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Hi. In this video I want to talk about 4 fun facts… … about labrador retrievers – fits for other breeds too of course. dog channel The labrador uses his body to cover as much space as possible. That’s why I sometimes have the feeling to step over my dog 5 times in a row. Here you can see what I mean. The labrador has one feature
installed by default: the magnet nose. You can lure the dogs nose for effects like that: food magnet In expert mode you can do something like that: The labrador is famous for its cleaning skills. No crumb is safe of a labrador. The labrador basically takes everything in its mouth. And then the labrador decides whether it is eatable or not. What that could be you can see here. Carrots are nice, give me twice. Or an apple, I take too. A cucumber makes good poo. And know a piece of carton. Well, without pardon. Something healthy I take too. Salad, parsley or a shoe. A sherry directly from the tree, or raspberries yuhee. And at last a stick – you can shew it… or not. I hope you liked the video. See you next time!

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