UNBELIEVABLE Chicago Hot Dogs Made by Ex-Convicts #spon

There’s a lot of mediocre food out there. There’s a lot of good for out there. But every once in a while, you find somewhere
so good that memory vividly stays with you forever. A Game Changer. We’re looking for more of these. Today we’re in Chicago, and we’ve been told
the Hot Dogs here are like no others BUT are they actually THAT good, and does Chicago
have what 4 British doofuses are looking for? So where are we right now? The first question we needed to answer is
“What is a Chicago Hot Dog?” So to find out we split up: Baz and J went north, and Ben
and I went downtown. Today is a good day! They’ve focused on flavours, textures and
they’ve nailed it. So this is the Portillo’s Hot Dog and it seems
to be more about the topping than the dog in the bun itself. Frankfurter, onions, mustard, what looks like
chopped up pickles, definitely no ketchup. There’s so much going on, you almost forget
there’s a dog involved. Cor, that is good! First breakfast: Hot Dogs. Second breakfast:
Fried Chicken. Just another day being Jamie. The waiter reckons that we’re supposed to
put this honey butter on the chicken, like it’s spreading butter on toast. We gave him a camera as well… Sorry. So you’ve got bit of salty, bit of sweet,
and a lovely bit of spice from the cajun chicken as well. Took a break from eating hot dogs to go paddle
boarding. What’s that?! So they’re quite embarrassing tan lines. That is unbelievable!! In the middle of a huge city. Lake Michigan, looking over the skyline. They’ve got a beach. I fell in. What? I’m just sending a Twitter. Now to be honest, we got a little bit sidetracked
from finding hot dogs because the food EVERYWHERE was just great. We found this place on Instagram. They do
the most amazing ice cream-filled macarons. There is so many flavours, and it’s so cold! Mate, what have we stumbled upon here? You’ve got boats, you’ve got beautiful people,
you’ve got bikes. Yeah You’ve got all the B’s… and no Ben! It’s pretty much perfect!! Me and Ben were actually having a *great*
time. We found this amazing little coffee shop called Asado and then, to be fair to
Ben, he absolutely struck gold. We are getting The Loop! Felony Franks is a prison-themed Hot Dog joint
(they do other food too) and that is Dino the owner. The idea behind this place is so good. Felony Franks is a gourmet fast food restaurant
that employs people who have been to prison. We decided let’s create a business, put people
to work, show the world what they can do, which is why we have a commitment to excellence
because we know that people will come to our restaurant once because of the mission, but
if the food was fantastic and the service was great that they would come back over and
over and over. Being a convicted felon, he didn’t judge me
or anything. You know, any other job being a convicted felon they would probably not
give you a job. But here you have to be a convicted felon in order to have this job. I’ve been living in Chicago my whole life
– so what better person to fix you a Chicago-style Hot Dog than a guy who’s lived here all their
life, right? The typical Chicago-style Hot Dog and the
Chicago-style Polish sausage… The first, you have to have a poppy-seed bun, delivered
fresh to us right from the ovens, 7 days a week. Wow. And then you have an all-beef frank, which
is either a Polish sausage or a hot dog. Our beef franks are, you’ve probably heard
by now the Vienna Beef. Well, we use one of Vienna’s brands, Red Hot Chicago, it’s slightly
juicier, in my opinion and I think it has a little bit more flavour. And then, what goes on top of a Chicago-style
dog is mustard, tomato, onion, relish, pickle, sport peppers and celery salt. And no ketchup? Absolutely no ketchup under any circumstances,
in fact you’ll see on our line up wall that’s our biggest offence! So I don’t know if you looked around, we don’t
even have a freezer in here. So everything is fresh, and I think that makes a huge difference. We’ve come a long way for this. That’s it. It’s a multitude of flavours, you know it
takes you in a lot of different directions. That’s everything! The chargrilled beef dog had a great bite,
that hit of mustard was offset by the sweet and spiciness of the chillis and pickle, and
the onions tomatoes and relish just added a really crisp, sort of juicy freshness. Part of the reason we opened in addition to
helping ex-offenders was getting the world back to the idea that good food is worth paying
for and it’s worth eating. I’ve been real enthused and I love cooking
– I do it at home all the time. He gave me a second chance so that’s why I
do the best job I do here for Dino and here at Felony Franks. I just love doing it! Making people happy! Thank you! Dino – what a legend. We don’t even know what the other guys have
done either. No – but I don’t care, that was a Game Changer
– we might have 2 in this video! (He says that twice… I don’t know why!!) It was then time to meet up with Barry and
Jamie for our final stop of the day – the Blues Brothers movie played on an outdoor
amphitheater in Millennium Park. I love baseball now. It’s my thing. I’m a
baller… Is it a baller? ******* Did you get to 2nd base? (Oh, Ben… really??) Look at where we are, we’re in the middle
of Millennium Park eating hot dogs, watching Blues Brothers on an outdoor cinema, with
Garrett Popcorn, whilst the sun sets. What. A. Day. The variety of the things we had eaten, seen
and done was testament to Chicago in itself. We didn’t find a bad hot dog all day. And when it comes to a Game Changer, the way
that Dino at Felony Franks uses his passion and high standards of food to give people
a second chance is so much more than finding just a great tasting hot dog.

