Vet Diaries – Day 1 (Labrador Retrievers) مذكرات بيطري – اليوم الأول

Peace be upon you with Allah’s blessings and
prosper. How is everybody doing? I hope you are all well
if Allah wills. Welcome to the first episode of the new series
called Vet Diaries. I will give you a quick idea about this series. As a veterinary medicine student, you can train during the summer vacation in
different animal shelters or clinics, so there are some things you may learn, and situations you many encounter in the animal
shelters you go to, whether from the people you deal with, or from your actual practice with the cases that
you come across. Since today if Allah wills I mean to tell you about
Labrador Retrievers, So obviously we will be in a dog shelter. As we can see here, this is the main lobby, the primary enterance for your customers or
those that want to board their dogs here or adopt dogs from here and so on, here are the enclosures where the dogs are
kept, this is the bathroom where you can wash the
dogs if they need some hygienic care, a training area, and so on. So… I will start my story with you about Labrador
Retrievers. But first of all as we can see here; the enclosure
is messy, so we will start to clean it up and see if the animal needs something from us. We will open its chart to check exactly what it
needs from us. So… the case we have here, is a Yorkshire Terrier dog
named Buddy. Buddy’s owner Mrs. Peters said that Buddy’s
behaviour needed some adjustment, it needs to follow her orders better. As we see there are five criteria, or five things you have to pay attention to when it
comes to dogs, which could be a good thing. If you wish to know if you can handle owning a
dog or not? If you are worthy of owning a dog and being
responsible for one or not? At least you have these five things to keep in
mind. Its food and water; its diet. Its hygiene. Do you show it kindness and care or not? Does it get to play around or not? Also here its fitness and exercise, does it get a
chance to walk or not? And its training because it improves its skills and
also its trust in you. Obviously here Buddy here needs to eat and
some care. So we will see. I am putting some food and water for it, and we will see how it fares. Labrador Retrievers is one of the most popular
breeds of dog in the world. It emerged in the 19th century in the most easterly area in Canada overlooking the Atlantic ocean, this area is named
Newfoundland and Labrador. This area’s name is a little strange. The idea behind its name-I am just petting it to
improve the level of its care. The one who originaly discovered this area was
a portuguese man named João Fernandes Lavrador. João Fernandes Lavrador, it was decided since
his last name was Lavrador, then they will name this area Labrador, which means The Big Land in portuguese. Because geographically; Labrador is the mainland while Newfoundland is an island related to it. They agreed to name this island Terra Nova
which is its meaning in portuguese. Therefore, Terra Nova is the new land, this island and Labrador is the mainland or the big land, so eventaully it was named Newfoundland and
Labrador. The capital of this area is called… St.John, its local dogs were named the St. John Water
Dogs. These dogs were… basically the main dogs and the most used ones
in this area, because… the english fleet, the english fishing fleet, used to sail to the coast of Newfoundland and
Labrador in Canada to fish. They used the St.John Water Dogs to… to help them bring back the fishing nets from the
water for example, or fetch any fish that might have escaped the net,
it helped them in the fishing process. So, they called them the St.John Water Dogs after
the name of the area they inhabited. But what happened was, a law has emerged in
the area that prohibited the use of dogs unless it is for
shepherding. They felt like there was an overpopulation or that
the number of dogs has increased in this area, so they forbid the ownership of any dogs unless
they use it for shepherding. Look, it still needs some care from me so I will
keep petting it, I hope that it is satisfied, EL Pasha! So… they prohibited the use of dogs unless it is for
shepherding. Now the fishermen were faced with a problem. They wanted to preserve this dog breed, what should be done? How can it be maintained? It needs a bath to be honest, So… we will take it to the bathroom. So, they started breeding these dogs with the
english dogs like the English Mastiffs. In order to try to preserve this breed and its ability
to help us fish as much as possible. Sure enough, they were mated. Since this mating was performed in
Newfoundland and Labrador, they named these dogs Labradors, and since they were used in fishing and are
excellent swimmers, they named these dogs the Labrador Retrievers. Glory be to Allah, there isn’t a breed called the
St.John Water Dogs anymore, it got extinct by the 18th century, because they were all mated and eventually gave
