We got a New Puppy Dog – introducing a new rescue dog to the family

I am so excited I’ve been waiting for
this day for a week! Last Saturday wifey and I went down to
the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter and we adopted a puppy
super stoked about that so here’s the deal
the animal shelter Broken Arrow requires a couple of things to be done before you
can get in a rescue animal now it has to be visited by a vet they come around
every Friday and they either spay and neuter the pets whether it’s a boy or a
girl and they get them updated on their shots from some harmful worm tests all
this other good stuff I just got a phone call saying that my pupper is ready so
I’ve got dawn downstairs I’m gonna go pick up Jose so we can make this video
how to get a puppy all right so you guys know that Don’s about to get a surprise
done no she’s about to get a surprise and now we have Jose here
oh gosh still light behind he’s horrible oh yes oh gosh
so hey so done done in the back you got Jose right over here and we are about to
go get dawn dawn surprised all she knows we’ve been saying Cortana a lot lately
she’s about to find out exactly what Cortana is and let’s go I want to show
you what curtana is this is your rabies certificate we don’t
know the text but all you need is you’re too young for the heartworm test right
here is a 501 3 know shot that we get and here is a list of recommendations of
things that we don’t do that you might want to check with your vet about that’s
your name are you excited yeah how cool is that hey I’m gonna pick you
up okay real quick dawn dawn okay watch out what your head all right let’s go
this way baby we want to let her run in the backyard for a little bit okay oh look at her there is aam being karma those two are
super excited to see their new friend but we’re going to wait a few minutes
before we introduce Cortana to the other pets we want to get her comfortable in
the backyard a little bit first look girl good they’re all caught up hey wait a minute home zombie came out
to fight – hey somebody gets to meet Cortana boy if you’re ready to bring Cortana
inside yeah let’s do it so we’ve been taking her time with
Cortana letting her get used to the backyard first then why he got home from
work we brought Sambi outside goes to her buddy buddy now so it’s time for us
to bring Cortana into the house let her get a feel for the living room in the
kitchen and I want Karma’s ready I’m sure she’ll come down the stairs enough
introduce yourself you’re so excited for this good job Cortana yeah hey good girl
oh there’s nobody to say hi good boys on me being so nice oh she won’t a pretty
quick didn’t she he’s a lot cooler in here huh puppy who’s still about a
hundred degrees outside oh oh yeah they’re getting along so good Oh looky Cortana she likes a little taco
toy oh she likes to chew on the taco toy that makes my day big is rereading those
tacos enough taco so much see Cortana playing on the taco that just makes my
day little Karma’s over here hidin scoping
it all out just checking out the whole scene how can you not love this little face
look at her little face she’s so cute she’s so cute oh yeah he didn’t execute
at all does she pick up the rope toy there you go
there you go good job yeah move your hand away so she doesn’t bite you on
accident there you go good job done Cortana be gentle with the kitty I was
doing pretty good zombi loves to be around other animals
so it’s taking up the Cortona really quick was it that a fun little video to
watch you know I wasn’t sure how karma and zombie were gonna react to the new
dog after seeing how it done was last I’m getting karma she didn’t really get
too overzealous the way I thought she would here today she was certainly
excited women you know talking about getting a puppy for a while especially
after getting into the new house now we’ve been here a month now the
timing seemed right so we pulled the trigger it’s a fantastic deal overall I
was super excited though to see Cortana so chill in her new environment she did
really good with zombie that she didn’t get too crazy at all with karma it’s
likely the first time she’s had the chance to interact with a cat you know
outside of the shelter I’m not sure if they keep the dogs or the cat separate
there but either way for a little puppy she did a great job so I’ve got to close
the video here I do appreciate all of you watching but before we go I want to
let everybody know you’re in the ray ray family you guys are well aware that we
have an Amazon wishlist we’ve had some folks reach out and say they wanted to
send you know our pets toys so we wanted to make you guys available to be a part
of our family and share that experience so it I’m not gonna ask you to go do it
but if you feel like you want to look in the description down below I have
updated the wish list to include things for puppies I’ve also got some cool new
ideas for zombie and karma anyway enough of that thank you for watching this
video I certainly appreciate you if you’re in the Ray family you already
know I love you guys I appreciate every one of you guys being here if you’re
brand new to this channel right down here in this corner go ahead and smash
that red subscribe button become a member of the ray-ray family and I will
love you too now in a weird kind of way but I really
do appreciate everybody who watches these videos and I remember you guys to
always be biggest be the biggest and best you you can possibly be and do
something every day to make somebody else’s day great see you guys

79 thoughts on “We got a New Puppy Dog – introducing a new rescue dog to the family

  • Oh, that’s awesome!! ❤️ We have adopted several of our pets from shelters and we love ‘em soooooo much! In fact today is ‘Clear The Shelters’ Day here in DFW, where you can adopt pets for free!! 🤗❤️Dawn is adorable with Cortana and it looks like Zombie & Karma & Cortana are getting along easily!! I love the way y’all are with your furbabies, Dawn has a great role model in mom & dad! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Awww… Cortana is adorable! So glad to see how quickly she befriended Zombie! And it appears Karma Kitty isn't far behind, so that's awesome! Congrats on the new addition to your family!!! 🙂🙂🙂

  • She's so cute! How old is she? She looks like she'll be nearly as big as Zombie (But not so fluffy ) And Karma came into the same room as the puppy. Lots of cats wouldn't do that on the first day so she's doing extremely well.

