Trump’s Wall Has Changed a Lot: A Closer Look

-The president delivered
a primetime address last night on the government shutdown that
he started over his border wall. For more on this, it’s time for
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] This was Trump’s first
Oval Office address. Normally,
that’s a solemn occasion, and one of the weightiest things
a president does. But as usual, Trump found a way
to make it weird. After the speech,
he tweeted, “Thank you.
So many nice comments regarding my
Oval Office speech — a very interesting
experience.” “A very interesting
experience”? He reacted to addressing
the nation from the Oval Office the same way my grandpa did
to tapas. [ Laughter ] Also, if it was
so interesting, why didn’t you
open you eyes more? [ Laughter ] You could have fit 10 of yours
into one Pelosi. [ Laughter ] [ Distinct laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -I love jokes
about politics. It’s a great joke. -Whoa, whoa.
I have a question. Andy… Andy, what are you
doing out here? -Oh, nothing. I just figured,
since “Closer Look” is the thing from the show
everyone watches online, I’d try to be in it
and get some views. What’s up, YouTube? [ Cheers and applause ] -Hey, people watch
this show live. -Eh.
-Just get out of here. -Watch “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
on Thursday! [ Cheers and applause ] -Now everyone’s gonna
want to do that. Now, it’s worth
taking a step back and remembering
how we got here. We all know the wall was
the most memorable promise of Trump’s campaign, and
refrained at all of his rallies. And no matter he much he talked
about building a physical wall, to many of his supporters, the wall remained
an imaginary thing. We’re at a weird point where
Trump is basically the last guy who wants a wall. I mean, it’s fun to chant
“Build the wall,” but they didn’t
expect it to happen any more than they expected
Trump to actually lock her up. If you go to a Mets game,
you chant “Let’s go Mets,” but you don’t really
expect them to go. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Which might explain why, early
on, there were so few details about how the wall
would actually be built. In fact, it took a question
from a child in the crowd at one of Trump’s rallies
in 2015 to find out what the wall
would even be made of. First, here’s the question — -Okay. A young man —
come on. Young guy. -So, you’re going to
build the wall. What’s it going
to be made out of? -Oh. -[ Mockingly ] “Oh.” [ Laughter ] “Oh, [bleep]. Why did I
let a kid ask a question?” [ Laughter ] I will say — I hate
watching Trump be president, but I would love
watching a show where kids get to
ask him questions. [ High-pitched voice ]
“Mr. Trump, where do
people go when they die?” -They’re going to China.
They’re going to Japan. They’re going
all over the place. “Grandpa’s in Japan!” [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
But amazingly, the exchange
with Trump gets weirder, because Trump then
invited the kid on stage to repeat his question
while holding him up to the mic. And eventually,
Trump gave him an answer. -Lift him up here.
Bring him up here. [ Cheers and applause ] Come on. -What — what are the walls
going to be made…? -Go ahead.
Ask it. -What are the walls
going to be made out of? -I’ll tell you what it’s
gonna be made of. It’s gonna be made
of hardened concrete, and it’s gonna be made out of
rebar and steel. -Why does he hold
the kid up like that? [ Laughter ] That kid’s face looks like he’s
being carried away by a falcon. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] So… [ Applause ] …Trump said very clearly the wall would be made
from concrete. In fact,
as the campaign went on, and even after
he became president, he made lots of specific
promises about the wall — who would pay for it,
what we should call it, and how high it would be. He also repeatedly floated
a price tag for the wall — a price tag that
seemed to change basically any time
he opened his mouth. -So, let’s say it costs
$4 billion or $5 billion. So, if the wall costs
$6 billion to build… You mean to tell me I can’t take
$7 billion and build a wall? Well, it’s probably
$8 billion. The wall is $10 billion
to $12 billion. I think for $18 billion or less,
we’re gonna have a great wall. We’re talking about a wall
for $20 billion. And they did agree to
a $25 billion wall. -He’s a like a rich guy yelling from the
“Price Is Right” audience who doesn’t know
how much things cost. “How much is this detergent?”
“3 billion. $3 billion.” Trump just made stuff up
off the top of his head because the wall
was a ridiculous thing he never thought he’d actually
have to build. At any point in
the last two years, Republicans — who controlled
the House and Senate — could have given Trump
money for the wall, but the didn’t, because
it was obviously insane. And now, in his desperation
to get a deal, he’s throwing out everything
he said about the wall on the campaign trail — from
the fact that Mexico would pay for 100% of it, to the fact that
it would be made of concrete, to the fact that it had to
be called a “wall.” -You ran your campaign
promising supporters that Mexico was going to
pay for the wall… -Oh, here we go again.
-…and that the wall was
going to be made of concrete. -I said I was gonna
build a wall. I never said
“I’m gonna build a concrete –” I said
“I’m gonna build a wall.” Just so you don’t —
’cause I know you’re not into the construction business —
steel is stronger than concrete. If I build this wall,
or fence, or anything the Democrats
need to call it — because I’m not into names,
I’m into production. So, if I have
a steel wall — or you could call it
a steel “fence.” We mentioned
the price that we want — $5.6 billion —
very strongly. ‘Cause numbers
are thrown around. You heard much
higher numbers. Those higher numbers
were very much a misnomer. You heard $20 billion
and $25 billion. -Yeah, that’s true.
We did hear that — from you. You told us it would cost
anywhere from $4 billion to $20 billion,
Mexico would pay for it, it would be a wall,
not a fence, and you told a child
it would be made of concrete. Although, I’m sure
it’s not the first time Trump has lied to a child. [ As Trump ]
“Oh, no, of course, Eric. You’re definitely
on the will.” [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] We are in a
self-inflicted political crisis right now because Trump
made up something dumb, didn’t think it through, and
backed himself into a corner. He had two years of
total Republican control to get it done,
and he didn’t. And then, Democrats
took control of the House, and Trump said… -Oh. This has been
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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  • Only time I saw Seth live was when I actually went to 30 Rock to see him rehearse. Every other time; YouTube… 😅

