Tuesday, January 14

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show! ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Now here’s Wendy! (audience cheers) (audience cheers) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ (audience applauds)
(audience cheers) Thank you for watching my show. Say hello to my cohost in the studio audience. (audience cheers) Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay. Let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics!
(audience cheers) Sal, the dinner with me and Stevie and Faith, and Boof, and Don Pooh, who owns the Brooklyn Chop House, I like that place. Food’s good. So I put something on Instagram, but I’ll share it with you too in case you don’t follow me on the Gram. How dare you?
(audience laughs) Take a look. Hey guys! Meet Don Pooh! What’s up? You got your glasses on? Hey Wendy! How you doin’! Oh my gosh, I love this one! Oh my gosh! DJ! (audience applauds) I don’t have this app. It was actually Stevie who took that. I don’t know what the Bratz dolls is going on there, but I’d never seen that.
(audience laughs) That’s cute!
So cute! We were having such a good ol’ time. Just grown people away from our kids. Laughing and talking and in the house by like nine o’clock. (audience applauds)
It was perfect. So I get myself situated. I put my leftovers in the fridge. And then I get on the googler schmoogler. Wait, no I was in the house by eight o’clock. Oh yeah, I was in by eight. I know why ’cause I was watching, “The Neighborhood”. You like that show? That show… Clap if you like “The Neighborhood”. (audience applauds)
Right? You never saw that show? I’ve seen it before. Tichina Arnold. Cedric the Entertainer.
Okay! The guy from “New Girl”.
All kind of fun, right! So I’m watching “The Neighborhood”, and Norman texts me to watch, “The Bachelor”., I’ll get to that in a second. But anyway, but I’m looking on the googler, and I see that Cardi B wants to run for Congress. Well, you know what? And by the way, Cardi B do not get a face lift. You all better stop hating on that girl. (audience laughs) So what she went to somebody’s party and had a zipper mask. Everybody has a little 52 Shades of Gray in them! (audience groans)
(audience laughs) I don’t know whether you’re that 52 or that shady or gray, but I’m just sayin’, right? She’s just trying to create mystique. And this is probably something new from the runway, like 5,000 bucks. Cardi gets everything right away. And the glasses probably in the $5,000. And she’s just wearing her wears. People are like, “She’s covering her face. “She got a face lift.” Cardi doesn’t need a face lift. Cardi looks great with no make-up. And Cardi looks great with make-up. (audience applauds)
Yeah, yeah, anyway. But on the political front, she said, “I do feel like, if I go back to school and focus up, “I can be a part of Congress. “I dead ass have so much ideas.” No, so much ideas. “That make sense. “I just need a couple of years of school, “and I can shake the table.” You know what? Nobody else in Congress went to school, why do you have to go?
(audience applauds) No shade intended Congress. I know all of you all went to school, but you’s all on that political saga acting like nobody has an education. Like nobody has sense. Tonight, we’re gonna be suffocating with that Democratic Debate. I’m watching. Like I have to watch. I’m watching that, and I’m watching my news friend from my Fox family who doesn’t work there anymore, but Greg Kelly, remember he was with Rosanna Scotto. Greg is on Max TV. I don’t know how to get that. You know I have the worst cable ever. One wrong button and the whole apartment goes out. But I gotta look for this Max TV. Suzanne, do you know anything about the Max TV? Never heard of it. I’ve never heard of it. Well, he’s got a show. It starts tonight. Which is weird ’cause it’s Tuesday, not Monday. Yeah, that is weird. Like why does stuff start on Tuesday? I don’t know. But he’s on regular TV, or is it an app you gotta download? I think it’s Newsmax. Newsmax, that’s it!
Still haven’t heard of that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that I’ve heard of. (audience laughs)
Is that on regular TV? Can I just hit my remote?
Yeah, I think it’s like a high up cable channel. I think.
Well, my nose starts to bleed when I go that high up. You gotta press them three numbers. Oh no, wait. That’s okay, I’m gonna figure it out. Hi Greg. Anyway, and then the Queen spoke out. Oh by the way, with Cardi, I do think Cardi can make some sort of impact on something or another. Look at the people right now who are voting. They don’t vote for old fogies. They don’t care about a lot of the stupidity. Blondie in the front row, that’s you, right? (audience laughs) Cardi might have something to say. She does!
