urineFREE: The Right Way to Remove Urine in Carpets

hi my name is Alex and today I’d like to show you a few tips for treating urine in your carpets when it comes to removing urine it’s important to get to where all the urine has gone for old urine stains or large accumulations your urine may have penetrated through the carpet into the underlay and the floor underneath urine free can remove embedded urine stains by seeping down through the layers to get to the underlying urine deposit in order for urine free to be 100% effective the product must make contact with all of the urine this may require several applications time and enough product firstly finally urine stain in your carpet using the urine free urine detector which will fluoresce urine stains in a darkened room it is important to find all small deposits that might be invisible to the naked eye to ensure colors do not run check for colorfastness on a small or hidden area of your carpet or rug if the stain is fresh remove as much of the urine as possible by blotting with absorbent telling if you can pull back the carpet and treat the urine located underneath in the underlay and subfloor this will speed up the process if this is not possible you will need to bleed the urine to the surface by saturating the carpet with a generous amount of urine free it is best for urine free to stay wet for as long as possible on hot days or if your carpet is in direct sunlight cover the area with some plastic wrap this will ensure the product doesn’t dry too quickly often urine stains will become darker and the odor stronger on the first treatment this is common this process is the urine crystals rising to the surface once dry wipe away as much of the sticky residue as possible with a small amount of water and blot with paper toweling repeat treatments may be necessary until the urine odor vanishes and the color lightens once you are happy the stain and odor have been removed rinse area with water and blot dry it is very important to never use chemical based cleaners or deodorizers when treating urine stains these products will coat and encapsulate the urine crystals making it difficult for urine free to penetrate and remove all the urine if other products have been used prior to urine free sponge out as much of the previous products as possible with clean water air dry and then apply urine free in summary when treating urine in carpets the most important tips to remember are saturate the stain with urine free allow the carpet to air dry as urine free requires dwell time once the carpet is dry wipe away any sticky residue and repeat treatments may be necessary until the urine odor vanishes and the color licensed for more information about our product range directions on how to use or where to purchase urine free please visit our website urine free it’s the only urine odor and stain remover you’re ever need you

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