Transformation: 3 Dogs Rescued from Extreme Neglect

(Voice of Pasado’s Safe Haven Investigations & Rescue Director) We got a call from a citizen in Mason
County involving a situation where they’d been calling law enforcement for
over a year and they weren’t getting response so we
got involved to ensure that law enforcement would respond to this and
ultimately found that this was a severe neglect case involving three victim dogs.
These three dogs were in extreme condition. One had no fur at all.
We took him immediately to an emergency vet hospital. (Voice of vet) When I went into the room I
could tell already the smell – it smelled like yeast infection in the ears,
bacterial infection. (Voice of Investigations Director) After sitting in a clinic exam room the veterinarian and
the technician that came in were overpowered by the smell. It just
permeated the entire room. (Voice of vet) They had demodectic mange mites. They burrow in
the skin and then they burrow in the hair follicles – the hair falls out they
get secondary bacterial infections. The dogs were pretty subdued, they were
covered in crust – worse than any dog I’d had ever seen but they were definitely all
three pretty miserable. (Voice of Investigations Director) They were so depressed mentally and
physically by the by the time that we got them that you know these are puppies
and they didn’t even want to interact with you. The smallest one wasn’t even
lifting his head. (Voice of vet) It breaks your heart to look at the images and say how could
someone let them get that bad. With demodectic mange, it takes a long time to get rid of demodicosis, so it can take months. (Voice of Investigations Director) We rushed them to Pasado’s and we started their treatment. These three dogs took months and months of daily treatments. it was a long long process and slow
process of healing. Not only their bodies have healed but also their personalities have come out and they now act like the puppies that they really are.

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