Over in the booth section. Huh? And you just might vote for her. I just might.
Maybe not for Congress, but for a politico. A politico. She could do something. She can.
Hell, she start with mayor of New York since it seems like we don’t have one. (audience laughs)
(audience applauds) Right? And then the Queen is still talking. Like, I really don’t care. We already know London is burning. The Queen and Charles and William and they all sat down. Afterwards the Queen released a statement that she prefer them to refrain from being with the full time family. She respects their decision to live wherever they want to live. And Canada, you’re gonna have to pay for their security, from what I understand. Okay so that’s the Queen. Now, let’s get to this. The King is also spoken about me again. I’m talking about the King of all media, Howard Stern. (audience groans) Now you lookie here, Howard. I’m tired of fighting with you, man. Why do you always have to fight with me? Why, ’cause you think I’m the low lying fruit? Why, ’cause Imus is dead? Why, ’cause you’re scared to go after Tom Joyner? (audience groans) Like, why are you and I always fighting? I wasn’t fighting with you. I’m minding my own business trying to watch the rest of that disastrous champagne toss on “The Bachelor” after “The Neighborhood” went off with Tichina Arnold. Girl, that show is all that.
(audience laughs) And I turn on the “Daily Mail”, I like those people at the “Daily Mail”. Top story, top story! Suzanne, not even the second story. Now, you know, top story, all right. It says something about I should’ve been there before Wendy Williams. Like, what am I involved in now? So he spoke about the Oscars. He’s pissed because The Academy Award Oscar people don’t include radio in any of those categories. And I’m like everything that’s included has to do with a movie, whether it’s a voiceover for a movie, or whether you’re a cartoon in a movie, or you’re acting in a movie, or you’re singing a song for a movie. Like Howard, and we both know, and shout out to all my radio people, including you Charlemagne, who I talked to yesterday in the car with Boof. (audience groans) A very delightful conversation. Boof? (audience laughs) Anywho, only real radio heads understands how important radio is in life. Like the regular radio. You turn it on, we’re in the car with you, you’re driving by yourself, we’re making you laugh, we’re telling you stories, we’re taking your mind away. Like, I was in love with radio before I got this chair. Now I like this more ’cause it pays better. (audience applauds) But Howard, you know, I know, and anyone in radio knows, people in entertainment, they look over us. They come to New York from LA, they go on the Kelly, they go on the View. Oh my God Abby quit. I’ll get right there. Hold on a moment. They go on the talk shows. They go on TV. They think of radio like a throw up job. Like they throw us away. And radio really is, quite frankly, the most brilliant invention ever. Even before TV. You know, because radio makes you use your imagination. This TV, everything is laid out right in front of you. You know what I’m sayin’?
(audience applauds) So, he’s pissed that the elite Emmy people aren’t including radio in the category. And then he goes on to be pissed at the National Radio Hall of Fame. Now, there are a few bootleg ones, but there’s only one real one and it’s out in Chicago. And I was inducted back in 2011. Right, right, right?
