Waggles Puppy Pretend Play Check Up with the Assistant and her Ball Pit

– Family fun for everyone! – [Narrator] Assistant, come quick! – What? – [Narrator] Something’s in the ball pit! – [Narrator] Wiggles,
there’s something in there! – What? What is it? – [Narrator] It’s a little– wait a minute! – What, it’s a dog. – [Narrator] Is that Waggles? – Yeah! – [Narrator] Waggles,
what are you doing in the Pikmi Pop? – Let’s get him out. – [Narrator] Let’s get him out, okay? – Okay. – [Narrator] Alright,
lets see how you look! Wiggles, wiggles which you like better the Pikmi Pop or do you like Waggles? – This one or this one? – [Narrator] Let’s see, lets move him. Wiggles, ah Wiggles (laughing) – [Narrator] So, Assistant you need to give Waggles a check up, right? – Right! – [Narrator] Let’s go over
to your doctor’s station, right away! – Right away! Okay. – [Narrator] Come one Waggles! – Come one Waggles, Waggles come on! Come one, good boy. – [Narrator] So, Waggles
is coming over here to the doctor’s station. – Yes. Should we do the big
one or the portable one? – [Narrator] Why don’t we
do the small one first. Okay? – Okay, let’s open it up. Doctor’s clinic. Okay! We have Fido here. – [Narrator] Okay, Asistant. So, here is your station, right? – Right. Should we give him a bath first? – [Narrator] Well I think we did a bath on the first one, you need to give him a check up. Make sure he’s okay. – Okay, so let’s put him up here. – [Toy recording] Check
ups are my specialty. – [Narrator] Mobile checkups, so you’re in good hands Waggles. – Let’s give him a checkup. – [Narrator] Let’s give
Waggles his checkup. – Okay! – [Narrator] Checking his little ears. – Let’s check this one. That one’s all clear. – [Narrator] Okay. – Gotta check the–well that probably means the other one’s okay. – [Narrator] Or you can
just pick him up and check it. Pick him up and check his other ear. Then you gotta check down
his throat too, right? – Right. – [Narrator] Is that ear clear? – He’s good. – [Narrator] Look in his nose. – Nose is good. His mouth is good. – [Narrator] So, let’s
put him back on the table, let’s do an EKG on him, alright? – E..KG, okay! Now let’s use the EKG. – [Narrator] Okay. How’s it going Waggles? – He’s doing fine. – [Narrator] Try it one more time, ready? Let’s push. – [Toy Recording] Let’s
check that heart beat, time for your xray. – [Narrator] So, there’s his xray. Oh, look! Are you okay Wags? Let’s push right there. – [Toy recording] Mobile
Checkups are my specialty. – [Narrator] I think he’s okay. Now we need to check his temperature. – Check his temperature, okay. His temperature thing is over here. – [Narrator] Okay. The Assistant is gonna
check his temperature. – Okay. – [Narrator] We gotta give him his initial puppy wellness check right? – Right. – [Narrator] Alright, let’s I think he’s trying to lick it! (laughing) – Oh, no fever. – [Narrator] No fever! Now check his heart rate
with the stethoscope, right? – Okay! Gotta put it on my ears. – [Narrator] Assistant you gotta put it on your ears, it doesn’t
work very well otherwise. – Nope. This one doesn’t work. – [Narrator] You don’t need to jump down! (laughing) – [Narrator] I’ve got Waggles. – Oh, I know what I should do. – [Narrator] What? – It’s how this works. – [Narrator] Show me. Oh, it’s a bubble stethoscope! – Bubbles! – [Narrator] Waggles
you like those bubbles? Let’s show Waggles some bubbles. – Okay Waggles, here’s some bubbles. – [Narrator] Let’s put him down and see if he likes to chase them. – Okay. – [Narrator] There are the bubbles. – Whoa! (laughing) – [Narrator] Oh, I think somebody else is interested in em. You like em Wiggles? Wiggles? – Wiggles! – [Narrator] And Waggles! Waggles, you can’t drink the bubbles. Did you see that wanted to drink em. Waggles what are you doing? – What are you doing? – [Narrator] Oh. You silly puppy. (laughing) – [Narrator] Assistant, let me see Waggles’ nose, he’s got a sweaty nose. – Yeah. – [Narrator] He’s trying to hide. – Yeah. He’s probably really shy. – [Narrator] Let me show the people at home his little nose. So, ready. Oh yeah. – Different colors. – [Narrator] Different colored nose. So that’s Waggles and
right here is Wiggles. Wiggles’ got a black nose, right? – Right, all black and Wiggles is much bigger than Waggles. – [Narrator] I think so, Wiggles what do you think about that? Is Waggles just a little puppy? Alright, now we gotta teach
Waggles colors, right? – Right. – [Narrator] So let’s show
him the different colors. This first color we’re
going to show him is what? – Green – [Narrator] Green! – This is green Waggles. – [Narrator] So Waggles, this is green. Does Wiggles know his colors? – Wiggles, do you know your colors? – [Narrator] So Waggles, this is green. – Green. – [Narrator] Watch me push down on it. – Whoa, it’s changing colors! I mean moving. The liquid inside of it’s moving. Whoa! – [Narrator] Alright
now were gonna show him, What colors that? – Orange slash red. Reddish orange. – [Narrator] Red, right. It looks like lava, but it’s not really lava. You can push it and look. – And now the last color is blue. – [Narrator] Now we’re gonna