  • I long for the days when Johnny Carson would do 2 political jokes and then off to other topics. What political party was Carson affiliated with, who cares. Late night comedy is dead.

  • Steel is stronger than concrete?! In what context?! I mean, okay, if you wanted to build wire or cables for bridges, steel is definitely stronger than concrete in tension, and it's certainly more ductile than concrete, which means that in bending, it might not break as suddenly… but for straight compressive strength?! Or in a wall context?! Really?! Trump condescends to that female reporter about not knowing anything about construction, but yeah, I'll bet she knows more than he just proved he knows about it.

  • The last comment about "his wall" and then had a talking session about building the "wall" of steel, and the date he had this press discussion, January 4th, 2019, the day AFTER he lost control of the entire Congress with the House going to the Democrats! Really? You think enough of us just missed the last 2 years where your only legislative victory was giving the rich and super rich, a tax cut, probably you getting the most out of it! And, it only cost the Nation $2 TRILLION, added to the National Debt!



  • it's true, i've never actually watched Seth's show on tv. I don't even know what it is called or what channel it is on.

  • Its the weirdest thing when you open your eyes to see how one sided the media is and how in control the left is of how people are influenced, sheeped and herded into a certain ways of thinking im glad im not one of those people anymore. just a random thought.

  • It was going to have windows in it and solar panels on it , though the fossil fuels industry and the GOP might not like that one. Not like you can smash concrete.

  • It fills the left with rage to see a wealthy person with a massive yacht. You hear all the rhetoric. No one needs that kind of money ! What about all the mouths that could have been fed for the cost of that yacht? You see obscene wealth, I see JOBS ! Someone made that yacht. Someone took a risk, invested time and money, hired accountants, sales, marketing, finance, engineers, electricians, shipping and receiving clerks, quality control, fabricators, carpenters, trucking, packaging. THIS IS THE US ECONOMY ! Thousands of jobs went into making that yacht, thousands of families have earned a living !

  • i really suspect had a plan and using wall as a request, and he wanted Israel to fund him instead, remember who start e wall idea, its Israel's pm Ben, so i am not suprised if Donald or Mike might ask funds from Israel's funding, now…if Trump can clears this, he stop fundings Israel for the walls, not he must regret wasting funds to fund illegal Israel state and those embassies should and must be taken away from Israel, and in fact must be return to its rightful state, which is Palestine. only then fundings is appropriate for e so-called wall or border security. which in fact just need a watch tower to cover each elevations or borders.

  • best is to STOP fundings to Israel gov, focus on locals issues, and my advise to US n Donald, never side with Israel gov, they are e real cause of US problems and dont waste funds on illegal state of IIsrael full stop, focus only on local issues in US.

  • If it wasn't for you, Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah- I would not know what's going on in U.S… your shows are the only way I can bear knowing how messed up America has gotten.

  • The one fact that just now slapped me hard in the face is how, for two years, when he had both houses backing him the wall could have been financed. I suppose he was negotiating with Mexico for these last two years, right? Of course, I am kidding…

  • Trump paid 20 million dollars for eight prototype walls that's. They are thirty feet high and twenty five feet wide.
    That's 528 million dollars a mile in my book. Ten miles would cost five billion dollars.
    That steel slat wall looks pretty all right but I promise you I could breach that wall and repair it in less than a half hour and after I did a few probably less than 15 minutes.
    Trump has got to realize he is in 2018 not 1918

  • Even though he has five kids, Trump picks that boy up like he's never picked up a child before and instead holds him up like a puppy that's peeing on the carpet.

  • It's true that I do go on YouTube to watch Seth's segments of a Closer Look. But, I've started watching some of his other segments too, and I may tune into the show sometime. Who knows?