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  • My boyfriend and I were in Chicago the same time this video was uploaded! We had some fantastic food there. Some highlights: Max's Hot Dogs, the Italian Village–best Italian food I've ever had, Au Cheval–best burger I've ever had, and Giordano's.

  • So much respect for Dino and people like him who help give convicted felons a second chance. If I'm ever able to open my own bakery/cafe in the future, I'd love to do the same.

  • Being born and raised in Brockton Massachusetts and a transplant to sarasota Florida the food is one thing I have always missed. The pizza and Chinese is the best. If you ever get a chance there's a place on main st in Brockton called Cape Cod Cafe. They have what's called "bar pizza" the place has been around for years and years. Its honestly the biggest game changer I have ever known.

  • Chicago dogs are my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now that I live on the east coast of the united states I rarely get them. But so happy to see you all enjoying what I grew up on and hanging out in the lake. I have been watching you guys for years and love your recipes. But this hit a note and thank you for it. Have a great day. V

  • Had in Italy Florence the moast incredible spaggeti with olive oil, garlic, chillies and parmesan and it was so simple yet so perfect. Clearly a game changer.

  • So I go to Chicago maybe once every two or three years and every single time I go to a place called Mickey's, it's quite a bit outside of Chicago (more in the suburbs) but their hot dogs are the best things I have ever eaten before in my entire life. It's a game changer every time! I highly recommend anyone around that area or going to that area to take time out of your trip to stop by and grab a few dogs

  • A game changer of mine was an Aglio Aolio spagetti in Firenze and it was so simple but so so good and I never had anything like it.

  • The way this video ended, the music, the backing-up time-lapse, and the font. You guys should reallyyyyyy do more videos with that kind of vibe. I think everyone would enjoy it immensely.

  • I’m from Chicago born and raised and honestly this made me see my city in a while new light. With all the bad news and tragic events that occur regularly here due to gun violence, it’s nice to see the heartwarming genuine place Chicago truly is and the place I absolutely loved growing up. Seeing the appreciation you four had throughout this video really made me happy. It’s amazing how food can bring our true happiness and connect everyone from all over the world. 💕

  • Sad to see that Felony Franks has closed its doors. It was really great knowing that someone was helping ex-offenders. Never heard of anything like that over here in London.

  • they have to come to try the Mexican hot dogs in Mexico Sonora are incredible flavors with a lot of variety is another universe is in Ciudad Obregón sonora Mexico

  • Its been 7 months since you guys uploaded this and i still respect Felony Franks and Deno as much as i did back then! Legend

  • So when my sister turned 21 years old, we all went to Las Vegas. Our first dinner there was at this steakhouse called “Joe’s” at Caesar’s Palace. We ordered a side dish called “Hashed Browns”; we had heard of “hash browns” but had not heard of them in the past tense. And omg. It’s been 10 years, and I still think of just HOW GOOD those potatoes are. I’m goin back to Vegas this summer, so I’m hoping to go back to have the Hashed Browns

  • First game changer i remember is tripple Ds hotdogs out in kentucky. I cant remember the name out the town they're in though.
    The thing i love there the most is that they make you feel like family no matter who you are. And the food is amazing for the price.

  • Springfield MO, Chicago Cheesesteak Co. their sandwiches and skin-on fries are the best I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve been to Tony’s, and Pat’s and Geno’s (Philly cheesesteaks) .
    Amazing food in the Midwest. Glad you guys came out 😎👍🏼

  • It's too bad you didn't get to Portillo's before Mr. Portillo sold it. It's still good, but the quality was much better before. I grew up eating Portillo's because my mom and all of her siblings worked there in high school and are all obsessed with the food

  • I am late but if you come to Singapore, visit 18 chefs. It id kind of like Felony Franks, it hires ex-convicts

  • I'm so happy to see you boys came to Chicago! I've grown up in the suburbs aroundChicago and it still always amazes me what I can find when I head into the heart of the city.

  • HOME!!!! Love that you guys went there. I was born and raised 10 miles from there. You did the Chicago dog justice.

  • Gamechanging experience: In the city of Portland, rather, in a suburb of Portland called Beaverton(or Aloha, depending on where the boundary line is this week), there is a small sushi restaurant called Toshi. Now, unlike Mio, who doesn't even use Sushi to make their rolls(They use straight rice, no vinegar, no sugar, nothing, it's crap), Toshi is a PROPER Sushi joint, but also an absolutely amazing ramen house as well. It's a little family run joint, where the ramen bowls are huge, the side items are worth every penny, and nothing on the menu seems all that expensive until you realize that like normal Japanese cuisine… you want ALL of it.

