Top 3 Drop The Mic FULL BATTLE

[Intro music] Give it to me, Josh. There’s an old saying that you’re the dumbest in your youth. Whoever said that must’ve met Charlie Puth. But he can’t be that dumb ’cause he’s a decent songwriter, but it’s almost like if Macklemore just magically got wider. I saw you on YouTube, you had me in tears. You covered Adele and Adele covered her ears. What have you running? Man, I hope you’re an athlete. ‘Cause dude you just went down the wrong backstreet. Har har har, very funny, Nick carter. But I got you, Joshua drop that beat! Now I’m a bit confused ’cause I’m probably young but someone please explain to me how Nick was the cute one. It’s 2017, that sounds quite bizzare. You look like David Beckham if he lived in his car. I won’t put you in solo. I know you were trying, but your songs just sounded like a German Shepherd dying. A hundred million Backstreet fans can’t be wrong but a hundred million Backstreet fans can be moms, Nick. What’s wrong with that? Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Somebody be checking out our moms. Here we go, Joshua. Our fans are moms and it’s not that bad. The 90’s are crazy, Charlie. I could be your dad. You have no direction, you’re like Harry with no Styles. Your song’s called “How Long” and if you’re asking us, I mean your carrer, well it’s been long enough. But congrats to your success, enjoy it while you’re young. But when you get home just Google “William Hung”. Alright Brian and Howie. You think you’re so slick, you’re so smart. Joshua drop that beat one more time! I know in ’98 you were treated like gods. Yet 20 years later, you’re the king of the dad bod. I’ve heard you make it back now as Vegas headliners, but how much of that’s wasted on AJ’s guyliner? And I hate to say that you guys aren’t aging well, but how’d you go from Howie D to Howie Mandel? You should stop rapping. You’re just making noise imagine being 45 and still being called “the boys”. Charlie, I’m not 45, dawg! Charlie! There’s no more guyliner, bro. It’s called maturity. Charlie Puth, yeah he sure is something you look like you’ve mayonnaise had sex with McLovin This is on top so follow the leader you’re not just a wannabe you’re a “wannabieber”. You were signed by Ellen off of YouTube. Got your contract so you have to look like her too? We all know your music but let me just say: Tell me why, Charlie Why won’t you go away? Okay, that’s not fair, that’s not fair. You’re playing with my heartstrings because I’m mad at you. You’re being mean to me but I like that song. Joshua give me something like this. That’s not gonna get you points. That’s not gonna get you extra points, alright? You got me? Yeah Stop pretending, you guys. You don’t want to beat me. I know you did the show so your daughters could meet me. Look at you two, I can’t hold back it laughter. You look like a photo of before-and-after. My mom wants an autograph but as you can see, she stole my sharpie so he could have his goatee. But I’m sending you home, who’s idea was a boyband of all Joey Fatones? Who do you think the winner is? Is it the Backstreet Boys? Or is it the chosen one, Charlie Puth? Okay, I think it’s pretty clear who you guys liked. The decision is mine to make. You understand? I love you guys too, but the trophy’s going to Charlie. [Intro music] Hit me off with something crazy, bro. Hey! Look everybody it’s the guy from 1D. Not the pretty one, not the gritty one, it’s the one we never see. The success is the riddle. Congrats to you, Liam. You’ve slept your way to the middle. I was told I was spitting the hottest Liam on earth, so I’m still wondering “Where the hell is Liam Hemsworth?”. After this battle you’re gonna be calling your mama. You definetely can’t spit but you can swallow. Well, I mean what are we gonna do about that Josh? I hope I would battle somebody with fame, not “Jason who don’t no one knows your name”. Trying to be The Weeknd, you’re more like a weekday. And now you went vegan, seems wrong. You don’t butcher animals but you butcher your songs. Wiggle and Swalla, your singles went gold. Who names your songs, a six-year old? Hey Josh! Give me some crazy bro I want crazy bro! Your biggest win is having an older woman, but holla at your boy when you sell a hundred million. Those are some numbers that actually pay and your first single sounds like one of my throw aways. And you take shirtless uppies like you were a clown, but I’m the only one that should be strippin’ it down. This boy, right here. He’s not worthy to me. But atleast I get his mom to talk dirty to me. You leave Karen Payne alone she’s a saint hit me with a beat judge Yes, my girlfriend is older ya ain’t wrong older women love me especially your mom. Making fun of One Direction Jason That’s lazy. I got that one D They don’t make your lady crazy your track of the things that I did as a kid Made a song could get ugly that you actually did you gonna take me out? Well, I wish you good luck. You finally answer the question what if the Angelo sucked? So if I were you Liam I would have bet my friends to stay in one direction so my career wouldn’t end I took my friends who I met that I said who’s that so I googled you and no results came back Your son’s name is Bear Payne yah that’s cool. I’m sure that’ll go well with the kids in high school But still my son you wish you was me all you needed some telling in a long black D This kid off because I’m bored I got you boy People like Swalla trust me they like to release that you have to swallow your pride say hey when every song to make sure you get credit Like anyone hears that shit and would lie that they did it I ain’t impressed via dancin I ain’t impressed with your flow you got a song called trumpets cuz you actually blow when I watch the music videos I just want them to end There’s nothing I wouldn’t do So you never sing again? Who you think the winner is!? Is it Jason Derulo? Is it Liam Payne? I got to go with the crowd on this one and say Liam Payne is the winner. You better be sure you’re ready, I’m ready, I’m ready Josh. Give me a beat Well known in her profession, but let’s not pretend that Catwoman. Halle that was a Batman movie. How’d you mess that up? It’s considered a classic amongst prepubescent teens listen you’re so pretty I wish you bought a disguise you’re so bad… dahhh . Just got lost in your eyes That’s all you got I mean for real David Schwimmer not Halle Berry, it’s gonna be easier than I thought give me a beat Swordfish was to your satisfaction probably the only time you get seeing some action Kingsman took that mother On your head crazy huge Tony that cooling off, but I have an Oscar so suck my monster ball Let’s try to be kind that ends now Josh go This whole thing is tragic it just Biola Davis, but not as charismatic I use my Gothica DVD as a drink coaster Pretending cloudless made sense sexiest woman alive That moment when Beyonce briefly died That’s not cool, Josh you know it, give me a beat. That jokes are too easy. I try to be nicer, but who held your pizza when you kissed Sean Spicer Lesson too bad you couldn’t give a handjob to Jeff session You produced this show isn’t that fun you’re Bennington battles and lost everyone Late nights forgotten son Jimmy Kimmel saved Obamacare what the have you done son. Keshawn sponsor That’s easy to fix. I thought when you kiss a frog eat earns in a prince and poet It’s not political all you try to and now we have Donald Trump So I guess we blame you when it comes to getting marriage three divorces are not forget signing autographs sign a prenup You’ve got so many movies maybe a dozen I had x-men, and I thought it was about your husband’s Yeah, you got me I am a divorcee, but what did jay-z say oh? Hell no not today Carpool karaoke is great as a gimmick we watch for real stars. We don’t care that you’re in it You so angry and pushy of course you hate it Catwoman you never give So much mean you couldn’t keep tally the battles like the Oscars y’all the winner is Should it be ice-cold James Corden But should it be Halle Berry We already know is going to hallelujah Halle

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