(audience applauds) And my whole family was there. It was like a big deal, you know what I’m saying? And Howard gets pissed because he’s like, “Oh that Hall of Fame.” This is what he says on the “Daily Mail”. I texted you about this, right? Uh huh. And read in capital letters? Yes, it was all caps. And then you all tried to blow this off on the Hot Topics. And I had to say, “No, the F you won’t. “I’m talking about this. “This matters to me.” He goes, “No offense to Wendy Williams, “they put her in before me.” You know what, Howard? I was offended the night I got my award even though I loved it. My family was there and everybody was so happy. However, Howard…
(audience applauds) And that goes down in history; you don’t get kicked out. You’re there, I got an award. You know what I’m saying? It’s up in the house. Howard was inducted in 2012. I was in 2011. Well, Howard, I agree with you, King of All Media, a hero to me and many people around here. There’s nothing you can say that’ll make me stop loving you, Howard. There’s nothing that you can say, nothing at all. But I agree, he was supposed to be there before me. You know what I’m saying? He was in before I was. I’m racing up and down the Turnpike trying to grab bones for $9,000 a year, listening to Howard through five states, cackling and laughing and shaping my adulthood, kinda sorta. You know what I mean? Personally and professionally, I admire you, Howard Stern. And they were wrong for that. But don’t hate on me ’cause I got in before you. (audience applauds)
(audience cheers) And one more thing. I know the only reason that I got in, and listen closely, is that I had a new talk show, see. I went from radio successfully to TV with my own show. You haven’t done that. “America’s Got Talent” was already successful. You were part of an ensemble when you got there. You know, that E! thing was E! Entertainment they weren’t even, I mean, I watched. No, I watch it all. But all’s I’m sayin’ is: Keep your hundreds of thousands of dollars, your beautiful wife, Beth, all those animals that you all rescued, and be happy, man. And stop hating on me,
(audience applauds) ’cause I don’t hate you. How dare you?
(audience laughs) How dare you? You out animaled me!
(audience cheers) Did you know that Dave Mizejewski’s coming here later? So Willie always puts me in some animal safari look. When Dave comes with all the animals and stuff he’s bringing there’s a wild dog backstage. I don’t even know what that is. What the hell is a wild dog? Wouldn’t you call that a wolf? They said, “No, a wild dog has really small ears “and they look crazy.” I was like, “Okay.” So Dave is backstage wrangling animals. If you smell anything, that’s what you smell. (audience cheers)
(audience applauds) Okay. So, other than our show, one of my favorite daytime’s is “The View”.
(audience applauds) And I’m very, very disheartened that Abby, Abby quit on the air. Allegedly people know behind the scenes, but I know people who know the behind the scenes of “The View”, they say that shit was. Now, shout out to you all’s make up room. Look, I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know who (burps).
(audience laughs) Damn!
(audience applauds) Look, Abby broke the news yesterday on TV. I was busy doing stuff, I didn’t actually see it. But they saved me a clip, and now I have it for you. Take a look. I was asked months ago by my dad, who’s running for governor in Utah, to come help run the campaign. I thought, “No, it’s not the right time.” And over the holidays, when you take a step back, and you think about life, think about your kid, what you want to do every day that just get you going. And there’s no one I believe in more than my own dad right now. (audience applauds) And then I come in today, and the “NY Post”. Oh, shout out to the “Daily News”. I hear there’s something. You’re about to close down?
(audience murmurs) Yeah! It was on the news this morning. Oh you all were coming here, so you all weren’t watching. (audience laughs) I like to wake up an hour early and catch up on everything. Look, but anyway, the “NY Post” though, their Page Six had this giant article at the top of the page in all black caps how it’s a toxic work environment. And there’s tension with Abby and Meghan, and Meghan and everybody. Nobody likes Meghan McCain. I like Meghan McCain. But I like her though, sir. I didn’t say I agree with her politically. And I also think Meghan tends to act very mature when people try to come for her after she said something hard. And I know that her father, the Sir McCain. But stop talking about him. Like, ride on your own merits. I mean, if I were a McCain, I’d mention it every once in awhile, but not every. (audience applauds) So, and Abby comes from a lot of money. She didn’t need this job. She’s got her kids, she’s got her husband. Her dad is running for the governor of Utah. And she wants to go help him in his campaign. So she left. Now see, that’s some good ol’ money when you can just get out of your chair, quit on TV and leave. So now they’re stuck with Meghan, which I don’t think that’s… Although, I didn’t like Abby when she first got to the show because I felt like she was intruding on girls that I already know. Like, who’s this new girl? But her hair’s real cute. You know she flips it out like that. She’s got a dimple and a real good smile. I said, “I gotta wait until I’m invited over there again, “and I’m gonna really be checking her out.” And when she came in, she was like all, she’s part of my beyhive thing. I know!
But I really liked her! And then I told her. I was like, “Meghan, I didn’t like you at first, “but now I love you.” Just get in there, I like your outfit. Don’t quit. Can we just settle down with the hosts? Now they’re gonna probably audition 500 women that we don’t care about until they get to the 459th or 99th. I’m exhausted. Whoopi says it’s toxic. There’s certain people in our Hot Topics that can’t stand Aunt Joy and I told them then you get out. Aunt Joy stays.