    If you go, I recommend the Kani Yakimeshi. it's a fried rice with crab(though their normal Yakimeshi is also amazing, it's made with pork mince instead), and one serving of the stuff will set you up for at LEAST Two meals. They really pile it on. If you're just looking for a quick bite, their Sake Onigiri are absolutely delicious, if a little salt-heavy, and are filled and finished with Salmon(as the name suggests), but are Much larger than the onigiri you might be used to. One or two will be more than enough to fill most people's tanks.

    They also have the typical Sushi selection, complete with the lighter stuff for sushi newbies(Cucumber rolls), and pretty much everything else you can think of, as well as some more regional stuff that may appeal to someone wanting to try something a bit closer to a local flavor.

    They're not paying me to say this, but I swear, with the amount I tell people they need to go to this place, they probably should be. They're absolutely worth a go, and while it might Look a bit weird when you get there, what with being… small… and kind of rickety(They're got a pair of old TV stands that they're using as plate and teacup storage next to the register), the food is absolutely to die for.

  • That place looks amazing. Not only helping people get second chances, helping the community, the dogs look amazing! Definetely going to visit it when I visit Chicago.

  • Most ex-Felons just want to forget about their past and move on, and try to get better.
    This douche bag restaurant EXPLOITS these people and their past.
    F this place!

  • I'm sure this moron owner uses the Felon's cases against them too.
    "If you don't do what I say … back to PRISON you go!!!"
    Frickin' nazi douche.

  • As someone that moved to Chicago five years ago and has fallen in love with the city, this was one of the best videos to watch from one of my favourite channels and I can’t believe the level of emotion and happiness this is evoking in me ^_^

  • a terrifying thought struck me when baz tossed the popcorn behind him and jamie caught it
    "there's probably fic ab them"
    been watching nearly a decade and thats the first time thats even crossed my mind i'm scared

  • Just stumbled on this video. Lived here (well, technically just outside in suburbia) all my life. With the daily grind, you forget about the city. Seeing it through a stranger's eyes visiting here has got me excited again for the summer

  • even as a ketchup lover, chicago style dogs are my favorite! its the sport peppers and mustard mostly but the whole combination is so perfect, tangy and crunchy. nice!

  • I looooove Chicago! the food there is amazing! spent a week there when we had a collab with goose Island.

  • I love these game changers!! You should really come to Minneapolis and St. Paul, and try to find what you think is the best Juicy Lucy!! That’s a hamburger that’s been stuffed with cheese. The Nook or her sister store, Shamrock’s has my vote, but thats always heavily debated!

  • I love watching you guys. Especially when you come to the U.S. if you haven't already you need to come to the Pacific northwest. Seattle and Portland. Great seafood, coffee and beer.

  • As a Chicago lover and native, you guys did a really good job exploring all that the city has to offer! Thank you for making us Chicagoans proud!

  • I’m born and raised in Chicago baby and……..YES…..THEY ARE THAT GOOD!!!! Btw no celery salt then it’s not a Chicago dog!😍 edit: 2:09 Cafe Tola!!!! The burritos 🌯 are crazy!!!!

  • What a fucking great idea. Good on Dino for thinking that up because it's doing a service to absolutely everyone by employing the unemployable and reducing recidivism.

  • Yeah, you can't go to Chicago without having an Italian Sausage (as a dog). Also, both trips I've been in the last few years, everyone was all about Italian Beef – everyone in both groups loved it. I didn't try it because it involves the bun getting dunked in the beef drippings, so it's wet. Wet bread and me = no. Also, I needed my sausage. 😀 There's a great place – The Hat on W. North Ave. in/near Humboldt Park – that makes both!

  • I lived in Chicago for 9 years in the early 2000's, and this video introduced me to some new joints. I'm gonna have to check out Dino's place on my next visit back!

  • FELONY FRANKS!!!! So glad you went there! As a Chicago native, I hate to admit that I've never been there but I've heard a lot about it.

  • My wife and I discovered Buddy Guy's Legends bar. We had seen him in concert at the NEC. he made a table free for us and the burger was awesome but the music was the best. Love that town

  • That is honestly so cool. I hear when in jail it's very hard so that owner giving them that 2nd change is fantastic!

  • Did you just quote Tadao Ando? "You can't really say what is beautiful about a place, but the image of the place will remain vividly with you." 😂😂😂 it made me jump out of bed, I was like, what the hell, I've heard this somewhere else 😁✌

  • Great dogs – great experience at felony franks, thanks for sharing – Also, very glad you guys bot to experience Garrett popcorn cheese and caramel mix, sometimes referred to as "Chicago Mix". In my book it doesn't get any better

  • I’m in California and miss chicago terribly. So glad you got the garrets , hope they were dutifully rude and you loved the mix! I know this is 2 years old but I’m just seeing it. Also graduated from the art institute of chicago and had my graduation at the millennium park where the movie was played.

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