Two Rescued Pit Bulls Placed In Room Together – Rescuers Can’t Get Over Their Reaction

Hope for Paws is an incredible rescue group
known for their animal advocacy and thousands of animal rescues. When Cadence and Chance were taken in during
two separate rescues in 2013, the rescue organization was unsure how they�d react to being around
other dogs. Since the two Pit Bulls had a traumatizing
history of abuse, Hope for Paws was hesitant about introducing them to one another, but
they decided to give it a shot. Now � the video has gone viral. A few years ago, Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws
found Cadence after she was used as a bait dog for a fighting ring. Her poor body was covered in wounds and scars;
her face seemed to have taken the brunt of the trauma. The very next day, Hagar found Chance hiding
near a hot dog truck in Los Angeles. He had lived on the streets his whole life
and was absolutely terrified of humans and trusted no one. Thankfully, Hagar was able to comfort them
and bring them back to the safety of the shelter. After receiving baths and medical attention,
the shelter staff decided it was a good time to let the shy pit bulls meet. When the door opens � it was love at first
sniff. The moment Cadence and Chance set sight on
each other, both of their tails start to wag and smiles spread across their faces. Within seconds � the two rescued pups go
into total play-mode. Paws are tapping on the floor while they hop
around the room together. It�s obvious that these two dogs felt an
immediate connection. Although they came from different walks of
life, both of them share similar struggles of feeling neglect, unsafe, and unloved. Finally � all of that had changed for them,
and they couldn�t be happier to share that excitement with one another. Since the video was uploaded, it has been
viewed almost 4.2 million times. As Cadence and Chance jump, weave, and trot
across the room with each other, it almost looks as if they are dancing! Of course, who wouldn�t want to dance around
in joy after being rescued by such wonderful people? Both of the dogs quickly adapted to life in
the shelter and showed just how loving and affectionate they could be � it wasn�t
long before they were both adopted to wonderful families. We couldn�t be happier for them both. This precious reaction that these two sweet
pit bulls have in the video below shows that every dog deserves a second chance. Remember, adopt, don�t shop!

99 thoughts on “Two Rescued Pit Bulls Placed In Room Together – Rescuers Can’t Get Over Their Reaction

  • Its so sad they went to different homes after all the terrible things they both obviously went through. I think if this got that many views, they should have been sold as a pair, after finding security and love with each other… to get their heart broke again. I've seen to many families taking buddies together at shelters. It makes me sad they don't have each other now. They have feelings. It's nice they have a home, but a little patience in waiting for the right owner could have given them a better future. I have 5 and I see the bond mine have, where their feelings for each other is so strong like people.

  • I refuse to "Like" computer-generated narration! It is hugely irritating to hear this in-human voice not conveying the feeling and emotions that it reads. No "like" from me. This is unfortunate because I absolutely admire the work Hope for Paws and Eldad Hagar do in the LA community.

  • Robot voice and no video, just photos.
    If you are too lazy to put together video footage and a human voice, stop wasting our time. YOU SUCK !!!

  • Why do we always have a series of stills and a computer generated voice from this YouTube poster?
    This is a waste of time.

  • A video of pictures with a robot voice that talks about a different video instead of showing it. Upvoted anyways, its a good story and it's cool you're spreading the word about it. We need more good news.

  • I shared my life with a beautiful brindle Stadfordshire. He was loyal – fun, and simply adored children. Now I share my life with a female PitBull. She is not as welcoming to strangers, which is fine with me. Though she is loyal – attentive and has such a high spirit. It is a travesty what some idiots do to these beautiful dogs. It impacts my heart whenever I hear about idiots who fight these animals. Some people are not only idiots, they are cruel as well.

  • Aww… Its so sweet.. These souls has gone a lot of pains. Thank so much for the rescuing people. Wonderful to hear the good news.
    Out there many souls are struggling for their life.. Please save them…God give strenght to u good people to do what should be done. God Bless.. Amen🙏😊

  • This is so phony, look again at this video. The first part shows the grey one with a bowl and white one with non cropped ears, the second part shown the grey one and a black and white one with deeply cropped ears. So fake!!!!! Not even close to the same dog.

  • Pit bulls get such a bad wrap. Even here in Australia, some people are still scared of them. They are the sweetest most affectionate dogs when you get to know them. They're so gentle and sweet. I'm glad videos like this are here to shoe that.

  • I had a pit she was absolutely a great dog she was a rescue and I loved her very much smart loyal and loving I had to put her to sleep at 13 years old she had terminal cancer I miss her very much that was three four years ago and I still get teary-eyed when I think of her her name was Irish and I rescued or on death row at Santa Clara County Humane Society I miss her so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚☺☺

  • yeah should have kept them together…but at least they had a home to go too…I'm sure the people who helped them tried…thank god that those that 'help' are there…we would be so lost without them…and in fact often 'are' if 'they that serve' are not.

  • Don’t guess we’ll get to see the video, and by the way the reason why these people use these robot voice things is because they are too fucking illiterate to read and write themselves!

