Training with NYPD’s Canine Cops

So weÕre just gonna do our normal training evolution this morning. WeÕre gonna go up
about 75 feet. WeÕre gonna lower the 2 canine dogs – -the FEMA dogs. Everybody know what
theyÕre doing? Ok letÕs go.>>ERIK GERMAN: Right now, weÕre standing
on the tramway between Roosevelt Island and Manhattan. Right now, theyÕre practicing
lowering their police dogs from the trams down to the ground. The reason they do this
is these dogs need to be able to go anywhere that ESU goes. That means lowered into rubble
into earthquakes, down elevator shafts and buildings when the powerÕs out — or in this
case, from a tram 75 feet above the ground down to the people waiting below. Can you explain why train in elaborate scenario
with dogs?>>LIEUTENANT TIM KRUMM: These dogs Ð aside
from being police canine dogs Êwhich are used for perp jobs and stuff like that Ð
are also FEMA dogs with the urban search and rescue team. And sometimes they have to be
lowered into an environment which is a distance and since working in confined spaces is dangerous
emough as it is, we use the height here to simulate the distance that we may have to
lower a dog and we can monitor the safety of it easier that way. So they have to get as used to rigging and
ropes as you do. They have their own harnesses. The handlers
are all trained in the same rope class that we ho though. ItÕs a great working relationship.
We work with the dogs all the time. So they have to be prepared to go anywhere
that ESU goes? Anywhere we go, they go.

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