Tiny Dog Gives Birth To A Giant Puppy? Who’s The Baby Daddy? | Kritter Klub

Hello, I’m Hachi 🙂 Who’s dat girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) That’s Hachi’s mom, Bboya Her?! Guardian/ She gave birth to Hachi This small dog.. Gave birth to this giant baby..? Hachi is only 2 months old And is twice the size of her mom PD/ Are you sure she’s the mom? Guardian/ Foreal. I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so here’s a picture Guardian carries his receipts~^^ I saw it with my own eyes! Let’s appreciate this #throwback footage of the puppies from two months ago Time flies~ No one can mess with Hachi Guardian/ After two months, she grew big and turned into a super baby (Compared to the small mom) Srsly, who’s the dad… Floppy ears and a giant bod One of you is the dad, right? Bachelor #1. Labrador retriever, Ddol Bachelor #2. Golden retriever, Hodu Go big or go home? PD/ Is a big dog and small dog possible? Guardian/ I once read that it was impossible PD/ Then they must not be the dad Guardian/ But… To give birth to such a big dog… How should I accept this… The shocking truth behind Hachi’s birth… Let’s get the expert’s opinion Vet/ More than 90% of the baby’s appearance Has the traits of a retriever If it’s not Ddol, Then it’s Hodu?! Vet/ I also think it’s impossible But the baby is a retriever So I’m also shook? First time for the vet as well.. Who’s the father? How did this happen..? LOL You’re an adult, do I need to explain the birds and the bees An examination will explain..? The results are in..!! First off, the mom According to the 18 matches, she’s def the mom Hachi’s dad… Is it Ddol, who Hachi follows well They even have the same mannerisms Ddol, are you the father? Or is it the aloof Hodu..? Hodu would be the kind of dad who’d whoop yo butt Hodu, are you the father? Drumroll, please Vet/ It’s definitely… HODU (On this ep of Maury) Hodu, you ARE the father!! PD/ Didn’t you say that it was impossible..? Vet/ Ha… This is quite… Hard to put into words Bboya and Hodu Overcame an impossible love 🙂 I can’t explain any further lol What did you like so much about each other that you did the impossible! Sit! Why did you do that! Why!! To our small and precious Bboya..!!! Sorry;; Dad, lez play~~ Still a heartless dad..;; So we prepared this family outing 🙂 Hachi is a ray of sunshine. Agreed? Take care of your puppy! Anyway, please grow up strong and healthy! 🙂

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