the Labrador Retrievers. Despite the fact that they originated as a hybrid
breed in a certain area, their uses were versatile and they spread out… Look it is all done, Buddy is all good. Let’s check on Winston. Winston still needs some care and management, so we will try to play with it, maybe it will please it. so… although they originated as a hybrid breed, in 1917 the American Kennel Club claimed it as an
actual breed. I will let it out to play in the garden, maybe it will improve its physiological condition. One of the features of Labador Retrievers is that
they are important… service dogs. Meaning, they can aid the blind, disabled, autistic children, and not just these humane uses. They can also aid the police and army in tracking
drugs and firearms, so they are police dogs. They even used them in the Vietnam war in
tracking. Another one of its uses, from their name
Retrievers, meaning they are hunting dogs or gun dogs as
we have discussed them before. They are excellent hunting dogs, and not just any
hunting. They can hunt in the water, if you are hunting
waterfowl like ducks, geese, and other birds that live in the water. It can fetch this prey and retrieve it. So they are characterized by having soft mouths; when they hold the prey they don’t bite down on
it and so they don’t mutilate it. It has self control which is a very good thing. They are excellent swimmers and excellent
retrievers. Mrs Peters is saying Buddy’s condition has
improved, thanks, and its behavior is much better. We will sleep and see what tomorrow brings. We are still not done with Winston so we will
see what does it need. One of the most important traits of Labrador
Retrievers is… their friendliness and enthusiasm. They love to play, really playful and active. They love to always be doing something; an
exercise or job assigned to them. They respond really well to training. There is also another important trait; is that they only bark when necessary, which is really important, because you can be tracking a prey only to find
the dog barking for no reason and scares off the prey. That is unacceptable, so they only bark when
necessary. Also, it is known for one of its most important
physical traits which is having a short, dense coat that protects
it from the water and weather. So they can survive in different climates. They have three acceptable colors; Black, Yellow, and Brown. The brown is referred to as the Chocolate Lab. Finally Winston’s condition has improved, so we… Okay. Here we have a new case, or a new dog named
Penny; I assume it is a female. It suffers from a serious illness or some health
problem, so we will see what is up with it. Duke here is also feeling a little under the
weather and needs some care, so we will see what is going on. Penny is a female, French Bulldog that needs
food, a bath, and some care because it was a little ill recently, so it needs some extra care. Duke here… just got back from the vet so it
needs to eat and needs a bath… okay. The health problems that Labrador Retrievers can
suffer from are not many to be honest, but like all large size dogs-Labrador Retrievers by
the way are medium size not large size dogs but still they suffer from some joint affection. They suffer from hip dysplasia, patellar luxation,
and osteochondrosis dissecans. Some problems with retinal dysplasia with
advanced age, as they get older they can suffer from retinal
dysplasia. There is usually some confusion between the
Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. What is the difference between the two? Especially if the Labrador in question is yellow, so
both their colors are similar. How can I tell them apart? The Labrador will be medium in size, so slighlty smaller than Golden, since the Golden is a large size breed. The Labrador’s coat is a little shorter. The third thing is that Labrador Retrievers need
more exercise than Golden Retrievers; meaning they are much more active. So you need to always use them in a job or train
them for something a bit more than Golden Retrievers. So why are Labrador Retrievers known as the
most popular breed in the world? What makes them so famous and known? Why are they the most popular breed? Is it because many celebrities own a Labrador
Retriever? or Is it because ancient civilizations sanctified
Labradors? or Is it because it is a multi-use dog, friendly, and capable of living in different climates? or Is it because it is cheap and available for
everyone? I hope to see your comments, answers, and any contribution you wish to give
about this episode in the comment section. I pray if Allah wills that you enjoyed this episode. Let me know your feedback about the whole
idea, this new series, the Labrador Retrievers, and the question we
asked at the end. I will see you if Allah wills in the next episode. Peace be upon you with Allah’s blessings and

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