(audience applauds) That’s a whole lot of firecracker. I like Sonny. And who’s the girl who’s been filling in that you said was too old? First of all, how dare you?
Who said it? Somebody in the meeting?
Somebody else. It was not me.
You heard it! I heard it. It’s Ana Navarro.
I like her! Yeah, I love her. She’s hilarious!
They’re probably gonna replace Abby with somebody young. With somebody that same age. Yeah, yeah. All you young girls don’t need to apply ’cause I don’t have time for that. (audience laughs) But if you feel as though you’re really qualified, then go ahead.
(audience applauds) In the meantime, we never talked about the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Sunday where everyone was fighting. And then the ladies talked about someone recording Cynthia without her knowing. And then Nene and Kenya almost came to blows. And the cameraman had to get in the way. And then Kenya called Nene ugly. Now look. Just take a look and then we’ll rehash. I will talk to you– No, well you shouldn’t have said when you had the time to say it, Nene. You had the floor! Kenya, you shut the (beep) up, bitch. You shut the (beep) up, bitch! You shut the (beep) up! You shut the (beep) up! Touch me, ho! You got the wrong bitch, ho! (women arguing) This is crazy. Aint nobody thinking about Nene’s stupid ass. Damn, I got you. I got her. I got her! No, you better not ever (beep) point your (beep) finger at me, bitch. Come on, you walk with me. I got her. No, I ain’t going nowhere.
I got you. I got her! This is crazy. Crazy ass bitch! (audience groans) So after the show, right, Kenya tweeted, “Does she own a mirror? “On her sixth nose job, always coming for the pretty girls “on the show. “#ByeUgly” (audience groans)
(audience laughs) First of all, I think Nene looks great, okay! (audience applauds) And it’s never a read, Kenya, if the person you’re trying to read already exposed. Like Nene knows! Knows, knows. Look, she will share her surgeon’s information with anybody here. If Nene’s getting money, Nene’s spending it on herself. And Nene is my friend, but I like Kenya too. But anyway, what was I doing on Sunday? I did what? I know what you were watching. What was I watching?
Soul Plane. Yeah right, right! The gift that keeps on giving. All right everybody, we’ve got more great show for you. (audience applauds) A little louder! Up next, comedian Michelle Buteau is here. So, grab a snack and come on back! (upbeat music)
(audience applauds) (audience cheers) All right, so our first guest is a stand up comedian and the star of “The First Wives Club” which is on BET. So she’s hosting a new show as well. It’s on Netflix, it’s called, “The Circle”. Take a look. Circles. Circles. Take me to my profile. Welcome to “The Circle”, a new social experiment where players don’t meet face to face. What? They only communicate through “The Circle”. I hope you are who you say you are ’cause I’m not. So what would you be if $100,000 was on the line? The biggest risk that anyone can take is to be yourself. I could really be going home right now. It’s gonna be real juicy. I hope y’all got a cup! (audience laughs) Please welcome Michelle Buteau. (audience cheers) Yes! Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! I love it! I love it! Hi!
Good to see you again! You too! Michelle!
Hi! (audience cheers) I don’t wanna get emotional, but I– You can get emotional here. You just mean so much!
(audience applauds) You do, you mean so much. And as a black woman out there trying to dip and do it, of course Howard would say something trying to not understand your shine. But you are doing it, not just for you, but for everybody.
And I still love him! (audience cheers) Yes! Kill him with kindness. Shoe cam, please!
Yes honey! wikiFeet come through! wikiFeet come through! Let’s see your heel. Oh, it’s a little metallic situation. That’s like yoga. Here you go, here you go. Got it? Do you do yoga? Somebody was asking me about doing yoga the other day. I was like, “Get out of here.” It’s good! Do a little cat cow, roll your back. It’s good for your hips and knees and stuff. It’s good circulation.
I’ll get that done. Oh? Okay.
Not in yoga class. So look, welcome to the couch. Thank you. First of all, your make-up looks beautiful. Thank you.
