Top 10 Canadian Dog Breeds List

– Canada is home to some of
the most famous dog breeds in the world as well. To some, they are already extinct. In this video I will show all the dogs originating in Canada. (upbeat music with dog barking) Number 10, the Nova Scotia
Duck Tolling Retriever. Shorter name for this dog is Duck Toller. They are fully developed
in early of 20 century to lure and retrieve water birds. Interesting fact is that they
have water-repellent coat which helps them to stay
warm and dry no matter what. Duck Tollers are very
friendly and intelligent and they are very well trainable. Number nine, Hare Indian dog. First extinct dog breed that lived mostly around Great Bear Lake, Lake Winnipeg and Lake Superior. They were used for hunting by sight and they were very fast. This breed was probably
developed by breeding Tahitan dogs with Viking dogs. They almost never bark but they
were known for howling a lot Number eight, Newfoundland dog. Newfoundland is giant dog
breed with extreme power. They are well-muscled
all over their bodies. They are versatile and tough
which is thanks to the climate and terrain they were developed. Temperament of Newfoundland
dog can be described as pretty creative,
dignified, joyful and gentle. Number seven, Salish Wool dog. Second extinct dog breed and again it’s a dog that was bred
by Native American people. Salish Wool dog lived in a region of today’s British Columbia. They had very unique purpose. They were bred for their fur. Their owners didn’t have
access to sheeps or goat so they needed fur of Salish Wool dog and that’s why they were
so valuable for them. The end of this breed began when Europeans came to America because they brought
sheeps and goats with them so the Salish Wool dogs weren’t
needed for their purpose. And the second reason
is that Europeans killed a lot of Native Americans and
their dogs died with them. Number six, Labrador Retriever. The most popular dog in
the world is from Canada. And they were not bred
on Labrador Peninsula as the name might suggest but on the Coast of Newfoundland. They were bred for retrieving the game by today, they are used
for so many reasons. They are just everywhere. They are used as stirrupy
dog, assistance dogs, search-and-rescue dogs and of
course as great companions. Number five, St. John’s Water dog. The last extinct dog breed from Canada is St. John’s Water dog. It’s ancestor of most
of today’s retrievers. They are called Water dogs
because while they love water, and their coat was also water resistant. Unlike most of today retrievers, they had characteristics-white
markings on their chest and they didn’t till extinct long ago. The last two known St. John’s Water dogs were photographed in early of 1980s. Number four, Canadian Eskimo dog. Another very tough breed. They were bred to work by
Inuit people 4,000 years ago. They were mostly used as sled dogs but they also help with hunting. This dog almost extinct in 1960s but they are making a
comeback on Greenland where a lot of Inuit people
are renewing this breed. They have strong peg mentality and they might be
challenging and aggressive. They are not just for everyone. Number three, Seppala Siberian Sled dog. These dogs look like an Arctic wolf a lot. Similar coat, similar eyes, similar ears, similar body posture. But unlike the Canadian Eskimo dog or even unlike the wolf, they are very friendly and even though they were
bred to be working dogs, they love to be part of the family. And as you can probably
guess from their name, they were bred and they were
used mostly as sled dogs. Number two, Labrador Husky. The crossbreed between
Labrador and a Husky and another breed that resembles a wolf. It speaks type of a dog
that was used for sledding. This is pretty all-breed. It’s not modern crossbreed
and it can already be marked of separate breed of it’s own. They are not in the same
category as Labrador Luscavapus. It’s another modern designer dog breed. Labrador Husky is pretty
easy to train dogs but since they were bred
exclusively as working dogs, they kinda need stronger leader than for example pure-bred
Labrador Retriever. Number one, Landseer dog. We already told about
Newfoundland dog in this video. Well, Landseer looks
almost exactly the same. The difference is that Landseer has black-and-white coloration. Some kennel clubs are saying that Landseer is just a
color variety of Newfoundland but there are some other kennel clubs that differentiate them
as separate dog breed. Landseer, just like
Newfoundland, is massive dog but they are very gentle,
joyful and friendly companions. As you can see, all the Canadian breeds are very tough, versatile working dogs. Tell me in comments which
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