Training A Puppy For Beginners – The 5 Rules You Must Remember – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Where’s the puppy? (boing sound) Hippy Shake, how did you
get a bicycle in here? Now it can seem pretty
overwhelming as a new puppy owner trying to avoid disasters
like this one and trying to give your puppy the
best information possible So today, I have
simplified things for you, the new puppy owner. And I’m going to give you
five rules that you can follow so you will have a less
stressful experience with your new puppy and
you can help turn them into a well behaved four
legged family member. I’m Ken Steepe. This is Hippy Hippy Shake. And welcome back to McCann Dogs. (barking) Now if this is your
first time on the channel and you want to give your
puppy the best start possible then make sure you hit
that subscribe button. We publish new videos every single week to help you have a well behaved
four legged family member. Rule number one. Use a crate. Now none of us are super human and we can’t watch our puppy
every moment of the day. So a crate is a great pet sitter. When we aren’t able to
supervise our puppies, then putting them into
their crate with maybe their favorite chew or maybe so that they can just take a nap
is a really important step in your puppy training. Your puppy’s crate is a
great way to keep them safe. But it’s also a great way to keep them from self rewarding in your absence. Some self rewarding behaviors
like peeing on the rug or rooting through the garbage can be really gratifying for the puppy. And if you’re not there to give them the good information that they
require during those moments, they’re going to think that’s
the right choice to make. Using their crate is a
great way to avoid this. Rule number two. Have treats available at all times. You really want to take every opportunity to reward your puppy for
making great choices. You also want to take advantage of some of the natural
training opportunities that you might come
across in every day life. You want to be able to guide your puppy away from distractions. You want to be able to reward your puppy for making that great choice
of sitting in front of you. Now truth be told, there
has been several occasions when we have a puppy in the house that I’ve washed a pocketful of kibble. But you don’t need to
keep kibble in your pocket all of the time, there’s a
couple other things you can do. If you’re preparing treats
for your training sessions, break them up into training session sizes. Just enough that you
can work on one exercise or a couple of exercises with your puppy. That way at a moment’s notice you can go to the fridge and grab a training session’s worth of treats. And if you have treats that
don’t need to be refrigerated, then you can break them up and place them into a mug or a bowl in really busy areas of your house. That way should you find the opportunity to reward your dog for
making a great choice or you want to do a
quick training session, there’s always treats available. And having those treats
available all the time is a really great way to break
up your training sessions. You can do two or three minutes
of sits with your puppy. You can do some walking at your side up and down the hallway. Maybe while you’re preparing your dinner you can work on some down luring. These are all great ways to break up that training and keep motivation high. Rule number three. Focus on motivation. Now puppies have really
short attention spans and we don’t want to work our puppy until they’re disinterested. Puppies also have tiny little bellies and you don’t want to work
with them until they’re full. Keeping those training
sessions really short and sweet keeps those motivation levels up and it builds in work drive. You really want your puppy to know that it’s a lot of fun listening to you and working with you. And that’s really why we want to keep this a really motivating
experience as we train them. And building motivation
means doing things like changing up the reward. Maybe it’s play one time. Maybe it’s a toy that they love that they can be rewarded with. Maybe it’s changing up the food to something that’s different. Maybe rather than kibble
it’s chicken or cheese or something that they really love. But it’s gotta be fun. That’s a key element here
is keeping the training fun so that your puppy loves every moment that you’re spending together. Rule number four. Supervise. This is probably the most common thing that people struggle with is
supervision of their puppy. Whether they are, your
puppy’s having potty training accidents in the house or
they’re chewing your shoes. Whatever the thing is, the problem likely is
the lack of supervision. Now I’m not talking about
supervision like this. But I’m definitely not talking
about supervision like this. Puppies are learning at
every moment during the day whether they are being supervised and being given good
information by you or not. And puppies will do what’s rewarding so if they find that chewing on your shoes is a really self rewarding thing, then they’re gonna continue to do it. So you need to be there to give
them the right information. You need to guide them away from your shoe and give them a chew toy that
they are allowed to chew on. You need to be able to mark that moment when they have a potty
training accident in the house. Without that information your puppy thinks that what they’re doing
is the right thing. So supervision is key. This refers us back to rule number one about using your crate. When you aren’t able to
supervise your puppy, you can just pop them
pleasantly in their crate so that they can hang out for a little bit and they aren’t able
to go around the house and make wrong choices. Rule number five. Use your leash. I recently posted a video on the channel about using a house line with your puppy. And a lot of people found that
a really surprising tactic. But I’ll tell you why it works. As I mentioned earlier, puppies are going to do what’s rewarding
so imagine a scenario where your puppy grabs a
sock from the laundry hamper and plays a game of keep away where they duck and dive
underneath the kitchen table or maybe they run under
the living room couch. Well that is a lot of fun for
your puppy, it becomes a game. But it also makes you rather
powerless in their eyes. Now if you’re using a
house line on your puppy, you are able to step on
that line as they’re trying to run away or you’re
able to get that sock out of their mouth or maybe it’s
something even more dangerous. In that video I talked about a scenario where maybe you drop a pill on the floor and you’re able to step on
that line and avoid disaster. Now I didn’t come up with that idea. These are some of the stories
that some of our students have talked to us about at
McCann Professional Dog Trainers. These are real life situations where a house line has averted disaster. But those house lines also allow you to redirect your puppy from jumping up on guests in your house
or jumping up on you. If they’re nipping and
biting at your shirt sleeves you can guide your
puppy away and show them the chew toy that they
are allowed to chew on. That house line really empowers you and in your puppy’s
eyes they really see you as a great leader who is giving solid and consistent information. Now I know being a new puppy owner can be overwhelming but if
you follow these five rules, you’re sure to be giving
your puppy great information. Now if this is your first
time on the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. We publish new videos every single week to help you to have a well behaved four legged family member. Now that playlist beside me is
our puppy training playlist. And as a new puppy owner, I think you’re gonna find
it really really helpful. On that note, I’m Ken, happy training. Bye for now.

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  • Love the VidCon 🎥shirt! Y’all’s (is it spelled right?) videos have been life savers for us and our puppy Aullie. Thanks for the time, excellence and appropriate I cards!!

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