But your freckles are not shining as much as I, like I love a freckle. They’re so cute.
Thank you. But they kinda tried to hide them or something. You know, shout out to my make-up girl, Letitia. I love you so much. She makes me feel like a size 16 every time she does my make-up. What size are you? I’m an 18 and I’m proud!
(audience cheers) Oh Michelle, so the last time that you were here which was eight years ago. It was when we first invented Hot Talk Panel. Would you look at that (muffled speaking)! Oh my God! So I dressed myself. I took those pants back to Macy’s the next day. Why, they always have a good one day sale! I know, but they take anything back. I was doing a lot of panel stuff, and I was a broke comedian. I couldn’t afford to dress myself. Macy’s, their return policy is great. It’s not even from Macy’s and they’ll take it back. I remember you were so nice. You were so sweet and also powerful. And I remember you were like, “You have freckles?” And I was like, “Yeah!” And then two seconds later you were on the air and you were like, “Welcome back!” I’m like, “How’d she do it?”
(audience laughs) ’cause I love them! So, you’ve had, correct me if I’m wrong, four shows. First of all, we didn’t know really who she was back then. But I always liked to give a hand up to, you know. I’ve known you since when? Obviously since the radio. But I’ve been doing comedy for 18 years and I used to do your shows at Caroline’s and Comics. Oh my Gosh! You used to do comedy shows. Yeah, every Wednesday night! Yeah, and you had a gong sometimes. So, if you weren’t funny, Wendy would gong you. I never got gonged though.
No! But we didn’t know you, know you, like we know you now. All of a sudden, you have exploded. And it’s crazy.
Correct me, four projects in one year? I haven’t done my taxes yet, but something like that. (audience laughs) Yeah, so I did “First Wives Club” with Tracy Oliver, BET Plug. BET! Shout out to Jill Scott and Ryan Michelle Bathe. That was amazing.
How did you get that role? You know, I auditioned and put myself on tape like every other audition. But I never thought in a million years I would get it. I thought for sure it would go to somebody more famous. So you know, a lot of people talk themselves down, and they’re like, “Why would I even do it, “it’s gonna go to somebody else?” Don’t tell yourself no before someone tells you no. Just go out there and do it.
Good, Michelle! (audience applauds)
And so, there’s power in thinking no one’s gonna watch it. So I just had fun and Tracy was just like, “Yes.” And the fact that she hired me, a plus sized actress, as well as Jill, I was like– Is that a big deal?
It is a big deal, Wendy! Literally a big deal!
(audience laughs) It’s a big deal because usually we’re the– But you’re handling your meat. You’re not like, what are you saying? Well look, because you are woke. But not everybody’s woke in Hollywood. Your husband over there is woke! Oh, he woke every night honey! YES!
(audience cheers) My Dutch bae! My Dutch bae! How’d you meet him? What’s his name? Oh his name is, Gijs. It’s very Dutch. It’s like a Rosetta Stone lesson. And honestly, we met, it was supposed to be a one night stand. It turned into forever love. So if you out here–
Okay, let’s talk about that. ’cause I believe in a one night stand. They got their purpose. Yeah, I mean it’s freeing because you don’t have all that extra baggage–
Where’d you meet him? This place called Bembe in Brooklyn. Have you heard of it? Okay, so you were in there by yourself and then you saw him and said, “Let’s go”? Something like that! Something like that. But I’m just saying, if you are single and you wanna be with someone, open up your mind, your heart, and your legs to love, honey. ’cause you never know!
(audience cheers) Okay!
(audience applauds) And so, did he live in Brooklyn at the time, or did he went back to Holland? No! He lived in Holland, so we were long distance for two years. But when you know, you know. And I didn’t want to see anybody else in my five mile radius. I was like you. I even forced him to tell me he loved me. Oh, that’s good! Push him into it. So when you went over there, there’s not a whole lot of black people. I couldn’t even find black sheep! It is very white and people are just looking at me like, “Who is this plus sized Beyonce walking down the street.” With the freckles!
I know, with the freckles! And they’re like, “You’re black, how’d you get so light?” I’m like, “It’s called colonialism. “You invented it.”
