WE GOT A NEW PUPPY!!?! (for a day lol, he’s so cute!)

hello team good morning so today as you
can tell from the title I’m going to see a new puppy I’m on puppy sitting duties
overnight for my best friend Lucy and Ben they’ve just got a puppy so I’m
gonna go and stop over at their house weirdly I’ve not actually stayed at their
house yet so it’s it’s a day of new things I’ve never actually looked after
a dog nevermind a puppy and so yeah I’ve asked them they don’t mind me
filming it so yeah me and the boyfriend are gonna head around there now and
we’re gonna go and see him so he’s a sprocker not sure what that is but I’m
sure you’ll ask he’s chocolate colour and I think he’s
like eight weeks old and he’s called Otis so yeah we’re gonna go and look
after Otis I’m very excited this is like a test run for when I have a pup because
one day in the near future I hope I do so yeah let’s go and see some cute
puppy times my mission for today is to teach him how to sit because they’ve
only had him for a week and I’m not sure if he’s mastered that yet so that’s
my mission for today this is Otis say hello oh he’s just a
little bit too small to get on the sofa you want to come up come on then what
you doing I don’t bite Lucy’s cushions I’m not being responsible for a broken
cushion Oh what you looking at we look and now he’s chilling nicked my seat, so I’m on the floor I know if I move will follow me so I’m staying here excuse me
what are you doing huh he’s learnt how to get back down though which is good what are you doing ow, what are you doing ah for god’s sake such a mischevious lil pup he was
just eating the puppy pad, otis how did he do that he can open the bathroom door, you coming this is not a game this is come back downstairs come on good boy good
boy good boy come on love me he loves you he loves me so much and I love him. now he licks his willy and then he licks your face what are you doing? no, otis, move it out of his way why do you come that way every time
come this way you donut you are bit stupid you know that who needs toys when you have a bottle and I am a kangaroo dog get it we have
an escape artist oh for goodness sake stay good good it’s right there it’s
right there you silly boy good boy sit, sit good boy good boy, good wet doggo I accidentally sprayed him with the hosepipe I mean you run into it that was silly otis come here sit sit good boy tricky you you didn’t get a treat good boy you did it he’s good with me I like him I feel connected you have, cause you’re a pushover otis, woah he fell off, sit good boy you’re learning are you begging for treats are you
begging for treats I mean it’s really hard to say no to that cute face watch
him his treats are there and he knows it don’t ya Oh it’s tiring isn’t it uh-oh are you sulking where’s he going
that’s my chin I think he’s after your beard hair or your watch
Ethan has now gone home I dropped him at the station
so now Otis is having his mad half-hour he’s got that water bottle again I’m sorry
for the noise but it seems to keep him entertained and don’t worry I took
anything that you can choke on he’s just crunching it and having a good time
honestly look at him I’m struggling to eat these because every time I bite one
he notices I think the bottle’s distracted him and I’ve put on Nanny McPhee
on Netflix throwback I needed something that I’ve watched before because I can’t
fully pay attention to it get it this is him right now oh they’re much vicious such a vicious
doggo good boy drop it drop it or just tug of
war we can do that too so vicious so angry such a vicious pup otis this way down down this is called
oh he stopped lazy tug of war he just sat on the floor
you’re nutty nutty alright it’s pizza time so I’ve just kind of tactically
fed otis his supper because Lucy told me I needed to feed him that at like 8.30
and as he was eating I quickly put my pizza in the oven because apparently he
tries to jump it in the oven not something I need he’s currently just
wandering around causing mischief as per every time I let him out in the garden he
decides to dig something or eat a stone thoughts on puppies so far
tiring as expected would I get a puppy I’ll report back in the morning but
apparently he wakes up at half five so I’m gonna try and keep him up for as
long as possible so he’s tired and then hopefully he will sleep I think
he’s just gone into the garden what are you chewing
he knows look he knows that you’re not supposed to have it you should not be
chewing that should you mister what have you found it’s that peg again I swear I put
that in the bin whats this
he gives zero shits about then tennis ball get it
otis fetch gonna try a different tactic gonna
go and rustle his food tin yeah let’s see who the smart one is here definitely
still not me nope still smarter than me maybe a biscuit bribery what’s this he does not know what
I’ve got in my hand go inside go inside what’s this what’s this food do you want some more where did you put the peg excuse me sir
what’s this aha I got it I out smarted you look at that savaged it I
win this let’s get the pizza before he realises what I’m doing, oh of course you come back in when I open the oven why did you do that? where’s your treat? what’s this, go and get it mission complete are you crying for your
mommy and daddy now Lucy if you’re watching this he’s just been scratching
your bedroom door had to go rescue in this way good morning this little terror
was actually really good boy over night I’ve managed to put on like my foundation and
my eyebrows but I’m trying to entertain the dog whilst doing it and it’s quite
difficult not gonna lie and he pooped on the carpet this morning I let him out of
my site for literally ten seconds and he pooed on the carpet he keeps picking his
water bottle but it’s empty okay just drink from the jug then you
little what are you doing you’re not having my camera so yeah you have to
like leave the water bowl pretty empty because he picks it up and
tips it everywhere he’s also got very much selective
hearing he only listens to his any call not even his name I’m not sure he knows
his name yet he only listens at all when he wants to like he knows sit
when he listens he’s ferocious but yeah last night went well I put him to
bed at like 10:00 and he cried a little bit at the beginning and then didn’t wake
up till 7:00 either I was fully knocked out from looking after him or he
actually didn’t cry and it was me that woke him up when I went downstairs so
yeah he was a good boy but he pooped on the carpet he’s not weed on the carpet
yet this morning he weed on the carpet quite a few times yesterday so yeah
we’re getting there but not gonna lie I’m ready to go home you’re cute but
you’re hard work I’ve had to close the door into the living room because he
keeps going and finding something to chew
he stole my knickers earlier was sat downstairs chewing then he stole my
face wipe was chewing that he’s found a piece of carpet to chew
honestly you’re a rascal what’s happened I do need to do my
mascara mate so at some point we need to do that Lucy definitely gave me a false
sense of hope when she said that yesterday she just did her makeup and he
sat by her feet it was not the case right I’m gonna try and do my mascara
now he seems to have calmed down get it and now he’s gone outside let’s do my mascara
quick before he gets back play sleepy music that’ll do right I am off
I’m going to help my dad with some stuff in the garden so I’m gonna head off now we’re gonna say goodbye you gonna say
goodbye he doesn’t want to be here right you want a treat, where’s your kong gone I like
how he’s obedient when I have food what’s this yeah look at my socks and
sandals fashion let’s go in here then in there
good boy he’s like mmm chicken bye bye puppy I’ll
see you soon well that’s it I literally just nearly
left my laptop on the table let’s not forget this and yeah that’s it
I am now on my way home so I hope you’ve enjoyed this very puppy filled random
vlog I couldn’t not vlog it I know it’s a bit random but I like saving cute life
memories and this was one of them so yes I’ll say goodbye to
Otis I’m sure you’ll see him again soon he’s fully preoccupied and oh lock the
door bye-bye puppy I love you goodbye bye guys

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