Watch This 19-Year-Old Puppy Pick His Very Own Toy At The Pet Store | The Dodo Adopt Me!

We went out to my car, I opened the door and bam! He just jumped right in that car! It’s so common for people
to dump their dog at a shelter when he gets old and requires a
little more medical care or whatever. The rescue posted him. I didn’t know what kind of dog it was. I just knew that it was
a 19-year-old dog. I immediately called and
asked to foster him. We get there and he
is trotting into the store. Took us a minute to find the toy
aisle but when we did, he was just checking out every bin. When you look at him,
you see a senior dog. He’s obviously an older boy but
his mind has not registered that. After we saw the kind of things he
was sniffing out, we helped him to pick out a toy. And he was very excited to discover
this toy that he could hold in his mouth and that had a squeaky in it. We thought we were letting him
carry it to the cash register but he reckoned it was time
to take this toy home. He clearly can’t see very well, although
he can certainly see well enough to play fetch. And I’ll throw low on the ground and closer. He was very happy to get his toy that he had personally selected. He pranced all the way to the car. He pretty much played with that
toy all the way home. And especially a dog like Ace. He has really good house manners. After I had him for a couple of days,
I asked him to sit and he sat. And I asked him to lie
down and he went down. And gets along with my dogs and my cat. I was pretty sure that I’d have to
adjust my walks. Shorten the walks, walk slowly
but he was a surprise. Because this dog, on every walk, is
forging ahead of the rest of the pack, always needs to be in the lead. He’s a pretty amazing dog
with such a young spirit, so many toys to play with, so many walks to take.

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