100 thoughts on “Video shows pet sitter throw puppy on floor at Victorville home

  • I swore she broke the dog's leg or pelvis…WTF is wrong with people to be so hardened to harm innocent pets and children? She, the woman, needs to be fixed (shouldn't procreate.)

  • It's really not violent, yeah she act like a scumbag and deserve a sentence, but… I don't know why there is a buzz around it, this scene is really no violent at all a dog by his little weight can fall this tall with no arm… I don't know how many you are in america and all the problems in your country, but that thing is the most important thing to show on info ? Poor medias

  • This makes me sick to my stomach to watch. However, we should also be concerned with getting the lady help. What made her loose it? Would you have preferred it being a human child? All life is precious and you can't just pass judge on her and then not help her.

  • She apologized because she got caught, otherwise the abuse would've kept on going; What a piece of shit that woman is.

  • That easily could have turned out differently breaking the dog's leg, hip, or caused an internal injury. That dog was thrown down. Shows ya that females today do have tempers and can be violent. Men are always made out to be violent abusers, but females can be violent & impulsive too. Shes damn lucky the dog miracuously wasnt hurt. She was probably mad because she didnt get enough instagram likes that day or only got 125 emails on her dating profile instead of the usual 175 emails per day she usually gets. Her prison sentence should be for someone to hold her 10 ft above the ground and throw her down. Of course she would scream bloody murder and call the cops on a guy if he threw her down. The poor defenseless dog cant speak for himself.

  • Just checked the local news where this happened. The dog was taken to the vet asap and wasn't physically harmed. They saw her in real time as it happened and yelled at her to leave immediately

  • Everything about this demon shall be posted! Here is a youtuber doing the same to her dog who trusts her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-CZp3HYXt8&t=7s

  • never ever let a stranger handle your beloved pet sitter or PETDOC VET always get references from people you can trust…..never ever blindly trust a PET DOC VET like i did in IOWA read about my story go to my channel click about and discusiion and dont let this happen to you. know your petdoc vets in your area before you will need them BEFORE you will need them and you will have an emergency sooner or later

  • Fuck thjs bitch i swear imma beat her ass i hate ppl like this like y do u work with animals if all ur gonna do is abuse them😡😭

  • ABSOLUTE CRAPHEAD, how would you feel if someone just picked you up and tossed you onto the ground and broke or sprained your leg? she deserves to get some sort of punishment for this

  • This was the last thing I needed to see since I'm going to be leaving my dog in a few weeks with a dog sitter thank God he's a 65 lb Pitbull

  • never Blindly trust your beloved pet to a sitter or a Pet Doc Vet always get quality references from a human person before you have the need,,,,,,,before!!! or live in sorrow and regret like i am go to my channel and click about and discussion and learn of my story in IOWA remember Trust No Pet Doc Vet or sitter blindly you have been warned!

  • This video is disturbing??? What about the TRILLIONS of animals that are KILLED for people to consume each year…???

  • Ohmgod I saw this on Snapchat and first I tho she was throwing a baby cuz I didn't read my heart beat so fast

  • Let me pick you up ..and throw you down . You would not be getting up!!! And that is a puppy imagine if that was your child. My pet's are my kids she needs jail time no prison time..

  • Why are people worried about a puppy getting slammed by a crazy white babysitter? We have had massacres happen. Are we to ignore these?

  • Id of shot back home and slammed her so hard…what the hell is wrong with her..its a 10 week old baby dog ffs 🙀😡😡😡i hope she gets time for this..

  • PURE EVIL 🤮🤮😢😢 Hope someone has thrown some Acid in here face.. Its gonna take me a long time to get over this.. My whole stomach just rolled up, physically sick ! NOOOOOOOO! 😢😢😢

  • Never EVER LET A stranger pet sitter handle your beloved pet or EVEN A PET DOC VET…..not even a petdoc VET….always get references from quality people or suffer forever like i am in IOWA where i trusted a total stranger PET DOC with my fragile 16 year old companion animal go to my channel click about and discussion and learn from my story and dont let this happen to you!

  • I want to stick an umbrella up her ass and then open it before pulling it out. Then shove it down her mouth.

  • Never EVER LET A stranger a sitter or even a PET DOC VET handle your beloved pet i blindly trusted a PET DOC VET IN IOWA read about my story go to my channel and click about and discussion and dont let this happen to you. always get quality references from quality people before you have a need.

  • Police better lock her up for her own safety… once the internet knows everyone knows…. shes going to be hunted.

  • People are becoming more fucked up in the head day by day…Can someone please get a court order to neuter this bitch?

  • I’m afraid to leave my 18 yo chihuahua with anybody not even with friends. I’ve seen news where even people abuse their friends’ babies while babysitting!

  • That lady needs to be thrown down from the second story of a building by a giant man so she'll understand what the dog felt.

  • I would kick this cu$&s head in. You are pure fu$&ing evil, you piece of fu$&ing human filth. Makes me fu$&ing angry. Humans are filth.

  • never ever blindly trust a sitter or A PETDOC VET with your beloved pet like i did in IOWA go to my channel and click about and discussion and learn from my tragedy dont let this happen to you. get quality references from good people always

  • A person who would do that to any animal would do that to a child even and especially their own. Shame on her and my God have mercy on her.

  • Omg this is animal abuse she should be arrested because that’s messed up nobody does that to a 10 week old dog but monsters!!!

  • I would probably go to prison after I’m done with this whorre. She’s a pathetic coward and she deserves to get poked with a sewing needle until she dies.

  • Oh my fucking god this is absolutely atrocious!!!! Im a Rover pet care giver, I do my very best to give great service..most dogs and cats love me…this woman HAS BROUGHT SHAME!!!! I dont know if the puppy did something bad: minor or major but regardless thats NEVER A WAY to handle that kind of situation!
    I just want everyone to know that not all Rover pet care givers are like that. I have a bachelors degree with a lot of work experience, and right now I work Uber Eats just so I can have the availability for my pet care services! That's how much I love it.

  • God forbid if this were my dog. That camera would have been turned off after I got home and that piece of sh** dog sitter "accidentally" fell and slammed her stupid head into the corner of the counter 30 times. Slime like this should never be allowed to own a pet. Not even a fish! Until the laws are changed and animals are seen as being just as important as any other living, breathing, feeling, thinking, being that they are proven to be, and they stop treating them like they're inanimate property, these disgusting scum will get away with this abuse. They should treat this as if it were a child, because it is to the people who love it.

  • NEVER EVER LET A STRANGER handle your beloved pet NOT EVEN A PETDOC VET like i did in SOUTHERN IOWA go to my channel and click about and discussion and read about my story and dont let this happen to you always get references before you have a need or be in pain forever.

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