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COMM: This is Layla, a pocket-sized chihuahua who was born with hydrocephalus. COMM: A rare genetic defect which causes a
build up of fluid inside her skull. At the time of her birth, she was the smallest of
three puppies born to her mother Tia and her father Chulo. At first her owners just thought
she was small in size and it wasn’t until her first visit to the vet that they were
told that something was wrong. Once diagnosed, Layla was given treatment to help with the
condition. COMM: And owner Kathy has been showering this little pup with love ever since. COMM: She is part of a larger family of dogs
owned by Kathy – including two Great Danes and four other chihuahuas. COMM: Duchess the Great Dane and Layla love
to take photos together and because of this dog’s condition, she goes absolutely everywhere
with her owner and has become quite the globetrotter. COMM: Owner Kathy likes to dress her up in an array of different outfits for every place
and occasion. COMM: And as a result, Layla has even built up a fan base on social media. COMM: At the time of Layla’s diagnosis,
the vet predicted she wouldn’t live past her first year. But she is now three, so things
are looking positive for this adorable, little chihuahua.

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