Tiny Goats Visit Tortoises

(upbeat music) – This is Ruth, a Nigerian Dwarf Goat kid. Her friend Sonya is a
Mini Nubian goat kid. They live at the Oregon Zoo’s family farm with the rest of the herd. Come here, baby! Yes! Okay! And sometimes they meet the other animals. – Today we’re going to
go see the tortoises. ♪ We’re going to see the tortoises ♪ Hello! You’re excited, woo! – We’re going to take
the little VIP back road. As we were walking along the road, we noticed a couple little
elephant trunks poking through the fence, so we stopped
to say hi to the elephants. Do you remember me? (laughing) – We’re here! I think the goats are
going to be really excited to see these tortoises. We have two sulcata
tortoises, Shelly and Dozer. Sulcata tortoises are the
third largest tortoise found in the world, and they can grow to be
a little over 200 pounds, and Dozer is actually about 170 pounds, so he’s right up there. So Shelly and Dozer
are about 30 years old. However, these tortoises
can live to be over 150, so these guys are pretty
young all things considered. The shell is made of
something called keratin, and that’s the same
stuff as your fingernail. It’s just really, really, really thick. There keepers like to rub ’em and give them a little massages. And you can see the tortoises sometimes will kind of rock back and forth, or their eyes will close, so those are pretty,
those are like clues to us that they’re really enjoy actually being touched on their shell. – A lot of people think
that tortoises are slow. I feel like they are just meaningful. (laughing) With their movement. They can actually move
quicker than people expect. – You can do better. – He’s reading the sign. (light hearted music) – Immediately the goats
noticed the tortoises. They started looking at them. I thought that was pretty cool, because the tortoises do
kind of look like rocks. The tortoise keepers are always looking for ways to engage the tortoises, and really get them up and moving, and this was a great opportunity to have our little goats
kind of lead them around. Oh look, he’s coming right toward us! – Anytime the goats
experience something new, they kind of hang back and
try to assess the situation, but it only took a minute or two before they started really to come forward and want to check out and see what was going on
with this new animal. – So then the fun started. The goats started to
come a little bit closer to the tortoises and then they even put their little hooves on, tested it out, and then kinda step up, all fours, and I think it
kind of took it for a surprise when he started to move a little bit. (quirky music) – So when Sonya and Ruth went
on top of Shelly and Dozer, the two tortoises kind of
like looked up a little bit and then went back to eating, so they didn’t really seem bothered by the fact that there were
goats standing on them. (relaxed music) – I think they love being able to come and see the tortoises. So there was just like so many
engaging things in that yard, whether it was the rocks,
the plants, the multilevels. There were lots of keepers around, and both the goats and the tortoises seemed to have a lot of fun. (relaxed music) – Let’s go! Okay. (laughing)

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