show him the color blue. – Waggles. Come on Waggles you’re so silly. Right here. This is blue. – [Narrator] And that’s blue too. Oh, he wants to go over there. He wants to go back to
the check up station. So, we taught him his colors and now he’s gotta go back. I wonder if he can– look Assistant you can probably give him a bath. – Oh yeah! – [Narrator] So there’s the bath. – There we go. – [Narrator] I think the brush was already in the other one. – Yeah, let me get it. – [Narrator] Waggles you’re taking – Here we go. – [Narrator] Oh, good job Assistant. Way to give Waggles a bath. Waggles what do you think about your bath? Is that a good bath? – He likes it. – [Narrator] He does like it. – Yeah. Do de do Okay, I think he’s good. – [Narrator] I think he’s good too. So Waggles has had a bath. He learned colors. Now, let’s put him in the ball pit. – Yeah! – [Narrator] So Waggles, will go in and then we’ll put Wiggles in. Let’s see who likes the ball pit. (laughing) – He likes it. Waggles, ready? Go get it! Waggles, go get it. – [Narrator] Wiggles wants to go in too. (laughing) – Wiggles come on! Come on. Come on Wiggles. – [Narrator] There’s Waggles. Waggles what do you think about the ball pit? You got your brothers coming in. – Waggles. – [Narrator] Waggles. Here’s the ball pit. You like the ball pit? – Wiggles come get it. Oh, Waggles hi! (laughing) – [Narrator] Puppies in a ball pit, right? – Right! – [Narrator] So let’s see Waggles. Oh, you know what? I think Waggles might be thirsty. Let’s get him some water, okay? – Okay! – [Narrator] Let’s go. Wiggles you want some water too? We’ll get you some as well. – Okay. – [Narrator] I think
they like the ball pit. – Balls everywhere! Whoa! – [Narrator] Wiggles you
always like to play in the ball pit. He’s being super careful because of his brother Wiggles, right? – Right! He’s only nine weeks old. – [Narrator] That’s right! Okay, Waggles we got you some water, right there. – Right here. – [Narrator] Wait a minute, wait a minute. – This is fake. – [Narrator] That’s pretend water! – Oh, come here. This is the real water. – [Narrator] That’s the real water. You like it? – Yeah, he likes it. – [Narrator] Assistant, you need to check his heart rate while he’s drinking his water. – Yeah, okay, Let’s get em on. – [Narrator] He’s drinking his water. Let’s check his heart. Does it sound good? – Perfect! – [Narrator] Good job! Okay, Waggles we got a little toy for ya. What do you think about that? What do you think about that Waggles? – Yeah. Now let’s get his crib out. – [Narrator] Wait a minute assistant he’s playing with little ball. Oh, Wiggles likes it too! (laughing) – [Narrator] Oh, Wiggles
you’re drinking his water! – Come on Waggles. Whoa Come on. (laughing) – [Narrator] He likes the little baby toy, doesn’t he? He spilled his water! – He jumped in it. – [Narrator] Waggles
you spilled your water! You silly puppy. – I know what needs to happen. – [Narrator] We got a tennis ball. (laughing) It went right in it! We got everybody wet! We got Wiggles wet! We got Waggles wet! We got the Assistant wet! And I got wet! You know what we need? – A diaper. – [Narrator] A diaper. – Yeah. – [Narrator] No we don’t
put diapers on puppies. – No. Oh wait, Waggles! Our patient is going away! – [Narrator] What’s he doing over there? Oh Assistant, do you know what we have? Oh, Wiggles you’re
drinking Waggles’ water. – It’s on the ground now. – [Narrator] It’s on the ground. It was Waggles. He’s sniffing around. His little sniffers coming out. Alright, Assistant let’s see what you have inside of your house that Waggles might need, right? – Right. He probably didn’t really like the water because he’s still a puppy. He needs his milk! – [Narrator] Oh, yeah
let’s give him some milk! Wiggles, we can’t see Waggles cause you’re kind of in the way. So, Assistant’s gonna
give Waggles some milk. Assistant I think that’s– – Enough. Wait here’s a bottle. Okay, this has real milk in it. – [Narrator] No, that’s a smooshy mooshy. – It is? – [Narrator] That’s a smooshy mooshy. Why don’t we put him in his little bed. – Bed. – [Narrator] And you can even open the smooshy mooshy. – Okay. – [Narrator] Wiggles really wants to know what’s inside of that. – There’s nothing in it! – [Narrator] Oh. (laughing) We’ve already opened that one! I’m silly. Well that’s super sad. – Yeah. – [Narrator] Okay, people at home what do you think about Waggles? You think he’s a lot of fun? – I love him. – [Narrator] And what about Wiggles? Aren’t they all fun little Wiggles and Waggles. – Wiggles and Waggles – [Narrator] We’ve got pictures posted of Wiggles and Waggles on Instagram, don’t we Assistant. – Go check it out. – [Narrator] Go check it out. Super funny! (laughing) – [Narrator] Or ask your parents to check it out it’s The Engineering Family, right Assistant? – Right. – [Narrator] And we’re
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