
and this was actually for my mum’s donkeys so one of the reasons why we
actually told my mom that we were getting a pup is because we needed
another big doggie bed downstairs so this should last her forever
if it doesn’t there is something wrong but hopefully she will like this it’s so
comfy like it sleep on this myself and also I got us some foals and it’s like a
non-slip tray so it’s like a spillage tray so if you spill anything
it’s go on there anyway they’re so cute these are actually from Costco it all
comes in a set I’ve got a good non-slip one but yes they do come in a set the
only thing I’m really disappointed about so that they’re dishwasher safe which
they will find in the dishwasher but this paint on this isn’t dishwasher safe
so as you can see not very good and much is quite a lot and all the little
bones have come off with it or around it so I’m not very impressed with that and
also the stickers that they put you know you put sticking on the other side that
was an absolute nightmare to get off and it’s still sticky so I’ve gotta wash it
again but anyway I think that’s a cute little set it’s non-slip and it’s just
gonna be really cool and then we’ve got some extra large
absorbent pads or Bobby and I think that’s the pads that we’ve got up and
apparently they work in the same way as nothing so bite they’re super super
absorbent addiction thorns carpet so she is parties running to a point but we’re
going to be doing a bit more potty training with her and getting to go to
the patio door she wants to go out if you’ve seen one of my other videos
it will mention that we’re actually broken into so we are on lockdown with
the back door that is going to be non removable so and then down actually got
some from one of you work colleagues and they came into work and Dunn’s pee pads
was on it extra we need it we actually won’t that’s everything that we’ve got
at the minute or Hemi we should be going out shopping a little bit later we’re
gonna go get all of the pet food and anything else and feel she might need to
make a bit more complete obviously the cat is gonna be a massive help because
he’s I think I think you go will be fine I hope he’s gonna be fine he’s following
me everywhere at the minute and for the last week he’s just been boom he’s like
the least pussy cat but he’s been with me for like the entire week he’s not
wanted to leave my side but yes I think hopefully she’s gonna really love been
here all I’ve got to do is just some tidying up and probably proof the house
which is really on and then we’ll be picking her up tomorrow so I’m really
really excited and I will be back with my bhabhi Hemme
Hemi did you find a pun so everybody this is Hemi sorry we didn’t actually yo
record this when she was a little bit younger had a lot of stuff going on and
trainer and everything’s have been a little bit crazy but yes she is now 11
week she turned eleven weeks yesterday and he’s growing phenomenally she’s huge
she’s got cute paws and there’s huge fluffy paws and she likes to buy
everything so we do have a little teething toys that she’s got she does
have a couple of extra ones like great big giant blue-eyed doughnut so that she
can use for teething but yeah this is I will put there Hemi and even though
she’s a boggle bomb as you can see we want to swap well she’s awesome
oh yeah a key crazy dog easy crazy dog so yeah guys everything for this video
if you do and I kick do feel free to give us a great big thumbs up and be
really appreciated and obviously if you love having give it a thumbs up so if
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bar so that you know every time I upload a new video but thank you so much guys
for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you the next one bye full movie scheduling I’m gonna cook
tonight hungry look at her

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