Joey: welcome to the family! | Daniel: welcome to the family sweet girl! Joey: ah, good day everyone and welcome to today’s video, Joey: where something crazy could potentially be happening right now! Joey: so, I got a text from one of my friends saying Joey: that they found this adorable, cute bi eyed puppy, Joey: which means it has two different coloured eyes Joey: that’s being fostered right now and needs a home, so… Joey: we’re gonna go check and see if its the right fit! Joey: were gonna go see, (laughs) this puppy Joey: and its always so hard, because once you see a puppy in person it’s almost Joey: impossible to not take it home with you, but since we already have two dogs Joey: it’s so important we make a, like… very strong decision on if it’s the right fit or not because, obviously we care so much about our puppies we have right now, Joey: Wolf and Storm Daniel: A unified decision! Joey: A unified Joey: So, we’re gonna make the decision once we see him, it’s just gonna be so hard! Joey: What do you think’s going to happen? Daniel: Well I… oh! hold on! Joey: Oh! Okay, bye Daniel: I brought my, I’m bringing, you guys know I have a dad bag with me! | Joey: Oh, just in case! Daniel: I have treats and I have a little toy, this is a husky! Joey: Aweeeee! 😍 Daniel: So will see! Bringing it just in case! Joey: I’m so sad, Okay! So, let’s go track on over! It’s like, 40 minuets away so, we’re gonna go get in the car and drive down, and we’ll see what happens! Joey: Now, do you think you need a sister? Wolf : Uh…. WHAT THE HELL GUURL? Daniel: He’s not even looking at you, he’s looking at me… | Joey: I know, wolfie, do you want a sister? Daniel: Do you want a sister Wolfie? Wolf: Uh… maybe… I kind of like- Daniel: Look at his nails, we can paint your sister’s | Joey: I know still has his nails on from the last video! 😂 Joey: Um, Wolfie we might come back with a little sister for you! So just beware, you have to be a big brother again, ok. Daniel: You wanna go outside? Wolf: Yeah! | Daniel: Come on, come outside! Wolf: No 😑, it’s to hot! Daniel: Alright guys, so we have something to show you! Joey: Uh Oh! Daniel: Hi baby! | Joey: Welcome to the family! | Daniel: Welcome to the family sweet girl! 😘 | Joey: Oh My Gosh! Joey: You’re cute! | Daniel: What’s your name? Joey: We don’t have a name for you yet! Daniel: Oh give daddy kisses! Oh is she nuzzling you? Joey: Right when I saw her, she was smaller than I ever imagined, like she, the pictures did not do her justice, and when I saw her in there I was like “Oh my gosh, she’s a little mouse! Daniel: and her sister was with her, and her sister was rescued today! | Joey: Yup! | Daniel: And she was all alone- Joey: And we got you! | Daniel: Are you gonna like your family? | Joey: You’re our 3rd puppy! Daniel: You’re a little girl! Joey: She’s sweet, look at her eyes ❤️ | Daniel: I’ve never seen a eye that blue! Joey: I think Wolf and Storm had really blue eyes when they were younger and it gets lighter… Oh my gosh, her little brown paws Daniel: Hi buddy! Daniel: Alright, well we’re gonna take you home now! Joey: I think we need to take her to the vet first so she can get her shots, she’s sleepy, you had a little tinkle there didn’t you? Daniel: Look at those little teeth! Daniel: Alright we’ll check in later guys! Joey: She’s sleeping! She’s a sleepy girl Joey: Oh wolfie! You wanna sniff her? Joey: You’re gonna be the best big brother ever! Joey: What’s going on you two? Joey: Look at the curled tail! | Daniel: She’s scared Daniel: She wants to pee, I think Joey: Awe wolfie, you’re such a good boy! Joey: Oh! Are you kissing the camera? Joey: wolfie she has the same kind of eyes as you! Joey: No peeing on the rugs little girl! Daniel: So what’s going on over here? Daniel: That’s not nice! Joey: Yes, we love you both ❤️ Joey: Stormy, you’re up next bud, we just have to do one at a time Joey: Okay! Moment of truth! Storm, who was, he’s like are terra child Joey: Uh oh, they’re fighting for dominance Daniel: He’s saying stop Daniel: That didn’t happen with wolf | Joey: I think she knows he’s alpha Joey: She knows! It’s so crazy they can tell! Daniel: Does that mean she said she’s the alpha? Joey: He’s all rowelled up, he’s like, what’s going on? Joey: Oh my god, that scared me! His back is up- Daniel: Wolf is saying stop! Joey: This is so interesting! Joey: He doesn’t know what to do, he’s freaking out! Daniel: Hi sweet girl! Welcome to the family Daniel: Sniffing her crotch? Wolf: She’s different from us! Joey: Good morning! Oh- sleepy girl ❤️ Joey: This is the only time this has happened so I wanted to document it! I remember wolfie used to do this, but then he learned he got hot. Joey: You’re a good girl, you’re sweet! Joey: What are you doing? Is it bed time now? Joey: Look at the boys, they’re being so sweet to her! It’s so nice! They love her! We need a name for her though! We are gonna try to think of a name right now! Joey: If you read “Children of Eden”, we’re actually considering the name Lark for her, I love it, and hearing it, knowing who she is fells right, but if you guys have any suggestions leave some in the comments down below! Joey: Oh, she’s so sweet! Anyways, if you guys enjoyed this video and your excited about the new edition to the family, please give this video a thumbs up and tell us if you have any name suggestions, I’ll be looking for suggestions and hopefully she’ll have a name in tomorrow’s vlog! Joey: Yeah! We’ll be doing lots of vlogs and stuff showing what it’s like to have a cute little puppy again! Daniel: What do you think boys? They’re tired already. Joey: Yes. This should be an interesting night, because normally the first nights with puppies are horrible, but she’s been so quite and so sweet! Joey: But anyways, I’m gonna end the video here, I will see you all tomorrow, and good damn bye! Love you Joey and Daniel, have fun with the new puppy! – Jaiden Soto

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