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Prabhu, your smile is not right. Nothing, mom. Mom, a tenant has come
from Madurai, isn’t it? Yes. – There is a girl, isn’t it?
– Yes. Is she beautiful? Why should we talk about it? Whether she is beautiful or not,
If your dad hears, he’ll bang us. Why do you remember him? Puppy didn’t eat
past two days, properly. – Did you check it?
– Didn’t eat? Mom, you’re talking irresponsibly. You should’ve told this, first. Where did you allow me
to speak? Take it to the hospital
tomorrow morning. Money? It’s there in asafoetida container. Hey, everybody is saying
as three dogs walking on the road. You’d have come by an auto. Is this the car wiping cloth? The dog’s face looks
better than you. – Senior.
– What? It looks cute,
you’re kidding it. Puppy… – Dear.
– Dad, we’ll buy this puppy. Uncle, take the puppy out, soon. Wait, dear.
I’ll take. Come in. – Hey, he is calling.
– Uncle, take it soon. – Did you change the food?
– Yes, doctor. Everyday we use
to feed in the plate. Today, kept in the bowl. – I think dog refuse get the food
– Shut up. No, doctor.
It’s regular food. Nothing to worry. It’s hot. Oh, no! hot? Will it be alright,
if given tender coconut? Hey, will anybody give
tender coconut to the dog? Then? Apply castor oil in the navel.
so, the heat gets reduced. Does the dog have navel? When the doctor has,
won’t the dog have? I’ll show you, now. – Hello!
– What? Come here. Didn’t both of you
brought up a dog, earlier? No, doctor. Puppy is
our first pet. Seen. It’s hot means,
it’s ready for mating. Doctor, has puppy attained puberty? Yes, build a green leafy hut,
make her to sit and call everyone. Will you come to pour
turmeric water? Shut your mouth. In 9 to 10 days, mate the puppy
with a good breed Labrador dog. When mating? The gestation period is 58 days. After that, your puppy will
give birth to beautiful puppies. Is it? After 35 days,
bring the puppy here. I’ll take the X- ray,
do scanning… …and tell about the position
of the puppies status. – Don’t bring him next time.
– Okay, doctor. Looks like a bear… Puppy, lift your leg. Hey. Puppy, come. Come. It’s nice. – What’s the cost?
– Rs.8000. Rs.8000?
Reduce the cost. It’s the Labrador breed, high in demand.
Can’t reduce the cost. My child’s wish. Take it. – Senior.
– What? In two months,
we can earn Rs. 40,000. What do you say? Rs.40,000 in two months? How? Dog breeding! – What’s the doctor said about?
– Yes, senior. It’s not dog breeding. It’s something else,
like a middleman. I’ve to be the middleman
for you and your dog. Who’ll take care of
my foot ball game? When should I play
for my nation? Okay, leave it. It’s just Rs.40,000. 40,000! How? That’s good! A Labrador puppy costs Rs.8000. If our puppy gives birth
to at least 5, – 5 multiplied by 8 is…
– 20. I’ll slap you. Tell yourself. It’s 40. It’s Rs.40,000. Yes, 40,000. Shall we do? Yes, we’ll. Puppy, are you ready? Turning beautiful women’s bedroom
secrets into artistic statues, filled our temples with such statues,
were they mad to do it? I’m a heir of artistic ancestors! Why are you waking up
at 11 am, Prabhu? – Had work last night, mom.
– What work? I’m going to pay
the monthly installment… …will be back after two hours. Lunch is on table,
eat before it gets cold. Okay, mom. Hello, Ramya!
Where are you? I’ve downloaded the movies
what you asked. No one is in home. You come and collect it. What? Nothing.
come in, Ramya. Okay, the room is bit neat. If you come to this house,
you’ll keep it much better, right? All the videos
are in this folder. Okay. ‘Game Plan’.
How will it be? ‘Game Plan’ is a sports film,
it’ll be good, Ramya. Notebook? Didn’t watch that film?
Excellent film, Ramya. In this film, they both love
each other deeply. But still there’s a little gap
between them. One fine day, when they both
are alone just like us… …they passionately kissed
for the first time. And the gap between them
was shattered. Can you understand what the director
is trying to tell with this scene? What is he trying to tell? He says kiss is very important in love. Got it? Yes…I do. Got it? Prabhu, I’m getting late. I told mom that I’m going
upstairs to dry my tress. I’m leaving. Just two minutes, Ramya. For what? What are you trying for? Ramya, close your eyes
for just two minutes. Why? I want to whisper something
very important in your ear. What’s the connection
between eyes and ears? Close your eyes, Ramya. Stay in this mood for
two more minutes, Ramya. – What’s it, mom?
– Prabhu, eat after brushing teeth. Mom! If dad wakes up,
tell him lunch is ready on the table. Dad has left to office, right?
Why are you troubling me then, mom? If you get up at 11 am, how can you
know what’s happening in home? He’s unwell and sleeping in home,
he may yell at you. Just tell him, food is ready,
okay, bye. What happened? Just a minute, Ramya. Gone…gone…I’m finished. What happened? My dad is sitting alone to kill me,
I’m dead, today. I’ll be caught, red handed. Okay…okay…
don’t get scared. I’ll tell uncle, I’m here
to get notes from you. He won’t believe
if you say I’m studying. I’ll tell him I came here for
a friendly talk for few minutes. He’ll kill me. Definitely, he’ll kill me
if you tell him so. Instead of getting thrashed by him,
better to commit suicide. – Why are you blabbering?
– Blabbering? My dad is going to kick me,
you say I’m blabbering. Do you know how hard he hits?
Each shot is like thunder. You can’t understand if I say,
what will I do? You’d know if you had
experienced it. What do you want me
to do? Don’t do anything?
Don’t need to do anything, Ramya. Sit tight in this beautiful place
silently for few minutes. – That’s enough. Come on.
– Here? Please, Ramya.
Why are you doing like this? Come on. I’m getting late,
I can wait for two minutes. Extend the two minutes
into five minutes. What are you blabbering?
– Please, go in. Head…head…leg…leg… Dad! – What, dear?
– Are you sick, dad? Yes. Dad, If you take pills,
you might feel better, isn’t it? Yeah, I’ll be fine. Then, wear a shirt, go yourself
and buy medicines. Why? Phone is ringing inside, attend it. Wait, I’ll attend myself. I told her not to stop with one child,
let’s try for another one. Sir, I’ve mailed the plan to you. Yes, please check it. Forward it to GM after checking
and inform me. Yes, sir.
Call me back. I’m sick.
Let’s discuss in office, tomorrow. Call me. – Come…come…Hurry up…
– Hey…hey… – Go…go…go…
– Today evening… Go….I said go… Hey!
– Dad! Open the door, son. Why did you lock from outside? What were you doing inside
by latching door outside, father? Me?
– That too at this age? Did I put latch outside…
how can I do it? It’s become a routine for you, dad.
Oh, no! Thank God!

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