Travelling by ferry with your pet | Brittany Ferries

Good afternoon. Ticket and passports please. Thank you. I see you are travelling with a dog with us today. If I could ask to just scan the dog for me. Thank you. I’m Steve, and I will be travelling today with my wife Ruth, my daughter Hannah and our chocolate Labrador Mansell. Okay, thank you very much. I can see that all the details are correct could you tell me if Mansell is
muzzled? Yes the dogs muzzled. Okay thank you. Here are all your details. Sticker on. If you would like to pull forward to lane 6 for me. It’s always best to ask a vet if you can have a practice
at scanning the dog because sometimes the chip moves
around inside the dogs body and it just saves a bit time at the
ferry terminal. We prefer to do night crossings purely
because the dog will be asleep any how. So we take the night
crossing. The dog is less stressed, gets beds
down in the car, or the caravan, he wakes up in the morning and he’s good to go. I now know that it’s possible to go down
to the car deck during the crossing to check up on the dog. We’ve never considered Spain in the past purely because the length of the crossing but now we know there’s dog-friendly cabins and there are kennels we would consider taking the dog to Spain. Well the dogs part of the family. If we
go on holiday he’s going as well. Furthermore, to kennel the dog in the UK, you’re looking at £13, £14 a night. So he might as well come with us. And the Europeans are very dog friendly.

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