(audience applauds) Thank you! So now you’ve been married for how long? We’re gonna be married for 10 years! And he came over here voluntarily, or did you have to drag him?
No. Do you like it here enough? Yeah, I love it here. You love it here?
Yeah baby, you better say you love it.
(audience laughs) Okay, so you’ve been married forever and you recently had the twins through a surrogate. Yes!
(audience applauds) Now, I don’t mean to pry– Yeah, please, I’m an open book. But I heard a few things. Like you guys had been trying for years. And then, what did you do? The IVF, we did the IVF for a little while. And it’s so funny it’s like full circle because I have this benign–
Ow. Are you okay? No, I’m thinking of the needle. My husband wanted to share in the experience, so he gave me all my needles. He knew that I had to go through it. And I think having a strong partner is important and shout out to women who want to do it by themselves because you are my shero, you know what I mean? You know, we struggled for about five years. And I think it was four miscarriages in two years, which is really hard to get up on television. (Wendy groans) It’s hard to get on stage every night and do the funny haha, but comedy–
That’s what I said! Yeah, but comedy really saved me, you know, because I’m usually there for you guys. But then I was like, “I’m here for me.” It’s hard to talk about because nobody knows what to say. And that’s fine, you don’t have to be Dr. Oz. All you have say is, “I’m sorry you’re going through this.” Don’t say, “Why do you want to have a baby? “Maybe you should lose some weight. “Maybe you shouldn’t work so much.” Don’t make me feel guilty about wanting a life and also wanting a family.
What? Yes! You really understand who your friends are, when you are going through something and when you have gotten something good in your life. Tell me about it!
(audience applauds) So, you had your surrogate.
We had the surrogate. But we had to go to Pennsylvania because surrogacy is not legal in New York unless– Did you know this? Surrogacy is not legal in New York unless you’re related to the person. And all my cousins got families. So there’s only seven to 10 states that are surrogacy friendly.
That is crazy! Yes, I am so tired of old white men making laws for my body.
(audience applauds) So tired of it. You went to Pennsylvania. Now, are you still in touch with the carrier? I am! And thank you for saying carrier, because a lot of my friends say mother, and I say, “I’m the mother, and she’s the carrier.” They aren’t your friends then. You know, it’s all about education through love. You know what I mean? I’m still in touch with her. I send her pictures. I thank her. She prays over the children. When they say it takes a village. My village came in a different way, but I am so thankful for them. And so now back to the career because you got it all going on now. You got all the juggles in the air. Tell us about “The Circle”, ’cause we saw the clip and something about the internet or somethin’. It is something about the internet. So, it’s a social experiment, right. It’s sort of like “Big Brother”, but I’m like big sister. And these contestants live by themselves in isolated apartments and they can only communicate with each other through The Circle App. And it’s fascinating because we have to go through our lives with the internet. You cannot not do social media. For business, for pleasure, all of it. I hate it.
I know. We know what it’s like to not have social media in our lives but a lot of people don’t. Yes, it’s entertaining. And yes there’s catfishing elements. But it’s so important too because a lot of people who ended up catfishing realized that, “Wow, I am enough. “I didn’t need to catfish.” It’s really about self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love. And it’s really funny ’cause I’m hosting it! (audience cheers) Thank you, Michelle! Congratulations on everything. Thank you so much. It’s Michelle Buteau everybody. “The Circle” streams on Netflix now. Up next, Dave Mizejewski is here with the animals. Do you hear them?
Oh my God! They’re coming out!
(audience cheers) Don’t go far! (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what a wild dog looks like. You’re gonna see. Okay. I think I’ve seen them before outside. It’s a different kind of wild dog. Well, I love when our next guest stops by. He always has animals. He’s made me animal friendly. He seduced me with the animal world. Say hello to Dave Mizejewski. Hi Wendy!
(audience cheers) Dave!
