Vlog 2019 – Episode Seven – German Language

  Eishörnchen … what?! I’m Sharon, I come from Mexico and I’m studying product design
on the Baltic coast in Wismar, Germany. Hi guys! Welcome to my new episode.
Today you´re gonna come with me and I will explain to you when you need to learn German if you want to come to study here,
and how you can learn it if you want to come and you have not learned it before. If you want to come and you want to learn it here,
you can also do this and that’s really nice because they have classes for free.
You don’t need to pay as long as you’re a student. And the other alternative is that if you are studying …
I don’t know … architecture or business, they also have specific classes to improve German language for those people. So were gonna go to the library, and there you can find speaking groups
where you can improve your German. They are for free – you don’t have to pay anything, you just have to sign your name. Here, in Germany, and specifically in this one library in Wismar,
they have a really long catalogue of books. And you can find amazing German books
that will also help you to improve your language. In my case, I committed myself to doing it and they really, really helped me. You can use translations, you can …
anything counts whenever you want to learn a language. So, it’s also important to mention that the people in the library,
they are really nice and warm. They are really there to help you and they are very patient. And they understand you, even though
you think the German language could be a problem. So, we are already at the library and we need to
put our stuff here, inside those lockers. At least here, at the university in Wismar, you need to do it.
You cannot go in with your jacket or backpack … only the books. I will introduce you to someone today, she is Farah … yay! She is my neighbour and we lived together
for almost a year, like together. She helped me to improve my German a lot.
She speaks perfect German. Once you learn it you need to practice,
and that’s the main point of it. So, today you´re gonna meet my friend Fatima
and she will practice with me our introduction in German, which is very simple and which helps a lot. Hallo!
Hallo. Wie geht‘s? 
Mir geht es gut und du? Alles gut bei mir, was machst du? Gerade mache ich Modell. Uhh, das klingt super! 
Okay, danke Fatima. Bitteschön! Tschüss! Aww … Alright mmm … another word – [Hubschrauber]Hubschreiber?
Hubschrauber. [Very good, very good!]Einhörnchen.Eishörnchen … what?! Eichhörnchen![Selbstzerstörungsauslösungsschalter.]Selbstzerstörenabschlösungschreiber.Nein!What is that Selbschauslöschunblala? Selbstzerstörungsaufschascha!
You confuse me! Like, I’m about to nail it and you’re just … Thank you, guys, for watching the video.
And we will see each other in the next one. Bye!

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