WDR Lokalzeit Duisburg – Furries – Arco, Keenora, Neo, Pegla, Pinky & Werefox

This right next to me are the paws of Furries Yeah, you are wondering now: What are Furries? They are humans, who are wearing animal costumes. Not just something but costumes with a lot of fantasy And those look like living Plushies In Kleve there was the first “Furry-Fluffy-Familygathering” Trouble in the streets of Kleve at the very first lower-rhine Furry Gathering colourful animal like from a comic-planet “They look funny” “and…they are also acting funny” Meerkat, Wolves & More came here, to make some trouble in the inner city of Kleve And they are welcome with open arms “Its almost impossible to describe” “Its just totally awesome” “when the kids are getting a glow in their eyes and being happy” “Of course, a few ones were a bit afraid of us” “But those were kind of young as well” “It happens, but thats not that bad” “The happiness is overwhelming” “A smile of the kids, that makes the day better” Usually Furries are not talking in public because the illusion, that they are living Plushies shall not be destroyed They are just using gestures to communicate Furries are living in a pack But there are also individual ones “Should I…I will put it on…” “Great” “That looks good” “Size is good” “Everything fits” “Also the glasses” “I think, they will give you a good view” “They were cleanable. Nah, really, its great!” “You scarf looks also perfect with those colours” “Excellent” There is a strict rule, though In the public they only show their full costumes Parts without fur? A NoGo! It ruins the magic! Two hours earlier the furries were Patrick, Danny or Nicole They do have common jobs Mechanic, computer expert or even a baker “I call myself a totally normal human” “I do have a normal job, living at home. Not a problem at all” “But of course, there are always people who say” “Ok those are freaks, running around in a costume with 28 years in the city” “But on the other hand you should consider asking yourself” “We are the ones who try to change the world” “We are going into the city and try to make people happy and put a smile on their faces” “We try to give something positive back” “And I think, thats a thing, which is actually pretty good” “and not something, where the people should call one a freak, right?” The roots of Furries are basically the japanese comics and the american mascots Around 2000 Euro is the price of a handmade unique costume “I am totally amazed” “I think I am in Disneyland” “You can see, that most of the people are getting more social” “Thats a great thing, because” “It is actually like the people are just following their tasks” “Walk straight through the streets and do their thing” “And nobody is just enjoying the day” “Nothing is special. Its just the everday life” “And I think, that we did a great job” “even if you cannot call it a job” “That we kicked the people out of their boring day and just brought some” “well…colour into their life”

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