I love your fashion, as always and everyone in the audience wearing your animal faux fur prints, I like to see that. So here’s the deal, the National Wildlife Federation, my organization, we’re partnering on that new film, “Doolittle” with Robert Downey Jr. I know I heard! Yeah, really awesome. And so the movie has a lot of CG animals voiced by lots of stars. And so, our message is that everybody can be a voice for wildlife. Now are you part of this movie, like in terms of advising them behind the scenes? Exactly, yeah. So you met Robert Downey Jr.? I did, I just interviewed him. So watch my social media and you’ll see an interview that I did with him about wildlife conservation and what this is all about. So everybody out there, you all could be a voice for wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation. Google “Doolittle” and you’ll find out how to do that. We’ve got lots of easy tips to save wildlife. So let’s bring out our first animal. Our first animal is going to have a little bit of a dramatic entrance.
Oh gosh! On the way we go.
Come on in. So this is a hyacinth macaw. This is a South American parrot species. You can come closer, it’s safe. You guys actually kind of match today almost. Hey girl!
So all of the animals I’m gonna bring out have different ways of communicating, just like the animal characters in the film. So, parrots, if anybody has ever owned a pet parrot, you know they communicate with their voice. They can be super loud. This is a species that also is declining rapidly in the wild. Deforestation–
I heard that the other day! I was watching on the–
It’s a big problem. Deforestation, also the pet trade. So, if you’re going to get a pet, make sure you get one that is bred in captivity. I honestly think you should stick with dogs or cats versus getting something like this because it’s much easier to take care of.
I like your bracelet girl. So this hyacinth macaw is from the National Aviary in Pittsburgh; you can go visit them. Really great conservation work these guys are doing. She’s just eating nuts and snacks. Is that a boy or girl though? This is a girl. Can I touch her? Actually, you can’t touch. They have that big beak, they can chop. Our next animal is another animal that you might be a little bit freaked out by because it’s a rodent, but–
They’re outside too! Oh gosh, please, really!
(audience laughs) I want you to look at how beautiful this animal– That’s a pretty rodent. Look at the beautiful stripes. The spotting!
This is called a paca. You can gently pat on the back here. It’s kind of like a relative of the guinea pig, also a native to South America. These guys, they don’t make–
Now, looky here, rat face. (audience laughs) Where’s your tail?
They don’t have a tail. They actually communicate. They make little grunting noises. And they communicate with scent. They lead urine trails in the wild. Not on you. And so, not all animals communicate with their voice, but they use their other senses. And so, this cute little paca is just doing its thing out in nature.
How old? This is a full grown adult. And they live probably five to 10 years in the wild. Would you advise somebody to get one of those for their kids?
No, these are not pets. And by the way I have this on a leash. This is for safety of the animal. This is not an animal that should be a pet. This is an animal that lives in a zoo with proper care like all the animals I’m bringing on today. (audience applauds)
I always look at your hands when you come here because you never have bite marks. Well because again, I know what I’m doing, and I’ve handled animals. This next one though might actually give me a scratch. Oh gosh!
Really, really cool lizard species.
It’s really pretty though. It’s a called a prehensile tail skin. Touch that tail.
I will. And it’ll curl around you a little bit. So they use that tail as a fifth wind. Let’s see if we can see if it sticks it’s tongue out. That’s how this animal communicates. It’s one of the only social lizards out there. Most lizards, they live solitary lives. This species lives in family groups. Can I touch?
You can pat, yup. It’s not slimy right? Cold, not slimy. So this is really, they communicate by smell. They smell each other. They can identify their family members. The mother’s take care of the babies. Really neat. By the way, this species is from Australia. Everybody’s heard of the Australia fires. Oh my Gosh, the fires have killed so many animals! Climate change is fueling that. These animals are burning up.
Girl! As well as the koalas and everything else. The National Wildlife Federation is really focused on fighting climate change. Again, we need all of your help and all of your voices so that these animals do not burn to death and have a horrible, yeah.
(audience applauds) We’ve got a few more animals. Well, these are the calm animals. ’cause normally you tell my cohosts don’t clap because it scares the animals. Yeah, you know, a lot of animals can get very spooked. What’s that? A hedgehog?
Yeah, this is a hedgehog. It’s not blue!
It’s not blue. In real life, hedgehogs are not blue. This is a hedghog, like you said. This is actually a domesticated hedghog. So it is something that people can get as a pet. You can touch.