  • Trump is like a spoiled kid in Wal-Mart throwing a fit to get a new toy. And America is like the parents wishing it wasn't ours.

  • Trump owns this shutdown completely. First by bringing up the stupid idea of a useless wall and finally by declaring it is his responsibility.
    He really shows how much he cares about the American people, most of all about the people who now have to work without pay or those millions who will have to do without food stamps.

  • Reporters should ask him those questions, and have his early clips to back up their arguments as a rebuttle to his denial.

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  • Mr Trump, building the Great Wall of China brought down the Qin Dynasty, I guess you want the wall to bring down your administration.

  • The top of his big head is safe from his high horse wall. Inflation too, of his head and the price, because (thank God) it hasnt been built, yet. Just wanted to boast fake inchrd, well prices.

  • This is nonsense. There were many steps that needed to be done by anyone who wanted to participate in making the Wall. There was no way to appropriate money until an actual vendor was designated to build the wall.

  • Please ask Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Schumer , Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren to file class action lawsuit about Trumps shutdown of American economy, calculations include late fees on credit cards for disruption of economy …is This last straw in his dismantling of infrastructure beginning with epa and ending with freezing American economy as a test to his empowered dictatorship! ?!;}?
    By quoting divine law of “do ye unto others as ye would have others do unto you”, is it appropriate for general public to file class action lawsuit against Trump Tyranny freezing his assets? Thought founding fathers set up constitutional safeguards protecting nation from foul power fiends taking control of government? Trump’s not a satisfactory father of nation. People are going to let evil dysfunctional dictator starve US families because he wants to waste budget on building giant wall across north America? Has Mueller investigation proven that Russia hacked election for Trump to attack USA internally from presidential office?
    Please mention to representatives that constituents would counter offer wall idea with proposal of solarCulture wavelength selective photovoltaic ozonation, ultra violet pyramids on energy grid🌞hydrogen fuel cell powered train stations from Alaska to Central America? Solar Fountains of Peace⛲️free pure water for all… Environmentalists advocate for migration of wildlife saying Trump’s wall would be problematic for animals in nature causing inevitable death to endangered species & drainage flooding issues. Trump shut down epa? so there’s no one to assess environmental impact of flooding drainage issues potentially drowning wildlife with cement wall spanning north america coast to coast… plus if he’s not paying coast guard immigrants could just sail around wall?

  • What would you do when 4000 Americans were killed by illegal Mexicans and heroin, crack and meth come in here with drug gangs, along with human trafficking? Yet you promised to "Protect and Defend America" when you were voted in? But you weren't, Trump was, and its his job to protect us from those things, add to it a war we have with the middle east, so anyone could walk over the border and bring weapons, explosives, etc. at any time. What would you do? . . . . . crickets from the peanut gallery.

  • Didn't T'Rump say Mexico would pa for the wall? … Did not the President elect say Mexico would possible pay with a check? Did he say the dividends from the renamed deal between Canada, the US, and Mexico would pay for the wall? Why is the US government shutdown based on the US government not funding the wall?

  • Lifting the retarded kid up there is just plain CRUEL! Donald Trump is a horrible, HORRIBLE, person! Bwahahahahaahahahaha!

  • You can wipe that pathetic smirk off your face, scumbag. If you don't know by now, 10USC284 doesn't require a national emergency in order to have the military build the wall and whatever else is needed. Ha fucking ha, moron.

  • Yea I pretty much decided we very much need a wall. For starters we are now packed in here like sardines now. So yea pass the message to the front that we now don't hove much of a choice and would like our wall now.

  • "The leftist is oriented toward large-scale collectivism. He emphasizes the duty of the individual to serve society and the duty of society to take care of the individual. He has a negative attitude toward individualism.

    He often takes a moralistic tone. He tends to be for gun control, for sex education and other psychologically “enlightened” educational methods, for social planning, for affirmative action, for multiculturalism.

    He tends to identify with victims. He tends to be against competition and against violence, but he often finds excuses for those leftists who do commit violence.
    He is fond of using the common catch- phrases of the left, like “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “capitalism,” “imperialism,” “neocolonialism,” “genocide,” “social change,” “social justice,” “social responsibility.”

    Maybe the best diagnostic trait of the leftist is his tendency to sympathize with the following movements: feminism, gay rights, ethnic rights, disability rights, animal rights, political correctness. Anyone who strongly sympathizes with ALL of these movements is almost certainly a leftist."

  • Three sensible questions: 1) Why is it not racist for other countries to have a wall but racist for Trump to have a wall?
    2) Why are people bitching about the cost when it's much cheaper than the cost of keeping illegals here?
    3) Why were Democrats in favor of a wall until Trump became President?
    Go ahead, I'll wait……

  • Thought you might like to watch a Bible response to the Trump wall:

  • "A closer look is a show that people watch online, so I'm here to get some views." "What's up YouTube?" 😂😂

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