  • Why would we want to subscribe to a channel that steals another channel's stories, sticks a robotic voice on them, and removes donation links?

  • So this video is about a video, that you only talk about in a computer generated voice. Well that is just stupi! I love animals and understand the fact that this spreads the point of loving animals but show the video.

  • Narration brought to you by mr speak & spell and some AA batteries…, why not show the video of them playing together instead of pictures, computer narration ruins any emotion you are trying to portray, can't you be bothered speaking.

  • You can actually go to the Hope for Paws website and see the video along with the sound as opposed to this bullshit computer generated voice from someone who stole the video off the Hope for Paws website.

  • And in case people don't know. People who use bait dogs get them from gum tree and other sites that are giving their dogs away and some arse hole gets these dogs and uses them for bait for the fighting dogs. So anyone giving their dogs away cause they can't manage them please give them to a dog home and not a stranger.

  • Anyone that uses the robo voice to make videos is lazy and undeserving of me subscribing. Also, all your doing is stealing other people's content and providing still shots taken from a video. TOTAL LOSER!

  • whats the big deal? ones a male the other female more often than not they won't fight , and they didn't. animals are toys people throw away. but there are no laws to protect them from ignorant people because it's not important, animal shelters do make a profit from selling unwanted dogs and cats which is okay but some of the prices are i think are out rages! for example shelter my area up to 350 for a mix breed, can buy full breed same price. nobody buys it gets death sentence simple as that. years ago i bought from dog pound 50 dollars for germ. shep before execution he was a good dog but look at priced now wow dogd sre better loose on street at least still alive!

  • Well that is beautiful story and you could see the joy in their faces and the way they reaction of both dogs and would have been awesome to keep them together

  • Why are you lying there 4 different dogs in the video? You shouldn’t have to lie to get sympathy for the dogs. It makes it extremely hard to believe the story at all.

  • Where’s the fucking video? They just showed pictures. They keep referring to a video that was viewed a bunch of times. Garbage

  • If, as a human being, you care about dogs, use human voice for narration. FAKE ORGANIZATION!!! If you are real, use a real voice.

  • Not even stills stolen from another provider will make this any good. Stop stealing other ppls content. I hate scumbags like you!

  • Telling us about it doesn't compare to showing us. When I find out it's just photos with a narrator I feel like I've been tricked and cheated out of the real thing. It would have been better to not produce video at all!!!!

  • Please give to Hope For Paws it's the best rescue ever. Saving California's homeless dogs and all around the world also.

  • Here's the video that you meant to show people. Youtube is for VIDEOS not a series of pictures.

  • Humans are the cruelest spieces on earth animals don't behave like we do. We abuse them and they get the bad rap. All but 2 of Michael Vick's dogs were adopted proving he should have been in the ring not the dogs. Pits are loving and loyal dogs. Last year over 1.2 million dogs were euthanized over 600,000 were pits.

  • Awwwa how SWEET 😍❤️

    I wished they could have been adopted together..

    Or were they?

    Thanks for SHARING 😊😘 these 2 cuties…



  • God bless those two !!!!!💓 people are the problem not dogs you know the so-called intelligent ones. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👹 you know the ones that said the devil made me do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!👺

  • Now how many of YOU posters will go adopt a Pit Bull? If I had transportation I would!

    Pit Bulls aren't a breed! They're a class of dog! Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier and something else can't remember.

    Every time I see a Pit Bull owner I go over and talk to them and ask if I can pet their dogs and haven't been turned down. A neighbor was babysitting a Pit Bull puppy and asked if I could play with the puppy and it was fun to play with her. My neighbor has a Staffy that I got to pet and another neighbor has a Pit Bull but haven't seen them in a year. I miss Remmy. She was a great cuddler.

    How many of you posters go out of your way to be friendly with a Pit Bull in person!

  • Remember adopt don't shop? Get your dog any damn way you want! Tell me to adopt don't shop? Then YOU get me my Pit Bull since you're arrogant enough to dictate how I get my dog!

    My Chihuahua who passed last year at age 16 I shopped for! She was from a puppy mill! You all would've ignored her deciding she wasn't good enough! She was the best darn dog and I miss her terribly. And no when I bought her did I support puppy mills who were around long before I ever got my girl and they'll be around after. Without my girl I feel lost!

    You want a dog? Buy or rescue! It's YOUR money! One isn't more superior!

  • Oh those ears!
    Some people are nothing but fucking sick in the head.
    These scum absolutely need to be dragged through the streets and publicly lynched.
    Use the very dogs that they have used and abused to do it too!

    People often argue, when it comes to the death penalty, would you pull the trigger or press the button… You know what… I have been thinking abotu this so many times, but the fact is, that the answer is a surprisingly solid YES. I could happily kill some cunt who does evil thigns like hurting kids or animals… in fact I am surprised I have not already doen something cos I know a few cunts who I would happily fuck over.

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