Oh pointy. They’re prickly. And so again, these animals don’t make a lot of noise. But they communicate with body language. So if a hedgehog is scared, it can roll into a ball and all these little prickly spines will protect it. So again, with animals, a lot of it is not what they say, or what noise they make, it’s what their body language is. And so, this little guy is really comfortable just hanging out here.
I see he’s not balling up. Exactly. I want to get to our last two animals. Hi Sonic.
(audience chuckles) Because they’re pretty amazing. So our last two animals are essentially endangered in the wild.
Would this be the wild dog? These are the wild dogs. So these are New Guinea singing dogs. And they are an ancient, ancient dog breed. If you’ve heard of a dingo. Have you heard of a dingo from Australia? Yes. So these guys. Hey sweetie. These pups are–
Are they related? Yeah, their siblings and they’re very similar to dingoes. They’re an ancient domesticated breed but that has gone back to the wild. They look adorable and they’re like puppies, but they’re not domesticated dogs. And they’re called singing dogs because they sometimes howl and they have a unique frequency to their howl, that’s how they communicate. Hi! Oh, I’m sorry, he doesn’t like to look at me. But at any rate, these guys are extremely rare. Yes, you can pet. They’re very very gentle. There you go, see.
Hi honey. (dog barks) Oh God, see! All right Dave. You and your band of merry men. Maybe not; he didn’t like your vibe. But at any rate, there we go. Yeah, ’cause he smells the cats. He smells ChitChat and My Way. So in any rate, we need you to be a voice for wildlife. Go to NWF.org/Doolittle. Get involved protecting these wild animals with National Wildlife Federation and go see the move “Doolittle” too. Yes, please! Dave Mizejewski everybody. We’ll be right back! (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) It was maybe like $100. You’re wearing it out!
Thank you, thank you! It’s a dress and then she just threw on the thing on the top. It’s a Kate Spade (muffled speaking). But this is not eye candy. We’re doing celebrity face swap, okay. All right, we blended two celebrities together. You have to tell me which each celebrity is. Absolutely.
All right, all I’m gonna hint to you is one’s a man and one’s a woman, go. (suspenseful music) Oh, Faith Evans. Wait, can I get a hint? Can I get a hint? Do you need? You got Faith. Okay, Faith Evans and Stevie J. There you go!
(audience cheers) Dinner for two at the Sugar Factory. Thank you!
We’ll be right back! (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) By the way, in the street you would look more sophisticated than what we were just doing. You’re having a good time? I am having a great time. Good, everybody have a seat. It’s time for Eye Candy. Everybody looks great in their own way, but I only have one Diva fan and it’s got to go to Renee Stackey.
(audience cheers) (upbeat music) Thank you Wendy! Look turn it on. I’m frightened but when the doors opened, I saw you immediately.
Oh thank you! Show them the back!
(audience cheers) And you’ve got the phony tail too. I have the phony tail. It looks good!
Thank you Wendy! Now look, what’s all going on with the outfit? Is there a story? There’s a story. My friend Delicia Glam made this outfit for me. I got the boots, they’re vegan, online for 20 bucks. And the ear cuffs are from Claire’s under $10. Now how long have you had this halter jumpsuit? She made it for me last year. How many times have you worn it? This is the second. Perfect.
Thank you! Well thank you very much Renee. We’ll be right back!
Thank you Wendy! (upbeat music) (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Look, if you’re ever in the New York area, this is a must do destination place. We’ve got so much going on.
(audience cheers) She came from Texas. She came from Brooklyn. They came from… What’d you say?
Long Island. Long Island!
(audience laughs) And she came from South Philly with her friend. The tickets are free. I hear you DC! The tickets are free, go to WendyShow.com, it’s a good time. We’ll be right back!
(upbeat music) (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) I wanna thank my guest, Michelle. You are a peach. Cohost studio audience, I love you! (audience cheers)
Thank you! Tomorrow Robin Roberts is here from Good Morning America. We’re having couch chat. I’ve got you covered with the Hot Topics. Don’t forget to watch TV tonight. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. And I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music)

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