Toy poodle Harvey doing things | RIRI VLOG #15

goodmorning guys, welcome back to a new vlog, thanks for watching! Yesterday it was my birthday so today is the day after.. I expected today to be worse to be honest Yesterday we had flugel shots and today tumeric shots I think this picture fits really nice .. It’s nice when I put it here right? See? yeah I get it but it’s not really my style my hair looks a bit funny Hi my name is Hendrick and I have a nice haircut.. Its raining so hard!! Its sad because is wanted to go to the park with harvey but now it’s raining .. Its raining buddy so we are not going to the park.. but we will go outside! you have to poo and wee right harv?? go sit…..? good boy!!!! Alright Harvey doesnt get this rain, he is so confused His hair look looks crazy aswell look at me.. aah your hair looks so pretty ah man we we got so wet by the rain I am wondering where he will go now what are you doing what are you doing?? whats up, do you want to play? You want to play? Lets go play Goodmorning! Today its wednesday, the middle of the week and this week feels like its going by so slow.. the just go so slowwww, everytime i think its friday already but thats fine my hair looks a bit wild… eeeeh ok what i am about to do is a lot of fun, i have a meeting about starting my own clothing brand/merch and i have a really cool idea and we are about to talk about it and if everything goes according the plan we will release something this summer wow i’m wearing a lot of make-up right? i went a little to hard with the kylie jenner stuff.. So, I hope to be able to show you some more in the future! but it will take a little while so i just had the meeting and it went well, i think it is going to be really cool i can’t really talk to much about it but it is so hard to make choices because if you can produce your own clothing, then it is so hard to choose between the things you will and won’t do but we have a really nice idea so you will see that in the future! I am on my way to Willemsparkweg 13 because i am going to pick up my new glasses! i am really curious, i hope i made the right choice i am also wondering how often i will wear these glasses, i hope a lot.. what are you eating? easter egg its 10 am! yeah that doesnt matter right? did the other glasses turn out nice? yeah we brought one to Daphne she really liked it! oh it is really different! is it sharp? do you realise how sharp it is? wow this is so weird does it make you dizzy? no but i see so much that i can see the details in your faces yes, its really pretty! Guys, my life just changed, i had no idea how bad my sight was.. my god its so insane my hair looks weird, i look awfull but these glasses are amazing this is so strange, honestly, so weird you know, before these glasses it looked like everyone had a filter on their face, like the selfie camera from iphone, a bit blurry so this whole life i thought i was the blurred version of myself.. ohh i am going to look closer in the mirror without i see myself so blurry! look at harvey’s happy dance this is his happy dance oh you’re such a happy dog, such a happy dog! harvey go sit..? sit babe? thats not what i asked for harvey go sit? sit.. How was your day today? in the forrest with all your dog friends? i heard you were a little bit afraid for the big dogs.. a little it wasn’t a really big succes yet was it? will it be better the next time? less scary? sit… lay down.. thats not laying down, harvey sit lay down, roll over.. that didnt fit, alright goooood boy its finally time… to finally tidy this corner after 4 months of living here we finally have our TV cabin “you are doing a great job ri” is this the … closet? no, i dont know you were taking a look.. are you going to help or not? otherwise i will wait for Ruben haha what could i have done to help you with? well, opening other boxes for example.. okaaay ‘yup, you are being very helpfull..” you as well harv.. I think that this is the best, i think the best snack of the world.. do you agree? its a big statement but fried cheese sticks, with sweet and souer sauce…. how long have we been eating this snack already… I am so happy you brought this up before i did that normally doesnt happen right that you suggest it yeah but this is going to be dinner for me because i eat 8 portions this is life changing You did a great job.. a really really good job

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