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– Oh my god. (both screams) (funky upbeat music) – Hi!
– Hi. – [Interviewer] Who are you? – Audrey. – My name’s Austin. – [Interviewer] Are you guys best friends? – No, but we’re acquaintances. – What? What’s that? – That means we’ve met before and we’re almost friends? I think. – [Interviewer] Welcome
to Double Dog Dare You. Today, you guys are going to combine dares for the chance to win a prize. – I know. We pinky promised not to do anything too disgusting. – Yeah (laughs). – [Interviewer] Okay guys,
throw some dares at each other. – I dare you to eat a
spinach flavored lollipop. (groans) – I love spinach and lollipops. – Do you like carnival rides?
– Not really. – I dare you to go on a spinning roller coaster until you get sick. – I will not do that ever! – I dare you to go in the rainforest and live there for ten days without dying. – I dare you to eat your boogers. – I dare you to climb a climbing wall and then jump off it onto a trampoline. – I dare you to stay in a
closet full of wolf spiders. – I dare you to eat
black licorice ice cream. (groans)
(laughs) – I dare you to lick your own shoes. – Yes! They’re the pair
of shoes I’ve never worn! Da da da da da! – [Interviewer] Okay you guys, we’ve got a lot of dares. Now let’s bring out the randomizer. – The randomizer? (bells chime) – [Interviewer] Once
you click that button, it’s going to randomly
select two of your dares. – Okay.
– Three, two– – [Interviewer] Oh,
also do you want to know what you get if you do the dare? – Wait, if you do the dare? – [Interviewer] Yeah, you guys never asked what the prize was. So if you guys do the dare, you guys get to watch
TV for the entire day. (laughter offscreen) Your parents approved of it. – (shrieks) Yay!
– Yes! – [Both] Promise you’ll do it. (laughs) – Sorry, my pinky’s the
strongest finger in my hand. – [Both] Three, two, one. (ding) (shuffle clicks) – [Interviewer] You have to ride on a spinning carnival ride. – Yes! – While eating black licorice ice cream. – Yay! I love black licorice ice cream. But not black licorice. – [Interviewer] If one
of you guys chickens out, you don’t get your prize. – I double dog dare you to do the dare. – [Both] I double dog
dare you to do the dare. I double dog dare you! – Can we open them? – [Interviewer] No. All right, open your eyes. – Oh! Oh my gosh, you’re right! – Oh my gosh! (screams) – Oh my gosh! – [Interviewer] Have you
ever been on something like this, Audrey? – Nope, I don’t like spinny toys. – [Interviewer] Do you think that you’re gonna throw up? – Yes. – Do we have to finish the ice cream? – [Interviewer] Yeah,
you gotta finish it all. (groans) – Can we take a lick? Right now? It kinda tastes like pepper. At least it isn’t messy. – Does that feel safe? – Uh huh. – [Interviewer] I think you guys are good. – We’ll hold on really, really tight. – [Audrey] Let’s do this! I’m ready! – [Interviewer] All right, we’re going to do this
like 100 times, okay? – No! (suspenseful music) (groans) (laughs) – [Interviewer] Okay, try to eat it! Let’s start the spinning. – [Audrey] Oh my god! Oh my god! (screams) You’re getting arrested for child abuse! (groans and mumbles) – [Interviewer] Hey, we’re
gonna add another scoop, guys. We didn’t stack it high enough. – Give it a good squish. – [Interviewer] All right, whenever you’re ready. Go for it! – Oh my gosh, ah! Oh my gosh, don’t scream! (screams) – This is awesome but not awesome. – [Interviewer] Austin, lean back. – Okay, I’m leaning back. – [Audrey] (cries) I’m gonna barf. – [Interviewer] Okay,
you’re about halfway there. – You can do it, Audrey! Don’t worry, oh my gosh. – You can do it more than me, Austin. My hands are freezing! – [Interviewer] You need more rotations. – Oh my gosh!
– I was never ready for this. – I can’t! I can’t! I’m
trying to eat it all. Oh my gosh, I’m getting sick. Okay! My cone’s breaking! Oh no, it’s gonna fall! Oh no! – [Interviewer] Okay,
you have 30 more to go. – [Audrey] You have to stop it! – [Interviewer] No, you
need more rotations. (suspenseful music) (screams) – Oh my gosh! – And I’m about to puke! (screams) (suspenseful music louder) – [Interviewer] All right. (coughs) – I spit up. – [Interviewer] Okay, you guys unbuckle. Go ahead and walk out. (applause) Good job, you guys! (chimes) You did it! – Yeah, I gotta stomach ache. – [Interviewer] Would
you guys do this again? – No, I hate it! I hate it! (suspenseful music) (background TV noise) – So worth it.

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