  • Wow, Zombie had so much energy like a new dog when he met Cortana! That's incredible, proof that they're gonna be best friends
    Karma is growing up so fast and omg Cortana has such a cute face! I absolutely adore the name too!!

  • WOW! That intro! I'm awake now! lol Good on you for adopting another little doggy! 😀 Rescue animals can be addictive- in a good way!


  • You commented on how warm it was but I notice that Zombie still is shedding his coat. He must be so uncomfortable with thick clumps of fur. Spending a few minutes each day would help him so much. Most dogs love to be groomed. So can we see how he copes with brushing or a grooming glove?

  • Congratulations! Ray Ray Family. So Cortana is her name. For a minute I thought it meant puppy. I had Spanish in my high school years but I graduated high in '75 man that's a long time ago. Have a great weekend guys.🙋🏻‍♀️🐱💜🌻🐕🐕🐈

  • Welcome to the newest member of the RayRay family and what a great thing you have done to give this pupper the best start in life xx
    Love to everyone xx

  • Cortana is adorable! It was so nice seeing such a good interaction between Zombie and Cortana and seeing that Karma didn't seem to be too bothered with the new addition. Cortana was so good with Zombie and Karma for a first time meet! ❤

  • Congratulations on your new baby o so sweet. Cant believe you have been in your new home a month already. Big love from the UK

  • Awww, I could have watched this for hours. Great video! I am so happy for you and your family, and also a bit jealous. 😄🐶

  • We are so excited to have a new rescue pet in our family now! Little Cortana is just so cute and loving! There will plenty more videos coming up with our 3 fur babies! What are your tips for having a new puppy in the house?

  • Awww, what a great introduction! Cortana is going to have a great friend and teacher in Zombie. That is one lucky puppy to have found your family !

  • If the rescue was just guessing on the breed mix they’d naturally say she’s a shepherd and lab mix, but google images of black mouthed cur or black mouth cur. My son in North Carolina has a black mouth cur, and the rescue dog used in the original Old Yeller by Disney was probably a black mouthed cur. They are intelligent, loyal, great with kids, but can be destructive when bored. And being intelligent, can get bored easily. I’m sure you’ll love her for years, and Cortana is a fantastic name! I’m a big Halo fan.

  • Such a nice video Ray!..Cortana is so adorable…so great that everybody got along so fast!
    Your videos of your family always put a smile on my face 😻🐆🐕

  • Glad the introductions went so well, especially with Karma, since Cortana apparently hadn't been around cats much or at all. Seems like Cortana went with the "this must be like another dog" instead of "this is a squirrel, rabbit, small mammal I must get"

  • I loved your surprise! I expected a small breed dog as that is how I roll, but it makes sense for you to have a large breed with Zombie. She is so adorable! I don't think she will be as big as Zombie, but she will be close. When will we get a new house tour? I am so excited for you and your family. Greetings from SW MO.,

  • I saw your Instagram post yesterday and have been waiting for the video ever since!!! Thank you so much for adopting a new pupper!!!

  • What a cutie name you picked for the girlie puppy, which is Cortana. I just love that name.❤️❤️❤️

  • Loved the video, congrats on the new pet. Little Dawn Dawn has such a pretty smile like her mom. Enjoy watching your videos keep up the good work.

  • It's so wonderful to see the new addition to the family take so quickly to everyone. Probably won't be long until you'll find Dawn and Cortana taking a nap together.

  • Fun Fantastic ! Beautiful loving pup. Hang a bell on inside of door and train her to ring bell when she wants out. You tube has instructions on this. Thank you for saving Cortano. We Love all your family.

  • Hi Big Ray and family! Beautiful little dog they look like they will all get along.🐅🐆🐈😊🤗😍🤩❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤩

  • She is going to be a great addition to the family Thanks for taking the time to give a dog a safe and good home. Have a nice weekend.

  • A new puppy. Congratulations! It's so cute seeing Zombie and Karma being so sweet.
    With puppies the main advise is love, patience and hide anything even remotely chewable not meant to be chewed.

  • Cortana has the sweetest puppy face I’ve seen in a long time. She’s gorgeous! You gave a beautiful home to a pup who will now be treated like a queen. Lol. Have a great time playing with her and training her. Great choice to adopt.

  • Beautiful little pup! Now you need one more rescue kitten to even it out j/k Dawn seems like a very gentle person

  • I bet Karma is thrilled — I know she loves dogs (as Cory sadly found out when his dog was very – ahem – anti-social to Karma). Nice that your new house has a fenced yard for the puppers!!

  • Congratulations Ray and family on your new addition! She is way too cute – love her name! Zombie is such a good big brother – he welcomed her right away! Karma was a bit unsure at first but then to see her with her tail up around Cortana – great sign – she's happy! Wishing you all many happy years together with sweet Cortana girl! <3

  • I work at a humane society. It made my day seeing Cortana so scared getting out of the car, yet, eventually warming up to everyone and everything. Zombie will be a wonderful mentor! I look forward to future videos!

  • Loved this video! Cortana did so well with moving to a new home with her humans and fur friends. Dawn did well with the new puppy wanting to lick her face. 😊😻💙💙

  • So happy your new little family member seems to be adjusting so well. I've been watching your channel since Cory gave Karma to your family. Zombie, Karma, and Cortana! What a great little group you've got there! They are lucky to have you.

  • Thank you for adopting Cortana, rescue is the way to get a great pet and save a life. You are teaching your daughter to have not only responsibility with animals but compassion too. Cortana looks like a great soul and very happy with her new family. 💜💙

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